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Making puppets is not something easy. In the process of demanding patience, thoroughness, and no disturbing thoughts. Patience and patience is not an easy matter. Moreover, in this modern and pragmatic era, making people increasingly ignore the meaning of patience. Are you a patient person?

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Fishing is one way to get fish. Fishing can be done in the sea, in the river, in the swamp, or in ponds and other places. If the fish is a good thing. So it feels wonderful, if in this life we just collect all the good and spread the good, so the atmosphere of life is all good.  #blackandwhitephotography #blackandwhite #streetphotography #jogjaphotonet
Forks and spoons are my friend every day.  #blackandwhitephotography #blackandwhite #streetphotography #jogjaphotonet
Accompany while mom cooking.  #blackandwhitephotography #blackandwhite #streetphotography #jogjaphotonet

I know what the wind blows, but I'm confused about how to explain it. It may be like a turbulent movement that goes round and round. Ups and down. Bringing everything flying just like that. Sometimes they also form beautiful melodies. Leaves the leaves to rub against each other. Sometimes the wind is transformed into a rolling waves. Crashed into steep cliffs, then broke like a bead of sweat ready to touch the face. 
That's very confusing, is not it? Yes, that is so. Did not I explain from the beginning, if I was confused myself if you have to make you understand. Actually I do not know how to express these words correctly. All I know and what I understand is that I'm always pounding every time the wind blows. 
Every breeze touched my skin, I felt the wind was delivering small messages to me. As it awakened my understanding that something was always near me: GOD.  #blackandwhitephotography #blackandwhite #streetphotography #jogjaphotonet

From a distance I can see the top of Borobudur Temple which is framed with beautiful mist in the morning. After documenting this beauty, I sat silent.  Then I open the ear dimension to hear wisdom, beauty, kindness, whisper of conscience.  Stay quiet! Do not think. Use your heart more.  Stay quiet! Do not complain. Be grateful and thankful with what you have.  Stay quiet! Stop giving orders and directions. Increase your space and freedom.  Stay quiet! Do not criticize. Take more time to contemplate, reflect and expand self-improvement.  Stay quiet! Stop talking. Appreciate tranquility and enjoy it.  My friend, have you ever felt and appreciate the atmosphere of silence as a wonderful moment? Have you ever went into the wilderness alone and in your solitary moment you acknowledge and feel that a moment of silence is beautiful thing?  In a silent situation, you can discover how great and glorious love you have for the people who are around you.  In silence, you can provide a bigger space for God.  #blackandwhitephotography #blackandwhite #streetphotography #jogjaphotonet

One of the tours that contain elements of history in the area of Telaga Warna Dieng is a Slate located in the middle between Telaga Warna and Pengilon Lake. This slate is a big stone that grows wood on it without any root fibers. In front of the Stones there is also a statue of Gajah Mada which symbolizes the place where the Amukti Palapa oath is done in Dieng.  #blackandwhitephotography #blackandwhite #streetphotography #jogjaphotonet

One of the iron welder's work, is to reunite the broken iron part. I feel in this era of modern communication technology, we all have to work like the iron welder. Instead of uniting a broken iron, it reunites the broken fraternal values. Connect the broken fraternal values by giving a sip of drinking water, that's the best way that can be done simply.  #blackandwhitephotography #blackandwhite #streetphotography #jogjaphotonet
October Mother Mary.  #blackandwhitephotography #blackandwhite #streetphotography

What if when you go to bed knowing that the sun will not rise again tomorrow. Surely the shadow of bad things will make you difficult to sleep, and even if you can sleep, these things will decorate your dreams. The death of all living things can not be avoided because of the lack of sunlight. However, thankfully this time the story is just an empty story. Until now God keeps the sun shining every day. Sunlight still gives meaning in life. There is a certainty, sunset is always followed by the rising of the sun the next day. So let us always remember that the rising of the sun that enlightens the earth becomes a reminder of the creation that God did for man.

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Clean The Keris.
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