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Please, be good to each other. Love & Gratitude! πŸ˜‰ Actor: Superman Returns/Chuck/LegendsOfTomorrow

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Had a great time doing this @barbellshruggedpodcast while at @humangaragela! 
Talked many things--nutrition, fitness, #bulletproof, spiritual, & superheroes.
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Are those clowns, or Legends?! Uhmmm, both? 😜 We go to the circus tonight on @cw_legendsoftomorrow!
With @billyzane guest-starring as #PTBarnum.
#legendsoftomorrow #302
#Juggling #Clowns
Love everything about this great poem by @dallasclayton. πŸ˜„ So much good stuff in it.
My favorite today is, "You're made of those who came before."
Both physically & emotionally. I believe the most important next step is for the evolution of our emotional responsiveness & self awareness...building on what our parents may have presented us with. Evolving not just our bodies, but our emotional responses (for the better), to the challenges we face. β€οΈπŸ‘ŠπŸ»
Proud of all the powerful DC women for making this happen!

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@shethority go follow!

#shethority has officially arrived! We want to bring you guys into our female power circle so we can all lift each other up. If YOU want to be featured make a video sharing something you've learned, overcome, or answer some of the questions we'll be answering ourselves. You can also interview people u know who's story should be told. 
when women support each other magic happens ❀️ @caitylotz @emilybett @candicekp @melissabenoist @chy_leigh @talaashe @maisiersellers @dpanabaker
TY for the bday wishes!
My cake: designed* by Leo (my son), baked by @courtneyfordhere!
(Organic GF chocolate w/ grassfed buttercream frosting, natural food coloring!) *it's Superman wearing a yellow cape, standing on some grass on a sunny day, stopping a meteor. With haunted houses added for Halloween spookiness. 😜
Tonight! Season premiere of both @cwtheflash & @cw_legendsoftomorrow!
My submission for #PuberMe #PuertoRicoRelief--I think this haircut & terrible 90’s shirt qualify…?! @stephenathome @nickkroll
#TakeAKnee & a deep breath or ten, & really consider this.
If you can't register this statement, please take a look at your own biased view on this issue.
Are you hearing what you want to hear? Or truly listening to what these #PeacefulProtesters are saying/representing. This isn't one person anymore, this is a big group of people. This is a real concern for them--which they are passionate about.  Have you ever been passionate about an issue? Did you like people dismissing your thoughts and feelings as worthless? Did anyone listen?  If yes, then you know how helpful & healing it can be--so do the same here. If not, I'm sorry. Now is your opportunity to do for others, what you did not get done for you.
Will you be a part of the solution? Or a wall, keeping us divided. β€οΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ
#ListenWithoutJudgement #HearYourFellowAmerican
Please help raise awareness about the tragedy befalling these astounding creatures. #RemeberingRhinos

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Today is #WorldRhinoDay promoting awareness about the rampant poaching faced by these magnificent creatures. All proceeds from  #RememberingRhinos go to help protect their imminent extinction. πŸ”Ήwww.buyrememberingbooks.comπŸ”Ή
Had a great time learning some #gundefense from my friend @a.j.draven! @samhuntington & I try to do our best impression of tough guys. Check out @a.j.draven's feed at Noon PST to see the action! πŸ‘πŸ» #Repost @samhuntington
Guyyyyys! Check out @a.j.draven 's feed to watch @brandonjrouth and I learn how to take guns from people. I mean, it's a valuable thing to know how to do. Right? And this guy - @a.j.draven - knows how!! And teaches us!! And, by default, you!! So, follow him. He's smart, and funny, and handsome, and he'll teach you things that will save your life. And then, there's @brandonjrouth and I. Brandon is also handsome and charming. And I'm there too. #selfdefense
#LegendsOfTomorrowSeason3 #TeaserTrailer

The Legends are coming back to fix what they broke...well, mostly. πŸ˜‰
This is so great! @lord_mesa is auctioning this off (and some other artwork) for #hurricaneharvey #fundraising.
Go to #eBay and search #lordmesa.
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Pertie Reunion Illo!!! Hi everyone! Here's my last "Reunion" DCCW sketch I am putting up for auction to benefit the Texas Flood and Hurricane Relief campaign!! The auction will be going live in just a bit!!!
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