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Storytelling, first.
Creative Director & Photographer
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{ The Seafront of 🇵🇦 } • When the jungle thins out, the Ocean gently laps the white sand of a paradise where I can lie down for a while.

A story made w/ @lufthansa for #sayyestotheworld
{ The Waterfalls of 🇵🇦 } • Along my path in the jungle, I find several waterfalls like this one.
The wonder of the lovely Babette @babette_conrady & Josh @josh.perrett , who seem in tune with Nature.

A story made w/ @lufthansa for #sayyestotheworld

Look at the last video uploaded on my IGTV channel 🎥!
{ The Rainforest } • 4am. Hours spent on long roads that pass through the most important type of forest on the Planet, where humidity and heat create the magic.

A story made w/ @lufthansa for #sayyestotheworld
{ Panama’s Touch } • The view of Panama City a few hours after landed in this country for the first time, to create and produce a short story w/ @lufthansa 
Take a look at the last video uploaded on my IGTV channel!

#sayyestotheworld #lufthansa
{ Alps of Tuscany } • Riding into the mountains full of hairpin bends and no traffic at all, my new friend Max - @maxlazzi - has fun between curves and tunnels.
Another ride with the best @scramblerducati
Next Stop ➳ 🇵🇦
#scramblerducati #landofjoy #scrambler1100
{ Scrambler Ride } • An exploration of the northern part of Tuscany.
This time with a new friend - @maxlazzi and with the only motorcycle brand I care of, @scramblerducati, fun is guaranteed ...
#scramblerducati #landofjoy #scrambler1100
{ Diego } • The best dirty-hands boy, food-dropper, youtube-watcher, why-asker, beastieboys-listener, energy-consumer I always prefer to have around when I go out there.
{ The 🌬 & The 🔥} • A frame from my production made w/ @scramblerducati in South Africa.

Take a look at the video uploaded on my IGTV channel!
{ My Dreamland } • 3/3 • The beauty of a hug is probably the best way to share an emotion, here surrounded by the yellow and green blue of the Euganean Hills.
A series made with @hpeurope for HP Sprocket Plus
{ Dreamland } • Aiming for a red dream before taking off to 🇵🇦.
{ My Dreamland } • 2/3 • When my Spring memories come to life as those were the most intense frames of 2018.

A series made with @hpeurope for HP Sprocket Plus #ReinventMemories
{ My Dreamland } • Going back to one of the places where dreaming is a matter of seconds.