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Are you keen to make the most of the festive season – without the avoidable waste often generated at this time of year?

There are several easy ways to make the festivities a little less wasteful however. Check out our 10 top tips for a waste-free Christmas:

1. Buy pre-loved💌

Visit second-hand shops to find unique gifts that are built to last. Check out our list of Revolve certified stores – Scotland’s national re-use quality standard for retailers

2. Make memories 🦄

Go for an experience – like gig tickets, a fancy meal out, a hot air balloon trip or spa day – rather than material things for an unforgettable gift.

3. Add a personal touch👩‍🎨👨‍🔬 Tailor your wrapping paper by personality and give your gifts some flair. Wrap your fashionable friend’s gift using an old copy of Vogue, for example, or re-use old comics to wrap kids’ Christmas presents.

4. Make things last👨🏻‍🎨 Cut down on paper waste by sending e-cards or buying cards made from recycled paper.

5. Add value 🧚🏻‍♂️ Give someone the gift that keeps on giving. Memberships or courses, such as sewing, upholstery, or bike maintenance give people the chance to develop a skill as well as indulging in a hobby or passion.

6. Pay it forward 😍

Received a gift you don’t need but don’t want to ask for the receipt? Return it for an exchange, re-gift it if someone else would love it, sell it online or feel great and donate it to charity.

7. Combine and conquer😎

Have fun, save money and get a gift you actually want with a friends and family Secret Santa. Put names in a hat along with a hint of what you would like.

8. Make your own 🤩

Get creative and give someone a one of a kind gift. Are you a keen cook? Cakes, jams and chutneys can make useful and thoughtful presents, and cut down on food waste.

9. Shop smart 🤓

Plan your meals before you go food shopping. Writing a list makes sure you don’t overbuy saves you money and prevents food waste.

10. Be green ☘️♻️ Opt for solar power outdoor lights where possible and remember to turn your Christmas lights off when you’re out or in bed.

For more inspiration on unusual eco-friendly gifts, from a remanufactured Polaroid camera to handmade crafts✨
Apel umanitar! #silentauction #pentruvladut

O familie are nevoie de 500000€ ca sa poata salva viata fiului lor, Vladut. Suma este colosala chiar si pentru o familie instarita din Romania. 
Putem sa fim alaturi prin donatii, asa ca am decis sa scoatem aceasta ie la licitatie. 
O ie de poveste care azi va avea o poveste si mai frumoasa si mai nobila pentru ca va contribui la salvarea unui copil a carui poveste ne-a inmarmurit. 
Scoatem la licitatie aceasta ie brodata cu strasuri de metal veche de aproximativ 70 de ani + sort. 
Ia a fost reconditionata la Muzeul Satului si este in stare execelenta. 
Cele doua piese pot fi trimise si in forma urmatoare: inramate intr-un paspartout. 
Pret de pornire 370€ 
Trimteti un mail catre cu subiectul “Pentru Vladut” si mentionati in corpul mailului suma si datele de contact. 
Cumparatorul si suma vor fi anuntate public doar cu permisiunea acestuia. 
Mai multe despre caz: 
Vlăduţ, în vârstă de doar 6 ani, a fost diagnosticat recent cu neuroblastom pe suprarenale şi alte două tumori pe plămâni şi are nevoie de operaţie şi tratament de urgenţă.

După ce au analizat dosarul lui Vlăduţ, oficialii spitalului din Israel au decis să îl accepte pentru operaţie şi tratament. Costurile estimate în această etapă se ridică la 500.000 de dolari. 
Pentru a-l accepta pe Vlăduţ şi pentru a putea începe tratamentul, familia trebuie să depună de urgenţă o garanţie în valoare de 120.000 de dolari. 
Dată fiind gravitatea bolii, este necesară internarea sa de urgenţă în Israel, iar părinţii nu pot acoperi singuri costurile spitalizării. 
In cazul in care nu doriti sa participati la licitatie, insa doriti sa donati o suma; conturile deschise pentru Vlad sunt următoarele: 
RON RO56BACX0000003158410004-Unicredit 
EUR RO29BACX0000003158410005-Unicredit 
Titular: Circiu Elisabeta Paula

Natural silk hand embroidered top gauze in nude color. 
Available for order. The next item will be ready to ship in two weeks. Do you want it? Free shipping around the world. #blouseroumaineshop
Since WW2, fashion has officially been broken up into seasons: spring/summer lines debut on runways in early fall, and autumn/winter lines debut in February.

The staggered timeline is designed to give brands enough time to gauge the interest of retail buyers and customers. In the time between when fashions are introduced and when they arrive on store shelves, brands assess demand so that they can manufacture the right number of garments for the season.

Fast fashion, in which designs move quickly from catwalk to store shelves, has upended every aspect of that model.
In the given phrases, "ethical" roughly means "morally correct". It implies that the clothes are produced in a morally correct manner, as follows. First consider "unethical clothes" and "unethical fashion". One aspect of this is related to clothing produced in poor region where the workers are treated and paid poorly.
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Elegant embroidered dress in deep blue with geometric pattern. The cut of dress is straight to the bottom, free, the floor length, slits on the sides. The neck is decorated with handmade stitches “zbiranka”. The embroidered dress has shallow pockets on the sides. The blue color symbolizes purity, mind, faithfulness and tenderness.
Have yourself a merry little Christmas,
Let your heart be light
From now on,
our troubles will be out of sight✨ 
Our gifts of handmade jewlery are available for your order. Make it simple,remarkable and memorable✨#blouseroumaineshop  #giftsforher
Wheel of Fortune blouse in black embroidery. ✨
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Hapiness is a place between too much and too little✨ Holidays are coming and we’ve prepared the selection of fine gifts from artisans communities. The products are custom made for each of our clients,so get ready on the shortlist✨ Search: gifts on
Made in Romania 
#happyanniversary #romania🇹🇩
Mixing cultures in a jewelry dress. A kimono embeded with amber featuring baltic traditional motifs. The amber embroidery is a result of hundreds of hours of handmade work knoted with craftmanship and dedication for the history of fashion. Unique dress on our special selection on

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Handmade traditional blouse and Designer Altuzzara Blouse. Can you guess which is the genuine model and the designer’s blouse?