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Best Friends 💞 (Bubba was watching the door for us)
Both of our dogs are obsessed with Kya, this is the first baby Zoe has ever seen before so I’m glad she loves her ❤️
I will bitch about this heat until I’m no longer pregnant 😓🔥
Kya and I are well taken care of 👩‍👧💞
This will be the most turned down birthday ever 😂#32weeks
Pregnancy and heat don’t go together 😰
Stay comfy
Yes... I was tiny but that tummy was tighttttttt, back when I didn’t have to do shit to get it 😭 !
Idk when you’ll see me in another outfit it’s selfies for now #idontgooutinthewinter #springandsummeraremyseasons #bebacktillthen