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What's in your shadow - when you hear the word ngangon? Or do you not even know or have never heard the word angon? OK. Ngangon, is a Javanese language that means to shepherd. The photo above shows a person being shepherding the buffalo. Buffaloes become a protected property, because buffaloes are always used to plow or cultivate paddy fields before being planted with rice seedlings. Although the buffalo is now replaced with a machine, but until now there are still villagers who maintain traditional ways of cultivating rice fields.

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In the afternoon, step foot into the railway station area. In my mind to ask, what should I document here ?. I already have a railroad themed photo file. My footsteps stopped seeing mother and daughter sitting on the edge of the train station and they looked happy while joking with each other. Currently in my city, the station becomes a children's playground. This shows the unavailability of adequate public space for children and families. To me an irony, if the children under 5 years old play around in the station. Because the air around the train station is very bad, full of pollution coming from the cars around the station and also from the train that passes through the station is quite solid.

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One day, I walked to a traditional market. Since childhood I was happy with the aroma emerging from the traditional market with an atmosphere of poor hygiene. In this traditional market I learned a lot about people's life and simple business atmosphere. Inside the market I met two elderly women. They sell hot tea. And who often buy hot tea is the traders who are in the market. I sat in the simple shop and bought hot tea to be my friend to chat with the two old ladies. I feel happy to be with the two old ladies, who are honest and simple.

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When I walk, I see a becak driver taking a rest while sighing. It was very hot and the street was very busy. Seeing this moment, I stopped my footsteps and recorded this moment into my simple camera. In this life, breath is the first thing and also the last thing we do in this life. It can be said the whole story of this journey of life, takes place between the first breath and our last breath. In many languages, the same word can have two meanings: it can mean NAPAS, or it could also mean SPIRIT. For example in Latin, spiritus. In Hebrew, Ruach, in Greek, Numa, in Chinese, Chi, and in Sanskrit, prana. This is an interesting clue that our breath is very close or even the same as our spirit.  #blackandwhitephotography #blackandwhite #streetphotography #jogjaphotonet

From a medical point of view, the ingredients that have long been taken from the source and preserved, starch like the vitamin content of the food ingredients have been much reduced, even already lost, so that such food is not good for health. Therefore it is important to consume food that is still fresh and not long taken from the source, in addition to the vitamin content is still a lot of prana energy content is also still good. Manual food processing needs to be maintained. 
For example, take spice ingredients by hand directly and pound them manually using pestle or other manual smoothing tools. The goal is that the food we will be getting life or pranic energy from the palm of the hand. Similarly, when processing it manually, food ingredients get radiant energy from our body. There are two main things we need to consider when cooking food. 
First, cook with love. That is, someone who is cooking his mind is filled with positive things, where the condition of heart and mind in a state of peace, pleasure, and full of love. With such circumstances, the food to be processed receives positive energy that emanates from the person cooking. 
Second, wash with water and salt. Washing the food is usually done so that the food becomes clean. But in a spiritual point of view, washing is not just cleaning but also purifying. Although the food looks clean, it is important to clean it with pure water to purify it. In food ingredients there is always the possibility of dirty energy or negative energy contained, so that by washing the negative energy wasted together with visible dirty waste. 
In addition to washing with clean water, it is necessary to wash the food with salt mixed water, the goal is to absorb the negative energy contained in foodstuffs. As is known, salt is able to absorb black energy or negative energy that is around us. By applying simple things like that, may the food we eat can bring peace and tranquility of the soul though not a fancy meal.

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LEARN FROM FISHING.  There are times when we follow the process God gives. God teaches about patience. Patience is full of hope. Because the more precious in life is not the end result, but how our process in living life.

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In the morning I wake up from the cold. I slept without a blanket. To warm my body, I went out of my house and trekked along the rush of coconut trees growing on the edge of the rice fields. And in front of me walked an old man who was guiding his bike and not wearing footwear. My heart was touched to see this situation. I feel HIS presence. Then the Lord will give rain for your land in its day, the first rain and the last rain, so that you may gather your wheat, your wine and your oil. Let us try earnestly to know the Lord. God must have appeared like a foggy dawn. God comes to us like rain at the end of the season that irrigates the earth.

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This event I documented in Tirta Empul Bali, Indonesia.

Tirta Empul which in Balinese means water spurting out from the ground.

Tirta Empul is a holy spring that becomes part of the area where the Balinese Hindu worship with the same name that is Pura Tirta Empul. These springs are in the cool highlands, in Manukaya Village, Tampak Siring Subdistrict, Gianyar Regency, Bali.

The spring in Pura Tirta Empul is sacred. According to the local community in addition to being a place to purify themselves from illness and other bad things, as well as a place of efficacy for those wishing to pray and hope come true.  #jogjaphotonet
"Dear God". Before opening the shop, this Hindu woman prayed:

Om Awighnam Astu Namo Sidham
Om Sidhirastu Tad Astu Swaha

Hopefully Your Pleasure, There Is No Obstacle For The Servant Started This Job And Good Success

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Although today the science of marketing continues to grow along with the emergence of social media, but I still find it very simple. This bamboo chairsman offers his products by placing bamboo chairs on a bike, then in carrying around to find a buyer. Of course this is not an easy job. It is done continuously to make his family happy.

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