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Seen an artist from Indonesia, named Asri Welas, was wanting to cross the street by wearing a maternity clothes design. Asri is an artist who has many talents, including being a designer. Many vehicles and people look busy in Malioboro street in Jogjakarta city. Many human minds are also busy. But I do not know what they all think. Does God also think about the man He created? Or how? If God can give what man has never thought of. Of course God can also give things to us that we never thought of before. Many things we really never think about, but that's what God gives us. Many things we really never ask for, but provided God for us.
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Before the mirror is found, humans have used water and certain metals to reflect their faces or appearances. His goal is to observe yourself, then make the necessary improvements. The brighter the mirror is, the clearer the reflected image becomes. Today, have you looked in the mirror?

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The sun began to blush, when drowning itself in the sunset. Seen an elderly man drove the duck and was busy directing his pet. The work of duck ducks is easy and requires no special skills. Simply by issuing a voice: wus ... wus ... wus, ducks have run rushing away foraging. 
Slowly from a distance, the old man drove the ducks lined up neatly to go home to his cage. It takes patience to drive the ducks back to the cage if you have to pass the highway. Easier to drive ducks, Rather than herding people.

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Happy day
Modern Art
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Ask the Animals.

Is there anything we can learn from animals in real life? Many consider the trivial animal, because it considers animals as beings who do not understand anything.

But actually it is wrong. There is always something that can be learned from animals, whether the behavior, the way of socialization, the nature and the habits, which can bring goodness to humans.

We are made more intelligent than animals, but do not close your eyes to learn from these animals, because there are so many lessons that we can learn from them. "But inquire of the beast, and he shall give thee instruction unto the bird of the air, and thou shalt bear his word"

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So man has the freedom to advance oneself or to destroy himself"

If I go to the island of Bali, my heart always feel calm and peaceful. Because I can see many works of art which is a harmony between man and nature. Beautiful beaches belong to a rock-walled universe, blending in with the human mind and heart. Although the results of human thought is very simple but harmony with natural energy.

I am reminded of the book "Neospirituality & Neuroscience, the Peak of the Evolution of Humanity" written ... that after undergoing a very long evolutionary process, humans succeeded in having sophisticated minds, brains and senses even beyond the other creatures of the world.

I think this is a blessing, but also a greed for humans. Man has the brain and the senses to manifest what he wants, including against and against the laws of nature.

Man has the freedom, both to realize his unity with the universe and not to realize it.

So when he chooses not to realize his unity with nature then he thinks that he is the Almighty and can do anything according to his will. It destroys the environment, confronts nature, acts according to its will because it considers itself to be the greatest being, of a high degree, special, and above all other beings. "So man has the freedom to advance himself or to destroy himself". #jogjaphotonet #blackandwhite #bnw_drama #black

Have you ever seen a puppet show? The performance of puppet is a beautiful artistic and cultural heritage of Indonesia and must be preserved. From a puppet show, we can appreciate a variety of arts, such as visual art, motion art, sound art, musical art and literary arts. The making of wayang through the making process is quite complicated and long. In the photo seen someone was carving cowhide, to be a puppet. It takes perseverance and patience when carving, in order to produce good and quality wayang puppets.  #jogjaphotonet.  #bnw_drama.  #blackandwhite
@Barrack Obama & Presiden Republik Indonesia Joko Widodo @jokowi (Foto: Biro Pers, Media dan Informasi Ke Presiden RI, edited by Bram Antareja). #jogjaphotonet #blackandwhite #bnw_drama