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BPC combines the best ideas from both parties to promote health, security, and opportunity for all Americans.

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To mark National Rural Health Day, BPC releases a new video that provides a critical snapshot of the challenges and opportunities for reforming America’s rural health care system. #PowerofRural #ruralhealth. See link in bio to learn more.
A new Congress. A New Middle on Immigration. There are viable and durable solutions that both sides can engage. Learn more = link in bio.
Celebrating Senator Bob Dole, the only way we know how: by raising our chocolate milkshakes! Senator Dole is a true patriot, American hero, and our best example of what it looks like to build consensus. We are wishing you the best birthday and year to come! #Dole95
We’re celebrating our founder Senator Bob Dole’s 95th birthday the only way we know how: with chocolate milkshakes. Happy birthday Senator Dole!
Happy birthday to one of our founders, Senator Bob Dole. You are a true American hero, a patriot, and one of the best examples of working across the aisle. #Dole95
On Tuesdays, we wear black and white.
We’re on our fourth American Congressional Exchange trip! Stay tuned throughout the weekend to get snippets of our time with @repjimmypanetta & @repandybarr.
Alexander Hamilton’s popularity has risen dramatically in recent years thanks to @hamiltonmusical but who was he really? Join us on June 11 to find out. Link in bio.
Americans overwhelmingly support the idea of paid family leave but Congress has yet to turn that growing consensus into actionable, bipartisan policy. BPC’s new Task Force on Paid Family Leave seeks to take that next step. Learn more about the task force - link in bio.
BPC staff spent their Friday morning giving back to the DC community by volunteering at @thrive_dc 👏👏
Water is a necessity. Affordability of water should not be a concern for Americans, especially for low-income households. This #InfrastructureWeek, we look at how the EPA can finance more water #infrastructure projects to prevent rising water rates.
Out now and in time for #InfrastructureWeek: A new episode of BPC's #podcast The Infrastructure Debate. Last year, the floodwaters of #HurricaneHarvey submerged thousands of homes and businesses. While many are still recovering, another hurricane season is approaching and #Houston is looking for infrastructure solutions. Listen: