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It's a birthday! 
My little champ #BradPat turns a year older πŸ’ƒπŸŽ‚πŸ’ƒ
#novemberbabies πŸ“Έ by lovely @nyaonga_abby
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She must have enjoyed now that her dream of having her birthday at school with her friends was fulfilled.

Awww...Debby, such an adorable girl. Your mommy has kept you away from me but i will just steal you away, one day. 
Lyn will be so happy to receive this. 
@isabelledebra I always say Thanks. Miss you 😘.
Happiest birthday to my number one Princess. All I pray for everyday is blessings upon your life.

I love you. We all love you.
The two super little ones who made my afternoon so hilarious. My ribs still ache. Gaelle n Gian.
Cousins #reunion
These two have been inseparable. There's some pulling of hairs, then Roxy running away from the little Champ and then they find each other once again
I just can't imagine the pain of loosing a childπŸ˜”πŸ˜”. May the Lord give all the grieving parents comfort and strength
Its Friday, just getting ready to go out with my girl when i receive a call. "Mama Lyn, si malyn amekosa leo (Malyn has done something bad today)", Ben the driver reports. "Ni nini amefanya? Amekukosea heshima?(What has she done? Has she shown any disrespect)", I ask with an issue of respect coming to my mind since Ben sounded really troubled. "Hapana. Leo Lyn alitoka nje ya gate ya shule akatembea huku sisi tunamtafuta ( No. She left school on foot and yet we were back in school looking for her). Aparently, she saw her friends who walk home and she followed them. Peer pressure. Something she missed was that they live nearby. So she walked for 1.2km towards home. Luckily She was found walking alone. I thanked God. 
It disturbed me for a second on why she could do that. She knows our phone numbers so if the driver was later, then she could just have asked the teacher to call me but she didnt. She wanted to prove that she is a big girl who knew her way home, not aware that home was quite a distance and the world is not safe either.

I wish i could go on but I just thank God she was found and safe. 
Some swimming on a sunny saturday afternoon 
My little #swimmer 
#bradpat trying to impress mommy today at the gym