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{ By The Lake } • The season’s size in its shapes and colors, and the micro human presence in it.
@visittrentino @apt_smart #visittrentino
{ 👀 } • A face-to-face encounter while exploring the wood w/ @visittrentino to listen the deer’s roar during their love season.
{ 🍁 + 🚙 } • Taking a look at the colors while crossing this valley.
@apt_smart #fromwhereidrone
{ 🌲 + 🔥 } • This weekend surrounded by flames of colours on trees (and thanks for all your kind comments on my Instagram Stories).
{ Goodbye Dream House } • Nature does not stop in front of a small home that is quickly slipping into the North Sea, another year and it will disappear.
Seems humans cannot control everything isn't it?
{ School Time } • How we spent his day off before going back school (finally 😬), cloud surfing as we did years ago on the same beach.
And playing with the depth of field on my phone.
#shotoniphone 🏄🏽
{ Moonlight } • Feeling the creative energy following an incredible #TodayAtApple photo walk in Venice where I learned tips on how to tell a story in my photos. Want to push the boundaries with your photography? Check the link in my bio to sign up for a session. In promotional partnership with @Apple.
{ Play & Feed } • The creative game is nourishment and nourishment is what happens when you stop and observe what has been made thinking about what’s next.
This is the game I developed with my son - in the photo - creating forms during the preparation of his lunch, made with the simple colors of the iconic spaghetti with tomato sauce. @barilla #PastaWorldChampionship #PassionForPasta #🍝
{ Meet me in Venice } • On my way to a #TodayAtApple photo walk around Venice. Already feeling inspired and can’t wait to learn new techniques. Link in bio to find a session near you. In promotional partnership with @Apple.
{ Narcos Season 3 } • How I spent my time in Bogotá, making portraits, like the handsome @miguelangelsilvestre 
Check out my Instagram Stories for the entire set!
#narcosseason3 by @netflix
{ 24hrs in Brussels } • 3/3 • The night is dressed in charm and mystery, and so does the city.
My time here is over, 'til next time Brussels.

#mybrussels experience for
#prpl @nativenationeu
{ 24hrs in Brussels } • 2/3 • Taking time to show to my boy as many places in Europe as possible, like Ixelles, a nice district in Bruxelles, finding multicultural people and urban rainbows.

#mybrussels experience for
#prpl @nativenationeu