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RAGAMUFFIN: Recovering Ambiverted Gryphon. Asexual Music Loving Uni-Cat. Fit-Enthusiastic Furry. Inspired-by Nature.
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Hate to break it to you but abortion is murder. In no sense of the word does it ever become “Healthcare”. There is no justification for it. But all people who are pro-abortion say that the fetus/embryo is not human. It’s easier to be for abortion when you excuse your actions by saying it can’t be murder when they’re not human.
Thought this was a creative way to spell out one of my favourite words: ragamuffin. 😝😹🐾🖤💜
Quotes to live by
Oh so ye’re pure? How ‘bout the fact that your “god” demands human sacrifices because that is soooo pure of a request... Paganism is evil.... also hate to break it to ye.... but if you don’t partake in that and all aspects of paganism then you are not pagan. You are just a pagan wannabe.
Find the link in my bio! (It might take a while but keep checking it if you’re interested!)
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Write a poem about something you associate with me for Poetry Month by April 30th! I’ll reward all participants with access to my secret IG profile that reveals my life/secrets about my art/stories etc... Winners Awards:
~1st place: a shoutout in a story dedication and a supporting character based on you for an upcoming story ~2nd place: a shoutout online and a poem specifically about anything you want
~3rd place: a shoutout online and an aesthetic art piece based on my impression of your writing style!
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