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With the sass of Patti Smith and the heart of a pit bull rescuer, Kara is our resident hairstylist and fashionista. When she isn't selling insurance you may find her roaming around Burning Man or at a rock concert with her son.
Lazy Sundays are perfect to Netflix and chill. What are you binge watching today?
Great meeting this morning with Congresswoman Jacky Rosen and some fellow entrepreneurs spending time talking about what keeps us up at night. Thanks @qlbranch13 for hosting!
We don't call our sales executives Producers or Agents like everyone else. Instead she uses the title Insurance Buddhas. A Buddha by definition is any teacher that imparts enlightenment and wisdom. Our goal is to use our knowledge to empower you when making insurance decisions.
Happy #workiversary to our Director of Good Vibes and Wellthkeeping, Theresa. We would be so lost without her!
Our youngest employee works part-time after school and is paid in hugs and kisses.
Happy Grandparents Day! Tag the magical grandparents in your life.
Happy birthday to our Insurance Ninja, Evelyn!