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Spoke with the Kettle Moraine YMCA gymnastics team earlier today!  Very difficult keeping up with these girls, I nearly broke my neck at least a few times 🤸‍♂️ •
#YMCA #Gymanstics #notagymnast
My roommates back in Boulder we ain’t ever gettin’ older #Mattress  #Mattresstheft
Exploring Chicago🚲 #forthedream #midweststoke
Hot chocolate in the city with @berg.mackenzie #Hotchocolate=life #Forthedream #forthewin
A few days ago I spoke to a local Milwaukee school about skating and the Olympics.  They were very enthusiastic and  most of the students have actually been inside the Pettit which made it very easy to talk to them about speed skating.
Got the chance to hold a @pyeongchang2018 torch at the Pettit earlier today!
The day lived up to its hype #surfwisconsin #surflakemichigan #surfthegreats
My last night in the Bay Area with my brother and cousin.  Had a blast and gonna miss this place!! #pizzapicnic #tiltshift #sunset_ig
Could get used to this #lofi
My brother told me that if he fell, to make sure I at least get it on camera. #santacruzmtb
Santa Cruz sunset vuz #🚲
Santa Cruz cruise with my dad #🛳 #🚲