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COME TO LEMURIA! September 2-7 we gather in Thailand for the Self Love Journey Breathwork Intensive — 6 days of life changing heart medicine initiations with the Breath of Bliss. 💕 Every day you will breathe through a new gateway of self illumination, discover parts of your longing for love and greater expression, create your own sacred text and identify the core teachings of your unique wisdom body. Perfect for anyone passionate about awakening with breathwork who is ready to begin learning the art of facilitating, beginning with the creation of sacred space for your own heart. 💗 DEEP soulful work to illuminate everything within you asking for your own care and love, so you can generate levels of grace and compassion to truely be of service to others. This video is REAL folks! No filter! And turn on the volume, those choirs of crickets are like angels providing incredible sound baths. This is taken from my mermaid hut on the beach of Koh Phangan at sunrise. Our location is called “The Crystal Island” because it’s riddled with ROSE QUARTZ for heart healing and BLACK TOURMALINE for psychic cleansing and releasing karmic baggage- an ideal paradise to nurture and hold you during such potent inner work. We meet at the gorgeous @sunsethillresort in the rooftop studio with 180 degree infinity views of the ocean. So much beauty, so much letting go, so many insights await. Blink is and have a revelation of your divinity, your innocence, your purify and of bliss as your birthright 🏝💫💕🌟—> CLICK LINK IN BIO to learn more and register. I can’t wait to share this gorgeous experience with you!
CEREMONY. Last night I had the honor of creating sacred space in the warm, welcoming and cozy sanctuary of @yogasoup 💗

I lived in Santa Barbara 20 years ago when I went to grad school here at UCSB and @pacificapost It was so beautiful to come “home” and share Breath of Bliss ... We had a beautiful group of 28 breathers who were willing, open and so tender-hearted  for our evening event. It’s always a roll of the dice to facilitate at this time because many often drift to sleep, but I was amazed that everyone stayed in their body and Breath the whole time! 🙏 
Spirit guided me to offer something soft and innocent and very plant medicine oriented... then invite a powerful release, and back again to gentle expansion. 
Everything unfolded in the Great Mystery, as it always does, especially with the generous help of my dear friend @annevandewater who angeled for me. I just kept calling in Mother Mary to do the real work while I breathed along with everyone else and held the safety of the group cocoon with comforting words and encouragement to stay with the Breath. 
Since coming back to this side of the world I feel  the support that’s most need is ❤️HEART MEDICINE❤️ permission to feel and express suppressed emotions, to notice tension behind the heart and discover what’s on the other side of stories about the past and expectations for the future. 
I called it “Breathwork for Lightworkers” because ✨lightwork✨ is serving others the nectar of compassion and grace realized by shining the LIGHT of our awareness into the darkest places within to discover what’s yearning for unconditional love and acceptance... and becoming so soft and gentle and caring with our chronically abandoned parts that we overflow with compassion for others suffering from the same delusions of separation, 
not enough ness, lack and scarcity & other collective human viral beliefs... Many profound, teary shares at the end, time to rest and connect and we enjoyed strawberries and chocolate! Wow. 🙏 So much love and gratitude to the whole support team at Yogasoup 💗 Thank you! In awe of the breath. This snap 📷 from a Breath I led at @balispiritfest since no pics...
HOLY SWEAT. This is one of my core purification and prayer practices before and after leading Breath of Bliss ceremonies. I sit in a far infrared sauna for an hour, calling on the divine and asking for guidance about what would serve the hearts of those I will be supporting... so much guidance came in today! Was it the violet medical grade chromotherapy light?!? A massively intense playlist wants to happen for tomorrow’s ceremony at @yogasoup here in Santa Barbara- SO big, like festival level for a group of several hundred. My job is to just take the marching orders even when my rational mind says, “huh?”, and instead say, “yes, Thank you.” The Ascended Masters are chiming in who want to play an extra special role tomorrow as well, and SO much Latin energy is wanting to be a part of this- I actually got guidance to lead as much of this ceremony (and those upcoming in Miami) in  Spanish as possible! Wow! So let’s see what happens. I often feel like I’m on a magical mystery voyage as much as everyone else present, just watching and listening to the guides about what wants to happen next. It’s going to be beautiful 💗 Join us! 7-9pm.
Join me to hear about the most recent Breath of Bliss breathwork ceremony I led at @rancholapuerta Breath is a portal to the soul 💗
SACRED PAUSE. I’ve decided to cancel the April Breathwork for Lightworkers online ceremony this week. 🙏 There are just so many moving parts to being on tour on the road, traveling from place to place. While I could pull it off, my heart says to take a pause. Thanks for understanding and for all those who have signed up we will send information on May’s online ceremony soon! Much love... and keep listening to YOUR own inner guidance system. 💗 Self love means knowing when to change plans to honor what’s right for you 💗 Thanks for this beautiful image @mal_wingostarrjewelry
Here’s how I energetically prepared to host Breath of Bliss breathwork ceremony at Rancho La Puerta in Mexico 💕
SACRED SPACE. I wish I could post a picture from the incredibly heart-melting-open Breath of Bliss ceremonies I just led at @rancholapuerta this past week, but alas, the container was so delicate and tender and needed to be honored in its privacy. I honestly never expected 45 minute ceremonies to have the ability to move people as much as they did - much less those who had no idea of what to expect- my offerings are generally 2 hours! But the ancient energies of the Mexican land were strong and I was in such deep ceremony and prayer beforehand that grace flowed in. Such beautiful people gathered together to breathe together and everyone was open to discovering something new...they were from all walks of life- doctors, lawyers, CEOs, therapists, retired folks and more and most from the USA and Canada. My playlists have become very medicinal... and the room was packed with angelic light. The energies in the space were tender and deep and emotional and each ceremony emphasized honoring the heart, it’s openness, it’s armoring, it’s numbness, aches and yearnings as invitations to soften, self-soothe and unconditionally love ourselves more. There was much permission given to welcome our inner children and imaginations...After each gathering so many approached to tearfully share about miracles, forgivenesses and long awaited letting go that unfolded. Eyes so wide, wonder, long hugs, deep connection. I am so forever humbled by the power of this transformational practice! And I’m also so glad that even with the time restrictions, I didn’t leave out any of the unique Breath of Bliss ingredients with our altar, anointment, visionary oracle cards, ecstatic dance, heart shares and journey. The combination of all these elements wed with pre-event personal ceremony and prayer is a recipe for bliss 💕 stay tuned for some videos about my pre and post event rituals 😊So deeply honored to be invited to teach there and also to have been invited back. I’ll share my next teaching dates there soon! This breathwork snap is by @daniels_u_n from our last facilitator training in Thailand 💗
Let’s breathe as I walk the mountain, welcoming up the Sun!
Join me Wednesday April 27 in SANTA BARBARA, California for a beautiful Breath of Bliss ceremony at @yogasoup ! Come explore circular, connected breath as plant medicine to connect with your heart, higher self and soul. My heart is soooo warm to be coming back to my hometown from so many years ago, sharing my heart’s passion in this new way. I LOVE Santa Barbara and will be bringing all the magic and beauty of my many years since, having  lived on so many exotic tropical islands... I’m bringing all the bliss and goodness back to share! Come breathe with us and please tag anyone who you think may be interested. Tickets available at @yogasoup ‘s website. See you then! 💗
NEW MOON IN ARIES. Make some special time today to celebrate the new moon with a breathwork ceremony! Commit to your intentions and to begin taking courageous action towards your dreams! Bring all your passion to it. You CAN create a shift. You CAN begin again. You CAN launch your life to the next level! Light a candle, annoint yourself with a gorgeous essential oil to acknowledge your sovereign divinity, burn some sage to clear the space, write down  clear intentions, speak prayers to the Divine within, move your body to quicken your energy and do at least 10 minutes of open mouth, connected breathing. Journey deep into whatever arises, emotions, visions, memories. Or journey with direction to meet an an ascended master or visit  a parallel lifetime where you can seek mentorship from another aspect of yourself who has the gifts, skills and wisdom you need in this life. If you have more time, do a full hour! Breathe in life force energy, breathe out with with the mantra, “YES!” Tap into the energy of the ram and explore a more powerful session today with faster breaths! Need support? Download my “I AM PASSION” breathwork audio journey- a super primal, full power shamanic breath activation ! —-> LINK IN BIO. Bless yourself for all you do today by creating this special time for yourself. A gift of self-love! 💕  And remember “the heart is the door to the kingdom of heaven”! See how you can breathe in a way that helps you feel more open, tender and caring so that the intensity of this new moon ram energy can stay in service of the Divine Feminine 🙏Thanks so much angel @rebeccathoughts for this gorgeous portal video to the Akashic Records💕
ON MY ALTAR. Meet Mother Mary. One of my greatest teachers of unconditional love, acceptance, mercy, understanding and the ability to patiently support others. 
As a servant to the Divine and as breathwork facilitator and trainer, my altar is a primary support system. Both in my everyday life and in ceremony! 
My altar is a motherboard to Source, a resource, a constant reminder that my role is to create holy spaces that allow the Divine to work miracles. 
My altar programs the space so that Source, ascended master and angelic energies are anchored and can direct the flow. I don’t worship or outsource authority to what’s on my altar- rather, it’s a joyful expression of beauty that inspires reverence for the Great Mystery and an openness to receive pure wisdom and grace. 
As a woman prone to pushing, overthinking and overdoing - Mother Mary always brings softness, tenderness and deep motherly care. She reminds me to gently welcome and hold all the abandoned parts of myself, and to purify myself with prayer to birth immaculate new realities. In breathwork ceremonies, welcoming her presence on the altar helps me open as a channel to feel and say the perfect things to support breathers in feeling safe, letting go and unraveling sacred wounds. 
Mother Mary calls me into a space of no mind communion with higher self. She also teaches me about the power of advocating for my divine creations in a feminine way. 
I love this vintage statue because she is opening her robes and revealing the holy flame within her heart 🔥 The light of devotion that burns through illusions of separation and sees with the eyes of Love. Ah! So much love for what she evokes within me! 💕
A GIFT OF SELF LOVE. 💗 I’ve had my eye one this mala for a month at @sacredspacemiami and I felt today was the day to celebrate myself! Having just launched my new breathwork audio, “I AM LIGHT” yesterday and having gone into The Sacred Space today for photos for fliers for my upcoming workshops there, I took one look at this Lemurian beauty and knew... today was the day to give myself a precious gift worthy of a goddess. So grateful for my own big heart! 💗
The Story: Garden of~ Love ~ Mala✨📿🌸🍃Chrysoprase - Promotes hope, security, trust. Aids personal insights, creativity. Calming, relaxing, aids peaceful sleep. Creates openness to new situations. Rose Quartz •A Spiritual Bath of Love. Body, mind & spirit are immersed in the unconditional love and Infinite peace of the Universe. 📿💕🌸 It also has pink opal! Beautiful for healing emotions, unconscious pain, soothing the emotional body, clearing and calming the heart. This mala is all about deepening heart connection to Pacha Mama and enchanted nature beings, and fostering positive healing thoughts towards the Universe and all beings. It helps merge our own desires to serve the heart’s desire - opening the doors to Divine Love and Abundance... Aho! Ah, the bliss frequency is so strong with this one. So grateful to the designer, a local Miamian @mojeeyatra who took this photo and whose gemstone wisdom is included here. So... what acts of self love are you doing to acknowledge the beautiful milestones in your life? 💗