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Got out my second interview looked down at my phone and it's exactly 4:20 lmao⛽🔥💨
Good morning hope everyone has a blessed and productive day
🙏🙌 #Peace
Fuq it That's bae he just don't know it yet lol 😍😍 @datdamn_indianboy #beardgang #southernboi #louisianaroots #letmebraidyourhair
#Manbun #thatniggawitdagoodhair
Please don't come for me cause today ain't the day.I promise it's not so stay in yo lane and I promise it won't be no issues  #leavemealone #lastandfinalwarning #iaintnokillerbutdontpushme😲
Worrying about gone fuq around and get ya feelings hurt #worryforwhat #leavemebe
My Look for today rocking my Red bottoms matte lipstick off the Date night lip line ladies it stays on all day and keep your lips moisturize to get your simply follow the instructions down below 
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I'm rocking with an Ak 47 with a extended clip  i'm just gone go ahead and empty the clip on yo ass light my spiff and watch you burn now that's one way yo go out #fuqem #ashestoashesdustodust #yougonedieanyway #sorrynotsorry #noniggawannabemyex😜 #imniceuntilyoucrossme
3 years ago today I walked into court not knowing what the judge was going to say. As I walk in nervous as hell i said a little prayer and sat next to my Attorney who  looked at me and said "Today is gone be a good day for you Ms.Smith". I gave him a look like wtf you talking about that's when he put his hand on my shoulder and said "don't worry young lady it's been taken care of" I waited which seem like forever ,then the judge called my name Ms.Smith I said yes thats me as i stood up slowly he said "do you know what we are doing here today "I looked at him and said yes. He got quite and began to go through all my documents the court room was silent as hell  then he finally spoke and said "I see that you made a drastic change since the last time we seen eachother you have meet all the requirements of your  probation you've passed every UA  he looked at me and said congrats Ms. Smith you are finally  released from probation my Attorney handed me my paper work to take over to my P.O letting them know I was done.Words can't describe how I felt at that time I was so relieved it had been a long time coming i mean from being revoked to being  reinstated back to being revoked and being reinstated again on top of being violated having to do a piss test every month sometimes twice a month it was the most embarrassing thing I had to go through hell till this day I can't pee in a cup without thinking somebody is watching me.I say all this to say this no matter what obstacles God may put in your way trust and depend on him and he will see you through for so long I thought I was all alone on this journey I'm headed down but it was God alone who was right there and never left me when everyone else turned their back on me.This might not mean shit to anybody else but it means a lot to me.I may not be where i want to be but I'm exactly where i need to be.Never judge a book my its cover until you have walked in my shoes my story is my story and I be damn if I'm not the one who decides how it ends you'll never understand how important it is for me reach my goals until you've been thru what I been thru#imasurvivor#blessed #tunnelvision#diamondintherough  #toknowmeistounderstandme
Trust NO  Nigga! Fear NO Bitch! Show NO Love! Cause Love a get you killed #facts #itsadangerzone
#onaniggaheadlikeasnapback #trustnoone #idontfuqwityouhoez #playpussyandgetfucked #imnottheonetoplaywit 
#betterbiteyatonguewhenyseemecumthru #badandbougie #savagemode #yalldonewokethabeast #beware
Well looks like I'mma be up for a while #aintnosleepbih
#Icatchitall #securefoundation  #protectthemeedgestho #thesebraidsstayingg