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Downloadable ecstatic breathwork journeys. Breathe to connect with your SOUL. Immersions & facilitator training in THAILAND. Learn more! Click link ⬇️

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Today’s first day of the Hawaii Initiate Conference and Creatrix Cauldron Sessions was life-changing. Together we are creating heaven on Earth with the power of our love! 
I’m learning so much about being a responsible parent to Breath of Bliss, living life as prayer, being in deep communion with my higher self, ascended masters and Source. Passionately embracing the void of the ripe, empty no-thing... and sacred wounds as portals to our greatest medicine. A day of back to back a-has, surrounded by opulent beauty at the most luxurious resort on the big island. 
Giving thanks in every moment for all the miraculous synchronicities which brought me here! It is time for a Golden Age, to dance a new dream awake and to self-initiate so we can boldly share gifts with humanity in service of our greatest healing. Aho! 
Deepest of bows to the next-level Divine Feminine Christ Leadership taught, transmitted and modeled by @kaiaraofficial . Honestly I’m just in awe. Thank you for being such an empowering mirror, showing us all what’s possible when living a life of impeccable alignment, raw and real honesty and wholehearted devotion 💗. ✨This was the view just outside our seminar room✨ #heavenonearth #sophiacode #divinefeminineleadership #dreamcometrue #lightworker #lightisthenewblack #transformation #empowerment #lifechanging
Aloha breath lover!

I would love to spend some time with you! 🙂 
I'll come over to your place, share breathwork secrets with you, then lead you a primal ecstatic dance in your living room.

Next, I'll help you drop in and connect with your heart at a level which may bring tears to your eyes, then guide you through an intense, hour long lying down breath journey to connect with your ancestors, guides, angels and the heart of the Earth.

Sound cool? 
If yes, here’s the scoop: It can happen right now! Virtually, Because I’ve created an entire workshop recording, I AM PASSION, that you can download and use at a home. I’ll be with you every breath you take, anchoring your journey with a transmission of presence, grounding and deep care.

Here's the disclaimer:  I AM PASSION is friggin' intense. Its nothing like my other breath journeys. If you’re someone who needs light, magical, soft journeys, you may want to pass. This is FULL power. It’s recommended for experienced breathers as it was recorded live with 150 Australians who went on a full blown shamanic journey with it, holding nothing back. 
If you love charging electronic dance music combined with traditional chants from around the world, animal sounds and and other immersive effects, and strong channeled guidance, this is for you. I recorded this right after 3 months of shamanic training in Peru, and the Pacha Mama vibes really come through. This is perfect to use anytime you feel disconnected, ungrounded or emotionally scattered. This is powerful medicine to call your spirit back home.

This Breath of Bliss journey can help you come home to yourself, to Mother Earth, Father Sky, your guides, ancestors and your heart as a living oracle. Are you ready?

Download I AM PASSION NOW-> Click Link in Bio!

With love,

Christabel .
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{NEW BLOG} Do you want to feel more genuine bliss?

But how is it possible when you are suffering, angry, hurt or disappointed? 
I've been getting lots of questions from people asking what "bliss" really is and how to feel it if you're struggling. To help I’ve written this new blog, “What the Bleep is Bliss? And How to Feel More of It” —> CLICK LINK IN BIO to read it and please share your thoughts on the site. Let’s talk about bliss! Energy flows where attention goes 💗
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V I S I O N A R I E S! Are you ready to step forward as part of a global movement to help humanity feel more love, compassion and understanding? Do you feel called to own your unique wisdom teachings? Do you want to create communities where people feel more connected and loving? Join me on the exotic paradise island of Koh Phangan in September for the next Breath of Bliss Breathwork Intensive and Group Facilitator Training. 💕 Take the time for deep self care while you immerse in your own life-changing journey with connected breathing, ecstatic dance, sharing, and connection practices. If you feel called to sacred leadership, stay on for the Level 2 and get all the skills you need to share this work with others, weaving in your own stories, teachings and light. ✨ Our program is unique ... we empower you with tools, templates and lots of practice time so you can share your own unique heart medicine with groups as an inspirational guide, a tender friend in the art of holding space and powerhouse of presence...helping to remind people that its safe to love, it’s safe to let go, it’s safe to feel it all. I’m so excited to share this powerful work with you... so you can share it with thousands of others! Together we can do so much more than we can apart. We have an incredible group assembling from around the world for this gathering  Honor your ✨YES✨ if you feel the call! Learn more and sign up at and I’ll see you in September! Until then... deep breaths and much love, Christabel 💕🦋🌈🏝💦🌱 #breathwork #community #tribe #bliss #lifecoaching #awakening #breathofbliss #transformation #kohphangan #breathworktraining #teachertraining #paradise #connectedbreath #shamanism #tantra #love #connection #mindfulness #tropicalgetaway
YES. Every day. 💕 @gaiactivism  #breathwork #breathelove #breathofbliss
{NEW BLOG} Have you ever held yourself back, fearing criticism from others?

It seems that VISIBILITY is a hot topic right now. We all want to be seen, understood and appreciated. But what happens if you are criticized, belittled or attacked? Do you wilt and dissolve into a puddle of self-doubt? Or stand strong like a tree rooted deep into the Earth?

I've been speaking to many friends who have been feeling pushback after taking risks to own their voice, share vulnerably and speak their truth. And guess what? Its been happening a lot to me, too!

I felt called to offer you some support in my latest blog, "Don't Squish Your Light". As many of you know by now, Breath of Bliss is much more than a breathwork academy. We are a somatic mystery school and lightworker lifestyle program to help you step into your highest potential to be a beneficial force on the planet. As breathwork trainees graduate from our programs and go out into the world to begin sharing, navigating pushback (real or imagined) in a loving way is a key skill. Anyone who wants to live a life of purpose and meaning needs to reflect on this topic.  And the truth really is, if you aren't getting pushback, you aren't really on the leading edge of your potential. ---> CLICK LINK IN BIO to read it the whole blog 💗 And keep shining xo #breathwork #facilitation #dontdimyourlight #staystrong #dontlettheturkeysgetyoudown #ownit #yougotthis #selfworth #criticism #awakening #motivation #tranformation #spirituality #empowerment #trust
Beginning Day 5 of my water fast 💦💦💦 1-10 days to go depending on the messages from my body. ✨Fasting and breathwork are both amazing for WAKING UP.✨And after reading Dr. Jason Fung’s book, “Complete Guide to Fasting”, I’ve been doing intermittent fasting now on and off for 8 months, usually fasting 18-20 hours per day and eating in a window of 4-6. The benefits of water fasting are profound and only begin to kick in after a few days when the body starts producing new stem cells and going into autophagy (when it digests non-healthy material like malignant cells). So many benefits! Better skin, reduction of inflammation, better digestion, youthening, and so much more.

I had an all plant, mostly raw OMAD (one meal a day) week before starting which pushed my body into ketosis (when your body uses fat for fuel). This made the transition super easy with zero hunger pangs so far... daily yoga, massage and other self care has helped me surrender into this total body reset. 
I’ve spent a ton of time researching all this and read of many doctors studies showing that people have done profound things like reverse “incurable diseases”. Some doctors say a water fast week at least once a year is a powerful preventative for things like the big “C”. I think it is amazing that the human body is inherently self regulating! It’s a miracle. All we need to do is listen and allow it rest to naturally reset. 
But why now? Honestly I got a few wake up calls in my health recently- an accumulation of seemingly minor things. My higher self gave me a nudge to do this- I literally felt like someone was whispering over my shoulder into my ear, “water fast!”, again and again! 
So let’s see what happens. I adore my body so of course I’ll stop early if I get the signals. And I’m excited! Because I feel lazer clear, present and  full of ✨light✨

I did a 42 juice fast a few years ago and it was truely a life changing experience - but even though I was drinking green juice it was too much sugar for me to ever get into ketosis- though I felt more radiant, it likely lacked the massive curative effects...{⬇️ see below in comments for the rest of the story}
WHEATGRASS 💚 For the past several days I’ve had two shots per day. Giving thanks for this precious life force liquid ✨GREEN GOLD✨ for the gut, the blood and nervous system! ✨70% chlorophyll✨ liquid light ✨ sacred communion with Pacha Mama and the body temple is so radiant afterwards... amazing to pair with breathwork! 💚🐸🏝🌈🐬 #breathwork #lightworker #wheatgrass #greengold #activation #radiance #blisstonic #cleanse #awakening #transformation
✨HOLDING SPACE✨. It’s kind of like being the mama of the collective nervous system of a group. Feeling into unmet needs, unspoken thoughts and feeling and sensing what subtle things can be done to create more safety, belonging and connection. 💗 This snap is from my recent Breath of Bliss Ceremony in Bali at @noelanilove’s Shakti Goddess Retreat. Such an honor to be invited! #shaktigoddessretreat #breathwork  #breathofbliss #baliretreat #shakti #awakening #transformation #lightworker
“Air creates life, but for air to be alive it has to be electrical. We are electrical beings and survive on electrical force. 
What kind of air is electric and alive? Air that moves. Stagnant air becomes harmful to our lungs. Ever had a sore throat while flying or in a hotel room? Miners use a canary bird in confined spaces, because the bird is a warning system as it will become effected by stagnant (and toxic) air before they will. 
National Laboratories of Science in Hawaii did studies and found that the best air and electrifying machine is a ceiling fan. It will not only move the air and charge it, it will also purify it. Check your ceiling fan when you get home. Its most likely covered in dust. This is because the fan attracts all the dander and particles in the air. The only better option is to have the doors and windows open.

Not only is the quality of air we breath important but so to is the manner in which we breathe it.
Deep breathing is fundamentally important to our health. It has so many benefits which include:
- Improved mood, energy and digestion
- Helps with Depression, Anxiety, Hyperactivity
- Assists with detoxification of our system and regulates PH as a lot of acid is expelled through our breath. 
Focus on long Deep inhales into the belly whilst expelling all air on your out breath.

So, fill your home and workspace with air that is moving. Drive with the car windows down when possible. When I was in living in Prague during winter - even when it got as low at -20C - I always slept with the window open, my room would be freezing but I would be warm in bed. Everyone thought I was crazy but I never got sick and I always slept well. 
Indoor plants and diffusers (with essential oils) are great additional air purifiers.” ✨🙏✨ #Repost @the2020fast # wellness #health #meditation #meditate #air #fasting #intermittentfasting #breathwork #lightworker
{BLOG} Check it out... the pink elephant of breathwork: integration! I've personally experienced the destabilizing confusion that comes from skipping integration. I've also seen tons of "fly-by-night facilitators" spin-out event participants then zip out of town, and met hundreds of workshop junkies addicted to to the "high" of non-stop events. ✨ Here’s the truth: we ALL need to integrate after retreats. As humans we all have nervous systems that can easily be overwhelmed. Get to know yours and take steps to stay resilient. 🙏 To support you, I’ve written a blog for you called, “21 Keys to Integrate a Life-Changing Retreat”. Enjoy and join the conversation with a comment. .. —> CLICK LINK IN BIO to read now. Much love and please share. 💗 #breathwork #breathofbliss #integration #somaticexperiencing #awakening #transformation #lightworker #plantmedicine
Gene Keys are a great tool to help you experience BLISS, because in this codex, the path to bliss actually begins in dissatisfaction! It’s only when we can allow ourselves to fully feel the inertia, judgement, anger and frustration of being dissatisfied with someone or something or even ourselves that we can have a true revelation of the transformative power of breath, movement and sound - and how they can radically increase VITALITY. ✨ .

Vitality dissolves the illusion of separation, opens the senses and heart as forms of living intelligence and allows you to be here NOW. Once this portal of embodiment opens, when you drop out of the mind and into tingling full body aliveness, you are flooded with life force energy. This is where bliss lives. In the merging with everything. .

For this reason we must embrace the doubters! They are crushed dreamers who have created elaborate stories in their minds about separation, and they often live in an addictive, dramatic spiral of judgement. They are trapped in their minds, thoughts and stories and you know the truth- we have ALL been there - it’s a painful place. ... Next time you hear from doubters or those dissatisfied with you or your offering, instead of questioning yourself or getting angry with them, BLESS. Invite your dear doubter (who is really a  sacred mirror here to remind you or your own doubts) to get up, breathe, shake and move with you and see how long you can each stay serious. .

Take deep breaths and send love... to both of you- their doubts and your own. YOU are the playful angel who is on Earth here to provide relief from that kind of suffering. 💗 .. image by @richrealign  #breathwork #breathofbliss #awakening #doubters #bless  #love e