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Day 6: Dinner in old town | A tavern with a challenge of hanging upside down from a beam to get free drinks

Oepfelchammer, Zurich has a tavern like ambience with names etched on walls, mostly of people who have done the above. A fun evening for us in the heart of the old town and the walk back was quite the adventure!
Day 5: A train to Zurich and Roger Federer

An exciting day it has already been! We were walking around the Old town of Zurich and saw a crowd of people and excited chatter. We went closer and saw that it was the Tennis God-Federer himself shooting a commercial. Some of us went and took pictures and that by far, has been the highlight of this day!

Zurich was beautiful, like a love letter. Pastel shades in buildings, carousels, ice cream, a spring dream. This city is going to stay with me for a while. And I want to revisit with my girlfriends soon!

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Day 4: Mount Titlis and Lake Trubsee

Yesterday we stayed back in the mountain town of Engelberg on our way back from Titlis. Titlis was a great experience, especially when we had snow fights. Snow brought out the school ground bullies in us! After Mount Titlis, we also made a stop at the alpine lake of Trubsee. It was a beautiful sight, set amidst high hanging mountains.

A cup of espresso on the way back to the hotel got us going again! ... #switzerland
Day 4: Lucerne | Old town and a walking tour

The day kicked off with a walking tour with a historian who took us around the old town and told us stories to keep us hooked for over two hours. We saw the Chapel Bridge, the Lion of Lucerne and also got to know the stories behind the frescos of the old town. While we walked along Lake Lucerne we saw people do photo shoots for weddings and for albums with their pets.

And the frescoes. Sigh!

This afternoon we head to Titlis and am packing up my woollens in my day bag. Will write all about it, once I return.

Day 3: Lucerne Old Town

The evening was spent exploring the Altstadt or old town. Lazy explorations along the river with the boys!

Slow is good, sometimes.

What a marvellous day it has been, can't wait to see what tomorrow holds.

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Day 3: Panoramic route to Mount Pilatus

Swiss Railways itself is an experience, you can pace across the country in all of 3 hours, go from ski slopes to lakeside residences in less 2 hours too. I look forward to my train rides each day.

Today we went to Mt Pilatus. A train ride on the panoramic route, a funicular up to Pilatus and beautiful viewpoints from there. We enjoyed a delicious lunch on the restaurant up at the summit and then after taking innumerable photographs of the vistas that surrounded us, we made out way back in the cutest cable cars. I loved loved loved my day today.

PS: We are in Lucern for the next couple of days and I am super stoked to explore the old town. Have to try and convince my girls to come with me for a walk.

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Day 2: Sunset at Harder Kulm, Interlaken

A rather steep funicular took us atop Harder Klum, we left on a vintage carriage that took us up to dizzying heights. Harder Kulm is Interlaken's local mountain that offers best views of Interlaken and Unterseen as well as the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau. To catch the sunset was breathtaking.

Post which we had a delicious fondue dinner at the restaurant there. We had some local music as accompaniment and it made me dance in my seat. I made some friends and they are all shades of awesome.

Sunset pictures came out great! And in all, it was another fulfilling day. My tummy is full and my heart too.

Until then, Take care

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Day 2: Jungfraujoch day trip

It has been a great day so far as today was all about train rides. We took these high mountain tracks, shifted three trains to reach the "Top of Europe" Jungraujoch. We passed beautiful villages and reached the top. Jungfraujoch connects the two four-thousander peaks Jungfrau and Mönch , and surrounded by glaciers and all year snow it made for a spectacular experience. We had the best time!

Will write back soon, I hear we are going to catch the sunset somewhere special. Am excited already

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Day 1: Interlaken

The town of Interlaken is a wonder and I went for a solitary walk around the old town a little before sunset. It was a delight to see the alpine cottages with the mountains looming over them in the horizon.

We also had an exciting Jet Boat experience in Lake Brienz. So if you want your adrenalin rush this is THE thing to do during your time at Interlaken. When the boat spins a 360 degree the frigid waters of the lake come and wash you off, but thanks to the wet suit you step out and your clothes remain untouched.

Our stay at the beautiful Beau Rivage is breathtaking and I say goodnight to you as I look at the moon from my balcony. Its been a good good day.

Until then, Take care

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# Day1: Zurich-Interlaken

Finally arrived at Zurich, and the city gave me an 8-degree celsius hug. It was a welcome change from the Bombay heat that I had gladly left behind.

We took a 2-hour train ride towards the Bernese Oberland and we had the next 2 days planned at Interlaken. The flight was super comfortable, after all, it was a #SwissAir direct from Bombay which got us here at 9 hours straight. The train ride to Interlaken was spectacular with beautiful sights to keep us company that completely made us forget that we had been on the move for quite a while.

Am already looking forward to what the day holds next! Until then, Take care!

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Ideas for a lazy day out in Jokulsarlon ? Pack a picnic lunch and watch the glaciers go by. A wonder not to be missed. .
Regrann @arcticadventures .
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The West Fjords are one of Iceland's most untouched and beautiful regions.  Guests can enjoy the awe inspiring Dynjandi waterfalls,  Látrabjarg birdwatching cliffs, and the pink sand beaches of Rauðasandur.
While there is a fair bit of driving to do, the scenery proves that the journey can be quite as amazing as the destination.
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