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BODYHARMONIE Massage Therapy in Marrickville is a centre for health, healing and wellbeing; specialising in the healing art of massage therapy. ➰➰➰➰➰

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Some of the rad fabric designs in our new batch of lavender linseed eye pillows. 
Great when used heated up in the microwave or chilled in the fridge at the end of a long summer day. 
Perfect for meditation, taking 5 for some me time, sore tired eyes, headaches, inflammation, insomnia....
Lovingly handcrafted in Australia from Australian linseed (not a wheat product ✅GF) and lavender flowers so no artificial fragrance. 
Which colour pattern is your fave?
Finally, more stock of these beautiful Himalayan pink salt tea light candle holders available at the clinic. 
These little beauties are perfect for intimate mood lighting to relax the mind and body and calm the senses. 
They are perfect as a stand alone piece or make great bookends in a pair. $14 each or 2 for $25. 
Perfect little stocking stuffers. 
See you at the clinic!
Check out this native Australian teak tree seed pod I found on my dog/coffee walk this morning. Getting such a collection now just from one tree, all fallen not picked! #Beautiful

Seed pods and pine cones make such beautiful natural #Christmas ornaments. We have our painted Jacaranda pods out at the clinic this festive season again, come visit us and check ‘em out!
@bodyharmonie_marrickville Xmas party with Santa Dave and his little helpers! 🍻🥂🎅🏽🎄
$10 off any remaining appointments at the clinic for today to celebrate the awesome power of Mother Nature. #yougogirl

Just use the ‘new client’ offer  in the online booking options (even if you are a return client) when checking out. 
Stressed? Indecisive? Maybe your current mood is being influenced by tonight’s full moon in Gemini. 
Deal available for appointments occurring on 23.11.28 only and can’t be used with any other offer including gift vouchers. #blackfriday
Our beautiful new wall art is a likeness of the Hindu deity god Ganesha. 
He looks sooooo damn good up on that wall, you have no idea!!! New favourite treatment room for sure!

Ganesha represents consciousness and the call to spiritual power. He organises and clears the mind so that awareness may flow into it. His four arms represent strength and his immense power in helping Humanity. Ganesh is also the giver of success, and is associated with general abundance in life.

Many of you come to our little clinic to restore clarity and cleanse the body and mind. Lord Ganesha is a beautiful symbol of the mind-body connection and our innate strength to overcome obstacles that we face. He symbolises power and life force. We can relate to all that he stands for and hope to give this gift to you through our treatments. 
Thank you soooo much for the install @bannerama_sydney
⚡️⚡️NEWS FLASH⚡️⚡️ Yeah you read right health rebates are now available with our fab therapists Des and Nat!

Boo yeah!! This will open up so many more booking options for clients who have not been able to get in at popular times because they needed a registered therapist. And this makes us happy. More massage means happy communities! #massagepower

Check out their bio’s and book your next appointment instantly online. Link in bio 👆

Don’t let your health insurance expire before you use all your massage 💰 for the year. 
See you at the clinic!

Making some website updates. 
Happy Halloween y’all!! We thought about swapping out our meditative massage music for Halloween classics for the day - think Michael Jackson’s thriller - but then decided against it!! No brainer really. Maybe next year.... Ha!

Enjoy your chocolate all you ghost’s and ghoul’s. 🗡⚰️🔮🧝‍♀️📿💉🧛‍♀️🎎🧟‍♂️
Dropping off some of our old towels at the @catprotectionsocietynsw - #springclean at the clinic means #reduce #reuse #recycle 
This amazing charity organization is celebrating their 60 year anniversary! 60!!! That’s a whole lotta kitty’s re-homed and hosed. The cat protection society Open Day is happening in November, check out their page for more deets!
#throwback to a time when our beautiful clinic was only a dream...
6 years ago @bodyharmonie_marrickville was born and 4 years ago we moved into our current clinic space. 
As you can see from this pic she wasn’t much of a looker when we met but now our clinic is a warm home-away-from-home that many Marrickvillian’s have visited time and time again. 🙌👌👍👏🤝👋✌️👊
To our beautiful clients we wouldn’t be here without you. We wouldn’t have the drive to educate ourselves to further understand the human body and we wouldn’t have met so many  amazing people that we now call friends. Looking forward to another year with you all. 
Look familiar? 
These precious little succulent pots with healing selenite rods are under the tables in all of our treatment rooms. Looking at things we find visually pleasing can release endorphins and creates positive mood. Check them out next time you are in for a treatment.