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Chicago-CU Boulder-Milwaukee--2010 and 2014 Olympian--Competing in the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea

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Wow!! So happy to see the girls wave the American flag!! Bronze medal!!! GOO USA!! #TeamPursuit #pyeongchang2018 #GoUSA
2nd part-read previous instagram post first窶披披披
By taking two years off, I tried something pretty uncommon in long track speed skating. I think that it is important for myself and others in this sport to know what is possible. While there are so many meaningful experiences in this sport that are hard to come by elsewhere, there are also many difficulties. Most of us live inside a small sport bubble and it is also difficult to make a living. I'd like to think the more paths that are paved in this sport that demonstrate how to compete at an elite level while making money, living a balanced life, or going to school, the longer skaters will stay in the sport and the happier they will be when they leave. So medal or not, I hope I proved something to someone that there are options in this sport and that it is certainly possible to stay competitive while taking time to work on other things.
Hey everyone, this one's a bit of a read but sums up my thoughts about the 1500 as well as taking some time off from skating窶

The 1500 has been my favorite time trials race over the past years.  It was my first individual World Cup medal. It has also been my most successful with five out of eight窶廣 group窶 starts resulting in podium finishes in the 2013 and 2014 seasons. So for the 1500, Olympic podium was always my highest goal something that I've worked hard for. After finishing .37 off the podium in Sochi, I wanted to prove that I could be up there. Two weeks later at a World Cup in Inzell, Germany I would like to think I did that. I set the track record and had the biggest marginal win that season. I remember, Mark Tuitert, the 2010 1500 meter Olympic champion asked me after that race, "you're not really gonna quit after that are you?" and Jeremy Wotherspoon, 500 meter World Record holder told me he thought I had potential to be the next Shani Davis, which seemed kind of crazy but meant a lot to me. And I did have mixed emotions about quitting as everything seemed to be moving upwards and I was progressing quickly.

However, it would be four more years before I had another shot at an Olympic podium. So I decided to take two years off to go to school and take a break from skating. I knew this decision was risky because I may lose some of my strength, conditioning and technical skills on the ice but at the same time it felt like the right thing to do in my life. 
After 2 years off, I barely qualified in the 1500 for the first World Cups of the season. But I continued chiseling away at that race for the next two years, every month improving different elements of the race from the start, to fast lap times and overall conditioning. I went into these games knowing that I was likely not going to finish on the podium but still felt I had an outside chance. I finished 15th and 1.6 seconds off the podium.  While it wasn窶冲 the finish I dreamed of I am still satisfied with my lead up to these games. (1/2)
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It was so nice to see my family and girlfriend right after team pursuit qualifiers. Thanks again to everyone who watched! Still one more event to go as well as some more posts and thoughts on these previous races and these games! #rideofalifetime #pyeongchang2018 #stillnotdone
Finished with team Pursuit race prep, 4th pair against the Dutch tomorrow #Teampursuit #TeamUSA #Pyeongchang2018 #汞コ汞ク #洶 沒キ:@Jasonmaxwayne
Everyone watch the @todayshow today! #pyeongchang2018 #winterolympics
Dialing it in, 3 days till race day! #Teampursuit #pyeongchang2018 #Winterolympics #洶
Happy Valentine窶冱 Day to my girlfriend Kenzie. She takes off for South Korea today, so excited to see her!
Big thanks to @colinsytsma for putting this short documentary together!  Skating has been such a big part of my life over the years.  It窶冱 taught me a lot about the trade off between life balance and giving your all for something.  This is the lead up story to these games. 窶任lick on the link in the bio to see the full video
What a day yesterday. Thank you to everyone for your support and to everyone who woke up early to watch me race!  I gave it everything I had out there and left it all on the ice. All things considered, it was a good race and one I can be happy with.  Next up is the team pursuit, so stay tuned and more thoughts and posts to come!
Final preparations today, racing 1500 tomorrow! #Pyeongchang2018 #TeamUSA 沒キ:@Jasonmaxwayne
Good luck to my roommate @emerylehman racing the 5k today! Here we are pre opening ceremonies. Let窶冱 gooo! #TeamUSA #Pyeongchang2018 #WinterOlympics #Racetime