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Please, be good to each other. Love & Gratitude! 😉 Actor: Superman Returns/Chuck/LegendsOfTomorrow

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#Truth #Bravery #EmmaGonzalez
Those beholden to the NRA—stop sacrificing American youth for your fear of having guns taken away (or not being re-elected). Is your fear worth more than Childrens lives?
I’m looking at you fellow Iowan Senator #ChuckGrassley
We’re back tonight on our new night! @cw_legendsoftomorrow 
#GCJitters gets a trashed in this episode.
#RaySings —kinda

This was @talaashe’s coffee cup. I had @bulletproof #HotChocolate in mine. 😉
Something about this set is making me feel at home.
#skidrowcarnivaloflove is one of the most breathtaking events I’ve witnessed. Truly a celebration of life, love & our shared humanity.
Amazing work by @justinbaldoni, his whole crew, & the incredible volunteers! I know this year will be another great one!
👏🏼❤️😄🌎 #Repost @justinbaldoni
It started four years ago with a dream. A dream to help a group of (often times )forgotten souls to feel seen, heard, and loved. There’s nothing more painful then waking up every day and feeling invisible. That society doesn’t want you or need you. That you don’t have hope. That’s why I started the @skidrowcarnivaloflove. Now, every year, we try to shine a light on one of the darkest areas of America that just so happens to be in my backyard. For four hours, on Sat the 27th- there will be no us or them. No rich or poor. No sick or healthy. There will just a group of human beings- loving each other and seeing each other for who they really are. We believe the 54,000 people who sleep on the streets of Los Angeles every night still have so much to contribute. None of us are impervious to the trials and tribulations of this world, we are all suffering to a certain extent, and there’s nothing more beautiful then coming together and loving someone despite their circumstance. Please watch this gorgeous video that gives you a one minute look into our Carnival. And check out the website (link in my bio) for ways to get involved. In 2018- we want to bring the Carnival to a city near you. 
#Weloveyouskidrow #homelessnothopeless #lovearmy (Directed by @wayfarerla’s @farhoudmeybodi w/ @jessiemclachlan )
#BlackLightning & @cress_williams are legit. I was incredibly impressed by the show’s grounded, passionate, socially relevant, & community focused spirit. 👏🏼👊🏻❤️
Comics can be a gateway into understanding current events. This adaptation allows for people of all races & creeds to step into the shoes’ of this family & community—understand their challenges, & relate to them through our own shared humanity.
Even if, for whatever reason, you think this show isn’t for you—just watch. 😉
Congratulations to all involved—especially Mara & Salim Akil producers/writers/creators! @maraakil @monsieurdirector 
Tonight 9/8c #CW
#BlackLightning tonight 9/8c #CW
Don’t miss! 
Excited to be participating in one of these panels tomorrow!
@dccomics @cw_legendsoftomorrow @cw_blacklightning
May this #NewYear2018 bring you
#UnexpectedGreatness !

Being vulnerable, open, & accepting—we can allow opportunities of positive, loving & compassionate change to arise.
Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays from #TheSnowmanWithRealArms!

Be safe and be kind!
Where #TheFluff is #Ray?

Find out tonight!
@cw_legendsoftomorrow #ep309
#BromancingTheBeard 😜

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Tonight @brandonjrouth and I go back in time and try #Viking speed dating #LegendsOfTomorrow