The BMWED is a national union representing workers who build & maintain the tracks, bridges, buildings, ET & other structures on the railroads of USA.

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BLET Prepares for Potential Strike on KCS Railway: DO NOT CROSS THE LINE 
BMWED has learned that there is a dispute between the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and Trainmen of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters (BLET-IBT) and Kansas City Southern Railway (KCS), involving KCS’ plans to replace BLET-represented American train crews with Mexican train crews in Laredo, Texas.  If this dispute is not resolved, BLET is prepared to strike at 12:01 a.m. on Monday, July 9, 2018.  If a strike occurs, it is likely that BLET will be picketing KCS facilities or operations.  If you are a BMWED member working for KCS and you see a picket line, DO NOT CROSS THE LINE. 
Because the solidarity and mutual aid and support unions need to effectively represent their members requires honoring picket lines, which can mean loss of earnings for our members in good standing who support their brothers and sisters, BMWED provides strike benefits in the amount of $120 per day for the first 14 days of picketing/unemployment from the strike.  Thereafter, and effective with entitlement for Railroad Unemployment Insurance Act Benefits (RUIA), members in good standing will be entitled to Strike Benefits equal to $120 per day when combined with RUIA benefits.  Strike benefits will terminate upon the date the strike or lockout terminates, unless the Strike Fund is exhausted at an earlier date. 
Solidarity and mutual aid and support are essential to our ability to stand up for our members and for their rights and interests.  Anyone who crosses a picket line is subject to a minimum fine of $200 per day worked during the strike, in accordance with BMWED National Division Bylaws Article XIX, Section 17.  DO NOT CROSS THE LINE.

If you have any questions regarding the Strike Benefits please contact your General Chairperson.

#Solidarity #UnionStrong
Wishing all of our members and their families a safe and happy 4th of July! 🇺🇸 #independenceday #july4th #4thofjuly
On Sunday July 1st BMWED Brothers stood shoulder to shoulder with several other Union Members and Friends of Labor in Kansas City, MO. They expressed their resistance towards the Supreme Court’s ruling on Janus V. AFSCME and denounced Proposition A Senate Bill 19 (Right to Work – for less) to be voted on in Missouri’s Primary Election on August 7th. #UnionStrong #Solidarity #WeRise #Teamsters #bmwed #janus
Today’s Supreme Court decision, brought to us by the appointment of the most recent Justice, Neil Gorsuch, accelerates the rapid ruin of the American economy. It broadens the gap between the wealthy and the rest of us. Rich people gain more power, strength, and billions of dollars. The rest of us get less. That’s what this is about.

The wealthy are emblazoned. They currently have all the control. They have the government. They have even lower taxes than they did before. And now they are even more free to pay their workers less.

Today’s ruling will further skew the campaign finance imbalance favoring corporations. In the 2015-16 election cycle, business outspent labor 16 to 1 in the Presidential, Senate and House elections -- $3.4 billion to $213 million – according to the non-profit, nonpartisan Center for Responsive Politics. Our voice is being choked by wealth and greed.

Today was an unabashed assault on people who are trying to make it in America. It was an assault on workers. On rights. On protections in the workplace. It is an attack on seniority. On wages. On benefits. On retirement. The boss won today. The Hunter Harrisons of the world. The rich men. The fat cats.

Our Brotherhood will steadfastly support our public sector workers. Teachers, emergency service employees, government workers of all stripes. The controlling officials of this country may be bound to their corporate honchos, but the workers of this country will increasingly come together. It has already started with teacher strikes in West Virginia, Oklahoma and Arizona, and it will grow stronger.

Laborers of all kinds will organize. We will promote strength in unity. That has always been the only battle plan that works. Our power is in numbers. There is no room for pessimism. For snark. The way forward for the worker is through organization. #Solidarity #UnionStrong
Newly Elected BMWED National Division Officers

National Division President and Vice Presidents (Front Row – Left to Right)

Louis R. Below (Vice President of West Region)
Sean D. Gerie (Vice President of Northeast Region)
David D. Joynt (Secretary-Treasurer)
Freddie N. Simpson (President)
Roger D. Sanchez (Vice President of South Region)
Jed Dodd (Vice President At-Large)
Bruce G. Glover (Vice President of Northwest Region)

Executive Board (Back Row – Left to Right)

Jack E. David Member (At Large)
Jeffery L. Fry Member (West Region)
Staci R. Moody-Gilbert Member (At Large)
Dale E. Bogart Jr. Member (Northeast Region)
Dennis R. Albers Member (South Region)
David L. Carroll Member (Northwest Region)

BREAKING: Freddie N. Simpson has been re-elected president of the Brotherhood of Maintenance of Way Employes Division. President Simpson received 16,535 votes; Burlington Northern Vice Chairman John Mozinski received 8,253 votes.  #BMWED2018
Convention day 2 kicking off with Teamster Secretary Treasurer, Ken Hall. #BMWED2018
The Missing Man. A symbolic representation of those Brothers and Sisters we lost in the line of duty. #BMWED2018
BMWED National Division President, Fred Simpson, giving the state of the union. #BMWED2018
Teamster Vice President and Rail Conference Director, John Murphy, addressing the delegation. #BMWED2018 #Teamsters
Randy Bryce, Union Iron Worker and Candidate for Wisonsin 1st Congressional District addressing the BMWED Convention #BMWED2018 #ironstache #Solidarity
BMWED-IBT Convention 2018 is about to come to order! #BMWED2018