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Although today the science of marketing continues to grow along with the emergence of social media, but I still find it very simple. This bamboo chairsman offers his products by placing bamboo chairs on a bike, then in carrying around to find a buyer. Of course this is not an easy job. It is done continuously to make his family happy.

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If every day we walk with the Lord and surrender our whole way of life into HIS leading to determine which way we should go, then we can confidently say: Lord, lead me, wherever you want to go.

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Busy to work to meet the needs of children and families, a main reason for parents to avoid when children ask for their company. Finally, parents choose a shortcut, which provides a variety of collections of leading gadgets to accompany the child. The results of a study conducted by IKEA in the UK revealed that 55 percent of children and adolescents admitted spending time with family, more happy than playing with the smartest gadget though. Then, as many as 29 percent of children surveyed said that dinner with family makes them feel loved and make them happy. Then, the other 20 percent, prefer to read books with parents rather than playing video games. The surprising thing is that 14 percent of respondents admitted that they are happy to do housework with their parents.

New songs continue to be present every day. Music that comes from traditional musical instruments to this day still exist. Music is a piece of art that is never static. Music is always evolving, dynamic and very progressive. Every time there is a new kind of music that will always entertain ourselves. I can not imagine if God had not given grace to human beings so as to have extraordinary musical talents. Music has become a part of human life from birth, and music never fails to entertain humans. Music has a very big meaning. But remember that singing is not only to entertain people, but it will be good if it is used as a means of praising and glorifying God in our daily lives.

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Child-parenting jobs are heavier than home work, such as sweeping and cleaning floors. Therefore, the salary of a baby sitter is higher than that of a housekeeper. In this photo is seen a father was taking care of his son. But I feel sorry, because the father took care of his son at the train station. A place with high air pollution. The intention of the heart wants to cheer up the child, but unknowingly it makes the little boy was polluted by bad air.

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The photo above shows a seller of used glasses. In some time I observed the activity, and there were some people who bought those old glasses. Are we having trouble today? How do we view the problem? God always teaches us to see things from a positive point of view. It's like someone wearing glasses. Wearing sunglasses will make the brightest object look dark. So if today your life looks so dark and dark to live, maybe because you wear the wrong glasses.

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Do not throw me away in my old age. Do not leave me when my strength is gone. Lord You are my hope and my belief since I was young. Only to the Lord I rely since I was in the womb. God has brought me out of my mother's abdomen. Your Lord always praise me. For You are my strong shelter.

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Semar Character.

Semar has a unique physical character. Physical uniqueness is a symbol of dualism in this world.

Semar has a round body shape. This body shape is a symbol of the earth where mankind lives with other creatures.

The expression on her face was always smiling and eyes always tearful. In the face semar is a symbol of grief and love that always accompanies the journey of human life.

Semar-faced looks like an old man but has a haircut style like a kuncung abg, it symbolizes the old and young.

He is male and has a big breast like a woman, it is a symbol of the nature of masculinity and femininity.

He stands but looks like a squat, symbolizing the position of the ruler and the commoners.

Semar hid his right hand behind his body, meaning to hide the good and the advantages it has. His left hand pointed upward, indicating that he upheld the value of the One Supreme God.

Seen an artist from Indonesia, named Asri Welas, was wanting to cross the street by wearing a maternity clothes design. Asri is an artist who has many talents, including being a designer. Many vehicles and people look busy in Malioboro street in Jogjakarta city. Many human minds are also busy. But I do not know what they all think. Does God also think about the man He created? Or how? If God can give what man has never thought of. Of course God can also give things to us that we never thought of before. Many things we really never think about, but that's what God gives us. Many things we really never ask for, but provided God for us.