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💕 Angelic Ceremonies, Audios & Breathwork Facilitator Trainings
🏝 Thailand Sept 2019
🌈 By Christabel Zamor + The Tribe of LIGHT


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Breathe to fill up your whole body with angel wings. Everywhere inside, everywhere outside. Every breath, there are more and more angel wings. 💕 Art by @starchildtarot
VOLUME UP. A beautiful moment at the International Breathwork Foundation Conference sharing my ✨I AM PASSION✨ guided breath audio journey with the world leaders of the breathwork world! I still reflect on these magic moments — bringing Lemurian multidimensional ceremonies to this global community at such an activated vortex in the desert. What an absolute honor to be so well received! If you’re curious to experience this journey—> Click link in bio to download. I AM PASSION is the most intense breathwork I’ve led in my whole life, actually! I made it right after coming back from a series of powerful shamanic initiations in Peru... and the energies are STRONG. Recorded live at the epic @byronspiritfest and incredible psychoacoustic layering for brain enhancement by Ben Temple Step. Lots of ancestral clearing, communion with Mother Earth and Father Sky, calling forth your star family, working with animal guides can receiving transmissions from the grandmothers and grandfathers and more... 🙏
Take some deep breaths. Feel your heart. Visualize golden, platinum, diamond and crystalline light growing bright inside.

As you exhale, send your light out. Every inhale, the light in your heart grows brighter. Every exhale it streams out of every pore.

You can even exhale to send light interdimensionally, to yourself or others in the past or future.

Send light across space and time to those far away.

You can send light to other timelines and parallel lifetimes... Wherever you can imagine, you can breathe the grace of your angelic light there. 🙏
Aloha from Koh Phangan where I’ve landed to begin attuning with the earth energies for the Breath of Bliss Level 1 and 2 trainings coming up in September.

WOW! It’s SO lush here, so much primal life force energy, so many raw, real avatar jungle beings and ocean fairies ! Yet, life here is SO slow, empty streets, so much space and days that stretch on for an eternity. 
There’s a reason the training is HERE. It feels like you pass theough the veils to a secret island that is so feminine, so activated and so magical. In this place time and space bends. The dreamworlds merge with waking. The LIGHT codes stream in! It’s beyond words honestly... So grateful to be back on the Crystal Island!

If you’re feeling the call there’s still time to join us... the mystery school initiations have undergone a quantum upgrade for this year! 💗

Learn more by clicking link in bio or visit www.BreathBliss.com ✨✨✨✨✨✨
CRYSTAL BOWLS AND BREATH OF BLISS. So excited that @ammasophiarose of @sonicbowlalchemy will be with us at this next Breath of Bliss facilitator training in Thailand in September  sharing crystal sound healing in Level 1 and a crystal bowl sound healing mini-training in Level 2!

I originally got my crystal chalice to share at ceremonies..but the truth is it that it has since become my own primary go-to when needing self regulation from grief, anger, overwhelm, disorientation AND when wanting to activate codes, amplify my prayer field, commune with light and attune with the ascended masters, angelics, star nations and more.

As Breath of Bliss evolves more and more into an ascension breathwork modality emphasizing angelic awakening, the crystal chalices have become more and more involved in our ceremonies. Having Amma share these gifts with us will be such a treat!

There is still space to join us if you feel the call! I just arrived to the Crystal Island yesterday and all my cells are vibrating. Pure Lemurian magic. I have a whole new Level 1 Self Love Journey for to share with so much yumminess for lightworkers 💕 Link in bio 🙏
The hummingbird has landed onto the Crystal Island cocoon of love... Heart overflowing 💗 This place is such powerful portal of remembering.

She is a living being. She talks with all my cells... awakening communion with the vast collective consciousness I AM... across so many dimensions. 
A gateways between the worlds. ⭐️⭐️⭐️🙏⭐️⭐️⭐️
Rejoicing with sweet friend @joy_medicine at Breath of Bliss Facilitator, @laylaalunalove ‘s Baby Blissingway! What an HONOR to be present for my light sisters’s magic celebration!

This photo is of an amazing moment of angelic synchronicity while at the event. I showed up wearing the same angel kimono and skirt as my friend Joy, AND also bearing the exact same white wooden angel wings carving as a gift for Layla!  Clearly Layla is calling in LEGIONS of angels to support this beautiful birth 💗 Such a beautiful conformation of the Unity field here in Ubud.

Today I’m also celebrating the rebirth of the brand new Breath of Bliss Level 1 manual, now an ascension playbook!

I’ve been laboring over this rewrite of LOVE for over a month and finally just sent it off to the editor. Feeling that this manuscript will be evolving into “the first Breath of Bliss book” that has been trying to come through for several years! Let’s see how it evolves... Have I mentioned how excited I am to go to the Crystal Island tomorrow morning??? YAY! ⭐️🌈🏝🙏💕
Wow! Exactly one year ago I was in Hawaii at @thesophiacode Immersive with @kaiaraofficial , diving so deep into initiations with Green Tara, Mother Mary and Kuan Yin at a luxurious beachside resort. I had just finished a 10 day water fast on the Crystal Island and so much sacred study and prayer. That experience was SO utterly beautiful and magical in every way! I'm so glad that I trusted my intuition and re-designed my whole life just weeks before the Breath of Bliss training to go fill the sacred cup of my heart with that gift to myself. In truth, we have nothing to share with others but the overflow of grace from our own deepened prayers. 🙏
This morning's earthquake happened, and is continuing to microtremble even now, as I've been writing the Heart Reconciliation Process for the new Breath of Bliss Self Love Journey Ascension Playbook.

The earth movements started when I wrote this journaling prompt for trainees: "Can I be kinder and more gentle with the tender parts of me? What happens when I imagine this rejected part of me as a little child desperate for love?” ⭐ WORTHINESS ⭐ It feels like Lemuria is releasing a flood of loving codes to assist us all, upgrading the psychic atmosphere of this magic land and planet Earth. YES, you are a divine being. Yes, every part of you is holy, even what you judge. Yes, it is safe to live in paradise. Yes you are worthy of BLISS.

I used to be afraid of these little earth shakes. When they happened I felt something was wrong and I got anxious. Now, I embrace them for what they really are: miraculous portals. I put my hands on my heart, breathe deeply to relax into it, and receive the BLESSING of Mama Earth's lightcode transmissions.

There is ALWAYS a release of ascension teachings with each planetary shift. All we need to do is open our hearts and listen.

The volcanic and crystalline grid activity of Bali is actually one of the PRIMARY reasons I am back here now! This fertile, fiery, active land is WHY this place is such an otherworldly Stargate and hotbed of 5th dimensional consciousness.

Bali is quite literally in a constant state of RE-BIRTH and RE-ALIGNMENT. She is EVOLVING.

As someone re-birthing myself as an angel on Earth and re-aligning my ministry of Breath of Bliss as an angelic ceremonial modality, there is no better place on the planet to be to receive the help of Mama Earth as a co-creative partner! So grateful for the blessing to be here. ♥️ Photo by @daniels_u_n
⭐️⭐️ Breathe deep ⭐️⭐️ Self Illuminate ⭐️⭐️
26 days until we meet here... 🌈🏝💕⭐️🥰
🌈Children of the Rainbow🌈 "When the earth is ravaged and the animals are dying, a new tribe of people shall come unto the earth from many colors, classes, creeds and who by their actions and deeds shall make the earth green again. They will be known as the warriors of the rainbow." -- Old Native American Prophecy

5th World of Peace:  Rainbow Prophecy. ⭐️YES we are the whirling rainbow children ... lightweavers here on Earth to co-create a new golden age!⭐️ Art :
Lydia Courteille - A message of love and harmony. (I added light) From a repost by @elijahraymusic from Laura Wilson on Facebook