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FITNESS: Personal Training, BootCamp, Kick Boxing, Boxing
MEDICAL SPA: Laser Hair, Botox, Fillers, Accent, Facials, Waxing
THERAPY: RMT, Osteopathy

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BOOTY building at @bodytechwellness with fabulous client “Mimi” 💪💪💪 
If you start with hair removal treatments now, you could very well be on your way to being hair free for the summer! Getting caught up with my treatments again… Summer is coming! @kimthemodernmuse #sopranohairremoval  #hairfree #laserhairremoval
BodyTech is hiring!:
-Medical Aestetician’s
*soprano laser, accent rf,
Microdermabrasion, chemical peels, microneedling, facials, Dermalogica, waxing* -RMT Massage Therapist’s
*deep tissue, sports oriented* -Wellness Coordinator’s (admin/mktg)
*mindbody, constant contact knowledge mandatory*

We are pleased to announce that we are growing our team! If you know any qualified individuals who are obviously awesome!… Please send them our way! :-) DM me for further details 😊
Tummy contouring time!  RF treatments at BodyTech Wellness to shrink fat, tighten and tone!  Expedite your hard work in the gym with this amazing treatment! $199 for eight treatments 👌👌👌’s for every BODY! It’s never too late or early to start thinking about your skin, as the largest organ, shouldn’t you pamper it often? Book your facial with us!
Botox + Fillers • Dr. Chbat is back for the New Year, are you ready to take your self care to the next level? Indulge a little in yourself! Find out more about our cosmetic procedures, book your FREE consultation for next Monday, Jan 28th • text us to book 📱
EyEnvy Trio • We still have a couple left, get the serum, mascara and eyeliner for the price of ONE. Available for purchase in-spa, don’t miss out!
We’re sure it’s already in your schedule but in case you forgot...join Preston today at 11:15am for Kickboxing 🥊 #happyweekend
We all make New Year’s resolutions, but how many of us actually make them happen? Join the BodyTech Wellness Community and let us help you along that journey. Check out the Accent RF Body Contouring, an amazing complement to exercising, that tightens the body’s toughest areas 🧜🏼‍♀️
We are all stocked! Love the look of your skin after a facial? Make it last, get yourself on a great skincare regime with @dermalogica • there’s a product for every type of skin, ask us for recommendations and commit to beautiful skin.
In the words of DJ Khalid... “anotha one” 🥊
“If only I looked this strong and bad***!” Well, you can! Come out Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday for a workout that will have you sweating, working and fighting 🥊