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BODYHARMONIE Massage Therapy in Marrickville is a centre for health, healing and wellbeing; specialising in the healing art of massage therapy. ➰➰➰➰➰

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Monday Mantra
A happy-snap of our recently returned sun-chaser and massage therapist extraordinaire, Jess. 
Jess is at the clinic Mon-Fri. 
If you are a client of this little fireball you know that she has a caring nature and a passion for health and well-being and of course a skillful set of healing hands. She is renewing her first aid certificate this week so health rebates will soon be available for treatments with Jess at the clinic. 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌
See you at the clinic Marrickvillians!
Treat your #hungryeyes to one of our beautiful handmade (in Australia 👍) eye pillows! Yummy designs to choose from including these stellar prints of #unicorn 
#marble and #batik 🎉💤🙌💤😍💤😽💤🐡💤👍
Filled with #natural #linseed and #lavender #flowers, perfect for those with wheat sensitivities who may be allergic to other common fillings like #buckwheat. 💤💤💤💤💤💤💤💤💤👌👌
Available now at the @bodyharmonie_marrickville clinic
Stocking up on nuts and goodies for the @bodyharmonie_marrickville team at @villagewholefoods #marrickville - YUM! #tinaturner blasting in the background - #thursyay
Have you met Kyoko yet? Come in on a Thursday and you will! Kyoko is helping us out in the hot seat at reception on Thursday’s. Soooo happy to have her on board. Welcome Kyoko!
Love me a good get together! Happy-snaps from the @bodyharmonie_marrickville and @newleaf_marrickville Xmas part last week (yeah a little late, we know but better late than never)
We toasted to the health of all our wonderful clients and look forward to getting through another glorious year with you all. #xmasinjanuary
BACK to school. We all know the importance of a good backpack for spinal health. If your child suffers from back-to-school overload then the team at bodyharmonie are here to help. We treat clients of all ages from the young to the young at heart. 
Good spinal posture and awareness from an early age can prevent childhood injuries turning into a lifetime of pain. Children can benefit from remedial massage when postural pain is a factor and it is great for their self-love and body positivity.
Looking forward to treating you and your whole family in 2018!
Spun out from all the #Xmas cheer? A good #massage will help with that! So many #lovely locals have received BH gift vouchers in their #Christmas #stockings this year! Everyone #loves a massage voucher - such a thoughtful and #precious gift to help #loved ones #unwind and look after their #health and #wellbeing. 
- WELCOME TO OUR NEW THERAPIST KIRA - ⭐️🌈☯️ Kira is starting with us at the clinic next week and will offer additional availability including SUNDAYS! Hoorah!!
Shoutout to a little local business doing big beautiful things @mylittlepandakitchen 
@bodyharmonie_marrickville staff will be eating leftovers for days 👅
Rock on - ⚡️it's Friday!!! Happy days for those who have a massage booked this weekend. See you at the clinic.
#windchimes at the clinic.
Relax and listen to these beauties. Wind chimes are traditionally used to cure the negative energies. Their vibrational pitch helps to clear and reset the mind - a perfect melody to accompany your massage. 
Hit the pause button and book yourself in for a massage. 
See you at the clinic!