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Did a major catch up 👆
(via YouTube) day before yesterday.

Day 7: How are you helping others discover STEM
(longest & most fun part of my video...) Day 8: Favorite STEM Resource

Day 9: Favorite STEM Activity (hard to just pick one but I did)

Day 10: 4 Tech Things I Can't Live Without

Day 11: Favorite Blogs/Vlogs/Podcasts

Allllllllllllll that in 1 video.

Go scheck it out. Link in bio!

Like, comment, subscribe, see how I can't focus my camera 📹 to save my life... 😂

Really pushing myself to get better at these things. Finally found my point & shoot 📸 so I won't be limited to recording at my desk anymore.

Yay for fun moving targets 🎥

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Mmm.. I can do both. 🎤👩🏽‍🔧 #AdventuresOfBrianne #thePeopleEngineer #singer #musician #countrysinger #iLookLikeAnEngineer #entrepreneur #Engineer #womenInSTEM
So it snowed 🌨 in Austin, Texas a couple days ago. My nephew got to experience snow the first year of his life.

Oh how I miss this handsome bundle of joy!

Can't wait to go play in the snow myself next weekend!!

No this isn't what's underneath your feet. And yes even though I'm a Nature Nut.. The ELECTRICAL ground is what first came to mind this morning when I saw my topic for the day with the #WeAreSTEMSquad challenge!

Why did I think 'electrical' ground?
Well... To me, electrical engineering, and any electronics are black magic 🖤. As much as I nerd out and geek over gears, sprockets, wrenches... Electricity isn't tangible. You can't see or hold it, it's this mystical thing you can harness, create, generate, transfer but it's always been CRAZY for me to think about. Seriously.. Think about a light switch. You flip it on and SOOOO many things have to happen for you to have light. *mind blown*

Welp, my junior year in college I had the opportunity to learn to manufacture PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers) and I loved it. I literally had a baby screwdriver & wired piece by piece together - GROUNDING - every single one. ==================== Mini intro to PLCs (more can be found at

A programmable logic controller is a specialized computer used to control machines and processes.  It therefore shares common terms with typical PCs like central processing unit, memory, software and communications.  Unlike a personal computer though the PLC is designed to survive in a rugged industrial atmosphere and to be very flexible in how it interfaces with inputs and outputs to the real world.

The components that make a PLC work can be divided into three core areas.

The power supply and rackThe central processing unit (CPU)The input/output (I/O) section

PLCs come in many shapes and sizes.  They can be so small as to fit in your shirt pocket while more involved controls systems require large PLC racks.  Smaller PLCs (a.k.a. “bricks”) are typically designed with fixed I/O points.  For our consideration, we’ll look at the more modular rack based systems.  It’s called “modular” because the rack can accept many different types of I/O modules that simply slide into the rack and plug in.

Day 4 of the #WeAreSTEMSquad challenge. I nerd out 🤓 - HARD - about anything & everything mechanical engineering related (go checkout Vlogmas #2 on YouTube if you don't believe me). Ha! And sometimes, I legit just Google 'heat/fire🔥 explained with thermodynamics' and I find these remarkable, eye-opening, brain churning, eloquently elaborations... P. S. I personally took this picture last year camping for my #OptOutside Thanksgiving 2016. Love fire. I'm such a Pyro. And a mechanical engineer/lover of thermo/physics/heat transfer. "The way you perceive fire is the result of numerous chemical and physical processes. 
Atomic Transitions- The distinct colors that you see in a flame are the result of electrons changing energy levels within at atom. When an excited electron drops to a lower energy level, a photon is released, in order to conserve energy. The frequency of the photon released depends on the exact transition the electron makes. In fact, the energy levels of a particular element are somewhat unique, and so the exact colors emitted by electrons changing energy levels are somewhat unique to the element. In chemistry class you may have done a flame ionlab at some point to see that different metals produce flames of different colors, as a result of the different transitions taking place, unique to each element. In the second video I just linked, you can see a variety of colors such as green, blue, red, or orange depending on the element.Thermal Radiation- However, the red/orange colors you typically see from most combustion reactions in real life are actually the result of a different process. As mentioned in the Minute Physics video, impure flames usually burn reddish orange because the soot and ash particles around the flame are so hot that they emit visible light. This is a different process than the atomic transitions I mentioned. All objects, when heated, emit radiation in the form of electromagnetic waves and the temperature of the object determines the exact wavelengths emitted. You are actually emitting "light" as we speak, but you are so cool that the radiation you emit is in the infrared range, and therefore not visible."
Taking on all the challenges this wonderful month of December 2017.

I'm incredibly excited about this opportunity to partake in the Infinite Receiving Bootcamp this week.

For this challenge, I have to take on at least 3 new activities that I have to do today and throughout the week. 
As often as I give and give some more and then find MORE ways to give, I rarely stop to ask for positive feedback. Of course, naturally I always ask for criticism or how I could have done better but as part of this challenge I'm choosing to seek what YOU appreciate the most about me.

Sooo... What DO YOU appreciate the most about me?

I was told this isn't fishing 🎣 for compliments but me giving people (that's you) the opportunity to share something that yall are likely too shy or not spontaneous enough to share with me.

I hope you have a marvelous Monday!

#AdventuresOfBrianne #thePeopleEngineer #InfiniteReceiving #appreciation
Day 2 of the #STEMCreatives #Vlogmas Challenge is now officially on YouTube!

Topic of the day: Why/How Did I Choose The Career Path I Am In

It's raw. I had just gotten back from a 2 hr bike ride.. Ha! But I'm stoked I'm keeping up with the content per day.

Check out the video and let me know what yall think. Feel free to like, comment, subscribe or let me know of any ideas or suggestions for topics for the rest of the month. Orrrrr... Let me know why you're pursuing the discipline or degree or career you're shooting for?

I'd love to hear all about what YOU wanna be when you grow up! 
P.S. Currently uploading 'The Best Advice I've Ever Received'... Day 3.

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Enjoying the lights w my SHPE Familia.

Without the @shpedfw family, I'm not sure I'd have the chance to meet with strangers, be guaranteed to be surrounded by like-minded people, and always walk away with new friends.

I'm so incredibly grateful for #SHPE for always giving me a family no matter where I go. With my own family being so spread out and pretty busy - I can always count on the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers.

#AdventuresOfBrianne #thePeopleEngineer #SHPEDFW #SHPERegion5 #ChangingLives #Dallas #familia #SHPEFamilia

@shpedfw is currently being hosted at the @perotmuseum to focus on how to get the Hispanic community more engaged.

Having #CulturalCapital makes the world of a difference. Considering culture of different people, ideal audiences has to be included to be inclusive.

It's an absolute honor to be a part of these conversations. And I love that the Perot is being proactive.

#hispanics #museum #Dallas #scienceMuseum
(#WeAreSTEMSquad Challenge Day 1)
1 month. 2 challenges.
3 if you count my Fearless with Facebook business challenge.
4 if you count my Infinite Receiving spiritual challenge.

The year is ending but I'm determined to finish strong with so many new beginnings!! I'm excited to do my best to put out video content daily - or at the very least RECORD daily. May have to compile a few for busy days.

Tag someone to challenge them to share their story, personal journey, cool fun STEM stuff, dreams, careers. I'll promise to nerd 🤓 out with you!

Follow these hashtags to keep up with me and my fellow #STEMCreatives #Vlogmas vloggers!

P. S. To participate - video content will be provided/considered via stories, snapchat, live feeds, YouTube videos, you name it. I'll most likely be in the Instastories.. Save, compile, & upload to YouTube/Facebook at the end of the day.. Although I am getting over my fears of 'going live on my Facebook page'. Maybe with a few additional content 😉 
#STEMedia #AdventuresOfBrianne #thePeopleEngineer

I'll be double dipping as I'll be doing both a #STEMCreatives #Vlogmas challenge AND the #WeAreSTEMSquad photo challenge!

Let's do this! 💪😉 #AdventuresOfBrianne #thePeopleEngineer #challenege #iWillLiveBehindAScreen
(name that movie)

My new Fluffy sweater!

This morning it was 40°.
Fall is my favorite season and even though I have a uniform for work getting to wear this wonderfully soft bundle of fluff makes me so unceasingly happy!

#cantStopPettingMyself #fluffySweater #ItsSoFluffyImGunnaDie