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This photo shows a farmer who is planting rice.
According to me, a farmer planting rice in a rice field is a good and noble deed. Because the result of his actions not only can be enjoyed by his family but also can be enjoyed by other people who do not know him. "in every processing of planting rice, there must always be a great woman". #blackandwhitephotography 
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Dugong (Dugong dugon) is a marine mammal species protected by law and is one of the 20 priority species species that are important targets of the Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries of the Republic of Indonesia.

Dugong has a high life threat. Naturally dugong has a slow reproduction. It takes 10 years to mature and 14 months to give birth to a new individual at a 2.5-5 year interval.

Another threat is the unintentional capture of dugong by fishing gear (bycatch), massive hunting for meat use, fangs, and tears of dugong that are alleged to have high economic value.

This mammal is protected by Law No. 5 of 1990 on the Conservation of Biological Resources and its Ecosystem. In addition, there is also Law Number 31 Year 2004 regarding Fisheries.

Dugong and its habitat conservation efforts in Indonesia are not only conducted by the government but also supported by a number of international agencies, such as the United Nations Environment Program, Conservation Migratory Species (UNEP-CMS) in collaboration with Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation Fund (MbZ) through Dugong and Seagrass Conservation Project (DSCP). #blackandwhitephotography 
14 July 2018 - The Big Fam. HBD ibu yang ke 80. Gathered to celebrate the mother's birthday, the eighty.

True life is the life in which we humans can live to praise and glorify God's name.

Because according to the purpose of God created, so that man can fill the earth and master it. Furthermore, after obtaining what he can, man must express his gratitude to God.

Although we now live in modern times, with full of sophisticated transportation, but we should live in an atmosphere of mutual love, share the blessings of others, and not excessive in life, and always live according to the will of God.


The eyes are part of the face, which gives birth to suggestions that can move feelings.

The eye is often referred to as the "heart window." Beautiful eyes are part of the attraction, appearance, even the eyes can be an incredibly powerful attraction.

The beauty of the eye gaze is still a very rare love mystery to solve. In fact many think and guess whether the woman likes you. After you fell in love repeatedly because of the gaze of a woman.

Women's eyes are a distinct language that contains deep meaning. Each of his gazes radiated thousands of secrets that were sometimes hard to guess.

(Belajar Dari Akar Pohon)

Root Philosophy. Roots are in the ground, work unconditionally and do not demand recognition. Root is always the lowest place. Root always hides itself.

But roots are always the subject of a tree's life. Without the roots, there will be no solid stems, leafy branches, green leaves, beautiful flowers or sweet fruits.

What a meaningful life we have when it has a working principle like a root. Wherever we are and what our responsibilities are, let us do it with all our heart and strength. Even if no one witnesses our efforts, keep doing the best even though not everyone can see our kindness.

It is this working principle like roots that bring happiness, joy, and peace of mind.


Seeing the banana fruit in this photo, I became remembered about the Banana Tree.

Banana trees have many benefits.
The fragrance can be made in handicraft materials such as bags, baskets & silencers

The leaves can be used as a food wrapper.
The fruit has a nutritional content that is beneficial to improve brain health, blood circulation, reduce stress, and many others.

Part of banana tree trunk if in transverse, will not die before the fruit. Because from the center of the stem will grow again into new shoots.

That's how we should be living this life, the thousands of problems that come as if to cut ourselves out. But this life will not give up to wake up & rise again & grow again. "Life in this world, must give good things.

R.I.P Thomas Trimurti Jatihamboro

I always admire the nature of God's work that I can see directly with my eyes.

Seeing the work of God, became a means for me to reflect and understand who I am very small before God.

Foto by: @rommydhano
Caption & Edited BW: @bramantareja_bw

Seeing yourself, that's what we do several times a day. Fix the strands of hair that fall on the forehead, adjust the collar of the clothes that are already neat, check whether there is dirt in the corner of the eye, or just glance at the mirror that reflects the shadow of our body. We are engrossed in doing all that, either to see if there is anything unsightly, or to admire ourselves.

Reflecting is important so that we look well physically in public. But that alone is not enough. Attractive physical appearance only at the beginning attracts people's attention. Our "value" is then determined by our character, our attitudes, and our maturity. How we treat others, express our opinions, our reactions to everything, and so on.

Perfect physical appearance is by no means a guarantee to navigate life. Spiritual maturity and character determine everything. Have we noticed all that ?? #blackandwhitephotography