The BMWED is a national union representing workers who build & maintain the tracks, bridges, buildings, ET & other structures on the railroads of USA.

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BMWED members attending the two week Advanced Officer Training took part in the mock disciplinary hearing portion of the educational today. The Brotherhood takes pride in educating our membership to effectively represent their fellow Brothers and Sisters. #bmwed #union #unionstrong #solidarity #rail #railroad #Teamsters
Today, the BMWED remembers lives we lost on September 11, 2001.
 #september11th #patriotday #neverforget
BMWED Brothers and Sisters from several System Federations are in Hendersonville, TN participating in week one of the two week long Advanced Officer Educational program. The curriculum focuses on a broad range of union specific subjects and a priority emphasis on the purposes of the Railway Labor Act. Those interested in participating in future educationals are encouraged to contact their General Chairperson and visit our website
 #Solidarity #UnionStrong #RailLabor #BMWED2018
Yesterday, we lost a beloved brother in a tragic accident on a railroad bridge near Baldwin, La.
Brother Joshua Crocram, BMWED AT&SFF Local Lodge 2409 member and employee for BNSF railroad, died following a fall into the Baldwin Canal on the Lafayette Subdivision. He was 26 years old. Brother Joshua had worked for BNSF for four years.

Brother Joshua fell from the bridge around 9:30 p.m. Tuesday night. The St. Mary’s Parish (La.) Sheriff’s Office immediately responded to the call, assisted by the Franklin Fire Department, the Cajun Coast Search and Rescue Team, and the United States Coast Guard. Despite the efforts of many, Brother Joshua tragically could not be rescued in time.

The BMWED is immensely saddened by this loss. Brother Joshua was far too young and his death is felt deeply. Details of the accident are currently being investigated. It is a tragic and terrible reminder that our work is serious and often dangerous. We must remain ever-vigilant in our safety on the job, and remind ourselves of the hazards every single day. “We will miss Brother Joshua. It is a sad day in this Brotherhood, and a sad day for the railroad,” President Freddie N. Simpson said. “Brother Joshua’s family and friends are in our prayers. We offer our most sincere condolences. The entire BMWED will keep our Brother in our hearts.” Brothers and Sisters, as always, we encourage you to all stay mindful of safety on the job. Though the investigation into Brother Joshua’s tragic passing is not complete, please remember to go over all safety precautions when working on railroad track and bridges. A link to a comprehensive safety reminder through our FAMES program is attached below.  We ask you all to take time and review this valuable information with your union brothers and sisters on the job site. We all want to eliminate these tragic events.
"Today is a day to celebrate the Union worker. Stand tall. Stand proud. Stand together. United we are Brothers and Sisters of the BMWED. Together we will carry the torch forward. Happy Labor Day." -- Read more of President Simpson's labor day address to the membership at #laborday #Solidarity #UnionStrong #bmwed #laborday2018
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BMWED Metra members showed awesome unity this week, working together to prepare for upcoming negotiations with the Chicago-area public commuter railroad. The Brotherhood’s internal organizers from the CAT, along with officers from the Illinois Central Gulf Federation, Burlington System Federation, and Affiliated System Federation, met with members on both north and south ends of the railroad. #Metra #Solidarity
Local Lodge 0377 conducting their meeting tonight. Great turnout by the Brothers made up of Union Pacific MOW workers in the Chicago area. #UnionStrong #Solidarity
Close to 60 BMWED Penn Fed Brothers came out to the Local Lodge 3082 meeting last night. Brother Anthony Sessa formally stepped down as Local President to assume his new position as Pennsylvania Federation General Chairperson. #Solidarity #UnionStrong ✊
The scab proposition in Missouri died yesterday, and it went down hard. Prop A is dead! CEO greed lost. Workers and their families prevailed. 
Many BMWED members throughout Missouri helped defeat this lousy law. They knocked on strangers’ doors, explained it, and asked them to vote against it. They talked to voters they often did not know, and because they were informed and they’re authentic, they were convincing. And Prop A got its Prop Ass kicked. 
Good on Missouri. Good on the voters. Thank you to all the volunteers, who took time out of their own schedules to beat this law down. Solidarity! #VoteNoOnPropA
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#Teamsters and working families are geared up for a number of critical elections taking place today throughout the country, especially in #Missouri where workers are united to #VoteNoOnPropA and defeat Right to Work! 
#1u #unionstrong💪🏽
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Today is the day! Get out there and #VoteNoOnPropA!