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It looks like @milkkarten is hopping on that collage art train with her mushroom and onion focaccia from @sullivanstreetbakery. Very trendy! #BAstaff
You can stop frantically googling “showstopping Thanksgiving sides” now, because we’re presenting you with @mollybaz’s shingled sweet potatoes with harissa. Your aunt Judy who loves to call herself a foodie can be given the task of mandolining all of the sweet potatoes, and your cousin Alex will be so busy Instagramming your creation they won’t even remember you didn’t put marshmallows on top of the sweet potatoes this year. Sounds like a win. Grab the recipe through the link in our bio. 📷: @graydonpictures & @nikoleherriott 🍴: @rebeccajurkevich 🥣: @kalen_k_
🚨 New Recipe Alert! 🚨 This naked apple tart is for all of those people who actually click on clickbait articles about what life is like on a nudist colony. Or really, for anyone that likes brown butter painted all of over their apples before they get baked. Watch @lallimusic make it through the link in our bio. 📷: @chelsielcraig
We regret to inform you that your dry, already-sliced bird is going to make a terrible sandwich. It's true. Because if you want the BEST leftover turkey sandwich of your life, you have to make an extra turkey breast. It's just how it works. We do not make the rules. (Okay, we do, but it's worth it.) And you’ll thank us when you take the first bite of the sandwich that will change your day-after Thanksgiving tradition forever. Head to the link in our profile for @andybaraghani’s recipe. 📷: @nikoleherriott and @graydonpictures 🍴: @rebeccajurkevich 🥣: @kalen_k_
David Hockney’s painting just sold for $90.3 million. So here’s to hoping @andrewoknowlton’s mayo art sells for something similar! #bastaff
Over on @healthy_ish, the vegetarian STUNNER that your Thanksgiving table needs. Also Aunt Linda. She needs it too. It's got a shatteringly crisp crust with plenty of pronounced nutty flavor. And just look at that swirl. Head to the link in our profile for @moroccochris’ recipe. 📷: @yungbludlau
This year we’ve been obsessed with salad of every kind, from shaved fennel piled high to hearty leaves of radicchio. So why would Thanksgiving be any different? This year we’re putting three salads on our Thanksgiving table, and they’re going to be gone before anyone even realizes it. Because they have charred dates, Caesar dressing and shaved parm, and a sour cream ranch that will make you believe in the salad again. Grab the recipes through the link in our bio. 📷: @graydonpictures & @nikoleherriott 🍴: @rebeccajurkevich 🥣: @kalen_k_
Happening now on our Instagram Stories: our annual Thanksgiving DM hotline! Our Test Kitchen editors have taken over our DMs for the day to answer all of your questions for the big (Turkey) day. Oh and if you were wondering what this is, it’s our glazed and flaky apple tart @csaffitz developed for our Thanksgiving issue. You can grab the recipe for it through the link in our bio. 📷: @seechaey
We asked @rapo4 why this parsnip confit with pickled currants recipe was one of his favorites from the new issue. His response? “1. It means it’s cooked in fat. Cooked and simmered and submerged in fat. B. Parnips, highly underrated. C. I like how the pickled currants serve as a tangy tonic to all that rich fattiness.” Okay, sold. Head to the link in our profile for more of our MVP recipes from the 2018 Thanksgiving issue. 📷: @nikoleherriott and @graydonpictures 🍴: @rebeccajurkevich 🥣: @kalen_k_
We got a makeover! And no, it doesn't involve bangs. The magazine is now serving up two new streamlined sections: Home and Away. All of our kitchen- and dining-focused content that you love so much? That'll live under Home. And our out-in-the-world coverage—from restaurants to travel—will be in Away. In the back of the magazine, what was Prep School is now Basically, the print iteration of, well, @basically. All three sections are united with one clean, refined design look. Yeah, it just makes sense. Head to the link in our profile to subscribe and see it IRL.
We see @csaffitz, we click. Which is why we’re so glad that she’s back in the BA Test Kitchen for a new episode of Gourmet Makes. Today’s task? Sno Balls. Head to the link in our profile to watch. 📷: @vincentcross
Happening now on our Insta stories: the standout dish of our Thanksgiving issue (by a landslide) was @moroccochris’ burnished potato nuggets, so we had him show us how to make them. And then proceeded to devour them like we did all summer when he was developing the recipe. You can grab his recipe through the link in our profile if you want to bring the best dish to Thanksgiving this year. 📷: @empschultz #BAstaff