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When I'm feeling bored, I can get excited again after seeing the train I met on a trip. The train always stirs up my life. Why?

For me, life is similar to a trip on a train, complete with the stations it passes through, with changes in its route and complete with other events or events that occur during the trip.

When we are born, like going up in a "train" and meeting our parents, and we are sure that they will always come with us, but at a station it turns out they will come down leaving us alone to go on our own next journey.

Whatever happens in this life, the journey of life must continue to the End Station Point of our Life.

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Are you smiling today? 
Smiling is a cure for yourself and others who meet you. It's amazing if the world is filled with many people who like to smile. Smiling is also a cure for the world. Greetings of peace.

We often hear shouts of words: Focus! Focus!.
That is the loud voice of a coach on the edge of the field when he sees his athletes losing while competing.

If an athlete competes with high concentration and stays focused, it is not easy for the opponent to defeat him. Remember, no matter how high the technique is taught by the coach, but if the athlete cannot concentrate or not focus on the match, then the result will definitely disappoint.

Reflection: "... I did not run aimlessly and I am not just a boxer who just hit me. But I trained my body and mastered it all,". Manage your soul and body, so that it is in accordance with God's will for us.

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Until I am old, I will continue to like small children, who are under 5 years old.
If I see their children's eyes, then the next thing that comes to my mind are: honesty, happiness, innocence, fun, always wanting to be close to parents, always guided by parents, trusting parents and not keeping the mistakes of others.

I really like to invite them to chat and play. Their behavior is always adorable that can open my heart, to always learn about the values of life.

Then there is an expression that slaps the cheek, like this: "If you do not repent and you do not become like a child, then you will not go to heaven". That is, whoever humbles himself and becomes like this little child, he is the greatest in Heaven.

Then we must be ashamed to learn to find the life value of a child.

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Peace As a force, it is very powerful but also very simple. But how can humans find it?
Many people have tried to find it in various ways. 
But only find a temporary sense of peace.

Every master, every teacher, every caller of peace always says the same thing: "Peace is within yourself!". But these simple things are still considered as less valuable.

In peace, all external events are reflections from within us.

This Small Book Entitled "Cara Dahsyat Berdamai Dengan Pikiranmu" (How To Make Peace With Your Mind) is dedicated to you readers, who have decided to walk into themselves and learn to draw on the awesome power that has been stored.

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My hat is round. Round, but what I use. If the hat is not round. Definitely not my hat.

Since the age of 10, I really like the black and white photos of my father. My father became an inspiration for me to persevere in black and white photos.

But I feel that life is not as simple as black and white. Especially when I was born from the mother's womb, immediately inhaled the breath of Eastern culture which has a complex view of life, for example, life is colorful, life is a feeling, life is a series of thousands of questions, even life is full of mysteries that indeed give space open to many variations of interpretations that are never final only with black or white moments.

In my understanding, black and white, light and dark, yin and yang, good and evil are the basic colors of life. Why? Because black and white represent the realities of life that are contradictory, unpredictable, and sometimes the Western mindset is difficult to reconcile. For the western mindset, the reality of life is black or white and there is no coma. Black and white summarize the fact that humans are created by men and women (normal) and outside men and women is an anomaly. This is the product of the western mindset which later gave birth to science. Science is born because of a rigid, strict mindset, and does not give room for mystery.

In the course of the black and white western mindset, it actually destroys the world order. Then there is the process of desacralization (removal of sacredness) over nature and the human body when nature and the body are seen only in black or white.

From that moment on, the western world then began to look at the eastern world. Why? Because the view of the eastern world by most people is expected to be a solution to the chaos of human life and nature today. Is that right? What is certain at this time, there are many who do meditation activities, yoga and doing inner exercise in various ways.

I learned a lot from humans and black and white photos.

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This husband and wife are choosing fish. They separate between healthy fish and sick fish. Healthy fish seeds will be sold to the community.

The activity of choosing these fish seeds is the same as choosing a leader. Why do you have to choose a leader?

Yes ... because, a leader has a greater burden of responsibility than the person he leads. He not only has to carry out his work, but also automatically will be seen as an example.

Therefore, the maturity of character that can be seen from everyday life is one of the benchmarks for us in finding a good leader.

This criterion is important so that when he becomes a leader he can set a good example instead of being a "stumbling block" that harms the people he should serve.


No matter how much results we get, no matter how much money we get, no matter how much our labor is rewarded by people, no matter how much our wealth, at any level of our intelligence, any level of our position ... it's not the main thing, because it is a series of gifts from God .

But the real craft and unyielding spirit are the characters we must have. We are responsible for each of us to have a superior character. God wants us like that.

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The choice of life is only two: Silence while waiting for his death or dare to suffer for the next 35 years. Rajawali bird chooses the second option. .

The trick is, the Rajawali bird must find the highest place and then pull out its nails, breaking its beak and claws by hitting it on the rock. It must be painful, suffering, fasting, and helpless for 1 month until the hair, beak and claws grow back.

To 'die body' like that, the eagle must be willing to live alone in a high place so as not to fall prey to other predators. Also, the eagle must stare at the sun.

A moment of wisdom

Just like humans, when you are sick you have to keep staring at God and asking for healing. We must be able to do the same thing. We must gradually exercise according to age and dare to change our diet.

All of this is not an easy thing, but it must be done for a good purpose, that is, living healthy to old age.

Short Prayers Pronounced by Pope Francis Before Sleep.

This is a Short Prayer Spoken by Pope Francis Before Sleep. You can also try this Beautiful Prayer! "At night before going to sleep, I pray for this short prayer," said Pope Francis to Catholics who filled the Vatican St. Santo field in June 2017.

First, Pope Francis said this: "Lord, if you want, you can cleanse me". Then the Pope prayed our Father five times.

Five of our Father's prayers for each of Christ's wounds on the cross both on his feet, hands and stomach.
Mari Bersama Membantu Saudara-Saudara Kita Yang Ada Di Lombok. "Bersama Membangun Kebersamaan".