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Student of zoology, snake rescuer, owner of travel company and founder of SUMECO in Sumatra.

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When reproductive activities with individuals of same species is difficult and reproductive interference is also no way, then you should try something new to be recorded in the evolution history.
It's such a beautiful moment and indeed amazing to see "sexual dimorphism" between male and female Tropidolaemus wagleri (Wagler pit viper). SUMECO
Biodiversity Division
Good night and sweet dream boys..!! #snakeprank
A group of youngster who are also the students of Biology came and told me that they are interested to learn about snake ecology and other wildlife. Thanks for your visit boys.

Zoology Education Program
SUMECO official statement over the incident of Python predation on human.

SUMECO share deepest condolences to the family of victim of Python-Human conflict in Sulawesi. There are several important lessons from this incident.

1. Snakes are predators of warm-blooded animals. Python hunts based on the size of their preys. When human preyed by 5 meters Python, it doesn't mean Python has put human into their prey list.

2. Big and long python (more than 4 meters) select their prey based on calories and energies they need for survival. It doesn't matter if they are human, monkey, goats, dog, cat.

3. A Python can swallow a prey with size 10 times bigger than the size of their head. In this conflict case, 5 meter Python in hunting mode will sense human's heat as their prey, not because human is their prey.. 4. Python, as cold-blooded species, hibernation is a strategy which enables ectoderms to save energy when food is difficut to find, so when Python is setting themselves into hunting mode, they are really prepared to attack in powerful strength.

5. When Python in "hunting mode" all the senses are used to chase or ambush the, during this hunting mode, Python can be very dangerous.

6. The incident of woman that eaten by 5 meters Python is a very important lesson for us. Snake habitat loss and the depletion of snake food supplies in the wild that made by human are the main reason why this incident has happened. This also led Python to hunt near human settlements, looking for opportunity to prey based on their heat sensor.

7. Handling of wild Python with size more than 4 meters requires professional training, proper knowledge and experiences. Dont underestimate the wild predator's instincts.

Best regards and deepest condolences
Snake Rescue Unit
The rescue of Coelognathus flavolinetaus (black copper rat snake) from inside the Masjid by Sofyan. To be released soon.

Snake Rescue Unit
From Sumatran rainforest (Gunung Leuser National Park)
I wish happy Eid al-Fitri to all my family and Muslim friends, Eid Mubarak.
Itink double pranks :D
A neutral interspecific interaction that I've just found between different species of beetles.

Biodiversity Division

Hey king... I heard something too... hmm..
New Species: Pulchrana fantastica

New species of frog that found in Aceh and North Sumatra province has just been declared. This new species has been identified with the scientific name Pulchrana fantastica. Figure a is an adult specimen while image b is a juvenile specimen. This species can be found 7 km from Bukit Lawang as I have seen one. Based on morphological and phylogenetic data, the new species has a kinship with Pulchrana siberu and Pulchrana centropeninsularis.

Based on locality information, Pulchrana fantastica can be found in Mane, Taman Buru Linge Isaq, Taman Nasional Gunung Leuser, and Bandar Baru. (A) Pulchrana fantastica (new species), MZB.Amph.28894, adult male, paratype, Aceh
(B) Pulchrana fantastica (new species), MZB.Amph.28943, juvenile, Aceh
(C) Pulchrana centropeninsularis, adult male, Jambi
(D) Pulchrana siberu, female, Pagai Selatan.

Biodiversity Division
A year ago with SKC 35

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