The BMWED is a national union representing workers who build & maintain the tracks, bridges, buildings, ET & other structures on the railroads of USA.

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窶弩hile working men and women have long known the value of a dollar窶琶t is a lesson well taught to one who labors for a living窶琶t has taken a long, long time to teach employers the value of a human being, and in many cases has not yet been successfully taught. Few give thought to what happens to displaced workers, but they can analyze to the penny what the profits will be.窶 窶笛ames R. #Hoffa

Each year in February, #Teamsters take a moment to reflect upon and remember a leader who changed the course of history for working men and women in America. James R. Hoffa, born February 14, 1913, served as General President of the Teamsters Union from 1957 to 1971. In that time, he inspired thousands to stand up and let their voices be heard.

His words, spoken more than 50 years ago, resonate just as profoundly today as they did then.

As General President, Hoffa honed his well-earned reputation as a tough and effective bargainer, and gained the respect of labor and business leaders alike across the country. He worked hard to expand the number of working men and women who were protected by union contracts and, under his leadership, the union窶冱 membership rose to include more than 2 million workers.

Hoffa窶冱 crowning achievement was the 1964 National Master Freight Agreement, which united more than 400,000 over-the-road drivers under one contract. This contract, a feat that had been declared virtually impossible by many, lifted more workers out of poverty and into the middle class than any other single event in labor history. Congressman Elmer Holland (D-PA) was quoted as saying, 窶廱immy Hoffa has put more bread and butter on the tables for American kids than all his detractors put together.窶 #1u #unionstrong
Yesterday members of the BMWED-IBT demonstrated Solidarity with the French "Cheminots" Union Railroad Workers. The Cheminots organized a national work stoppage to strengthen the French National Rail Company (SNCF) and defend dignity for SNFC workers. #Solidarity #SNFC
In Unity there is Strength #solidarity
It's a good thing Philly and Boston are on the opposite ends of the Northeast Corridor! -- Enjoy the game Brothers and Sisters! Here's some #UnionMade snacks you can serve at your parties 汨 #superbowl
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Congrats to Florida窶冱 Sun Rail maintenance of way workers for organizing with the #Teamsters @bmwed_ibt !
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Great turnout at BMWED Local Lodge 1532 meeting last week! #solidarity -- if you would like to share a picture from your Local meeting please feel free to email it to
Some Brothers and Sisters have asked, and now it's here. The BMWED store is back up and running. The items offered are Union-made, with custom and volume pricing available. You can find the store on the webpage or in the link provided here. For additional assistance, please contact Sister Katie Fruzynski at or (248) 662-2655.

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Working Americans are facing many challenges on the job front. While unemployment is low, so is pay. Corporations may be pulling inツmassive profits, but it窶冱 all going to the top, with those who are making these businesses succeed getting little in return.

The future is likely to offer more of the same. Increasingly, companies will be looking to automation to maximize their bottom lines. Many workers who have given years of their lives toiling for their employers will be rewarded for their hard work with a pink slip.

But workers are getting wise to corporate America窶冱 games. And they are responding by getting organized. The latestツnumbersツreleased last week by the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows the number of workers belonging to a union grew by 262,000 last year to 14.8 million overall in 2017. Private industry workers who are organized grew by 0.1 percent. Interestingly, union growth was greatest in several anti-union Southern states, with Texas leading the way.

Why join a union? Because union jobs pay more! The BLS reports that union members had a median weekly income of $1,041, compared to non-union workers, who on average earned $829 a week. That窶冱 a difference of more than $11,000 a year. It also doesn窶冲 address the fact that union workers generally receive better benefits as well. 
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Some words of wisdom by Founding BMWED President, John T. Wilson -- 窶廰abor unions stand for high wages and improved conditions of life, physically, mentally, morally and socially. The skilled mechanic who receives high wages and spends his earnings to maintain a well- regulated home assists and encouragesツevery branch of legitimate business enterprise. He spends his surplus earnings for books that will instruct the members of his household and for Pictures, furniture, bric-a-brac, etc., that will beautify and make comfortable his home. He patronizes the merchantツand the tradesman, as well as the institutions of learning. He is a respected citizen, a useful member of society, a credit and benefit to any country.窶 #ThrowbackThursday #TBT #Solidarity #UnionStrong #BMWED #Railroad
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College and Vocational/Training school scholarships available from $1,000 to $10,000. Scholarship applications are now being accepted by the James R. #Hoffa Memorial Scholarship Fund. With awards ranging from $1,000 to $10,000, the applications are for the sons, daughters or financial dependents of #Teamster members planning to go to college, university or if they are pursuing a training/vocational program.  Register and apply here:
The BMWED Diversity Commmittee proudly attended Martin Luther King Day events in Houston, Texas over the last several days, honoring MLK's legacy. The committee attended workshops, marched in the MLK parade, and did community service at the Launch Point Harvey Recovery & Community Resources in Houston. Well done, Brothers and Sisters! #solidarity #unionstrong #bmwed #mlkday2018