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My mind is always blown when how I plan actually grows is different than I imagined. Look at this brussel sprout tangle!
 I was also shocked to learn that bananas grow upwards and pineapples grow from bushes on the ground.
I don't have a green thumb at all but I keep trying to learn more about food and be fascinated and tasting new food.

Most Americans eat the same five ingredients for the majority of the calories. Variety is the spice of life and it also Keeps Us healthy, protecting us from chronic diseases.
I really have mastered the art of lunch!  It's easy with working from home, but even if you work outside the home, it's easy to combine some leftover cooked food with some fresh fruit, veggies and nuts, and don't forget some tasty dressing made of healthy fat. 沚栓衍択衍呆沽
Happy Valentines Day! 笙・ク
Show yourself some love with my favorite non-toxic beauty products. Cash in on my Beautycounter Valentine's Special, where you'll get a free lip gloss of your choice ($29) when you spend $100. Shop with the link in bio. Expires 2/28.
窶弩hat happens when we gulp water? We get dehydrated.窶 - Shelley Gawith on Women窶冱 Wellness Radio
Shelley Gawith @shelleygawithfn is a Functional Nutritionist in private practice in Wellington, New Zealand. She completed Nutritional Therapy Association studies, IHS Advanced Functional Assessment Training, and is a Certified Gluten Practitioner.
In this episode we talk about adrenal health, her amazing health history, and her work in helping busy career women overcome fatigue & anxiety. Link in bio.
Show your body some love this month! .
Geranium oil (pictured here as oil #2) helps removes toxins from the body through sweat and urine, which may sound icky but you don't want those toxins sticking around!  And a lot of B.O. issues come from the stank of toxins hanging around!
It also helps fade scars from acne (I still need this one!) and stretch marks.  It also benefits against wrinkles. .
Use it with a carrier oil like coconut oil on your pits and skin, or add 5 drops to a small spritzer bottle of water. (I buy mine in the travel section of Target's beauty area.)
Women's Wellness Collaborative is now offering wholesale dナ控ERRA accounts so you can get great oils at a great price.  Plus we offer a complimentary consultation with our oils expert, Stephanie, to create a custom protocol for your health and that of your family.
There's no time like the present, right? See link in bio to schedule with Stephanie.
There are literally several bowls of free candy here at the conventional cancer center.
I don't mess around when it comes to Fresh Produce! 
Most fruits and some vegetables are better kept outside of the refrigerator. I always kills me when I go to someone's house and their apples and tomatoes are in the fridge. Leave that Citrus out too! Putting it in the fridge damage is the proper texture of all these fruits.
Arizona is really growing on me. Especially in the winter when it's not a million degrees and I can get fresh grapefruit with its little leaf still on.沚岩仄ク
I am very intrigued by spearmint right now since I learned from a recent podcast guest that it can block Androgen production, involved in cases of PCOS infertility and acne.

It's also in a new lymph moving blend that I am taking that is very powerful.

Can also be used for an energy boost to reduce Cravings to improve digestion and to rub on sore muscles.

Personally I love the smell and taste of spearmint and I'm excited to buy my first bottle to play with.
Did you know toxins can be a major contributor to hormone imbalance?
One major disruptor are xenoestrogens, which are synthetic compounds that activate estrogen receptors in the body. 
Some key sources of xenoestrogens are: .
-Commercially-raised meat and dairy products
-Medications, including birth control pills
-Non-organic foods (with traces of pesticide)
-Soft plastics
-Shampoos, body lotions and perfumes (contain xenoestogenic compounds unless all natural)
-Tap water -Food additives
-Bleached tampons and sanitary pads
You can see that it窶冱 easy to get exposed to a lot of xenoestrogens in day!  The xenoestrogens in your body confuse the feedback loop between your brain and your ovaries.  If your liver is overloaded, you won窶冲 break down these xenoestrogens well, and they can get stored up in fat tissue (hello, belly fat) for you body to handle later.
Sometimes health challenges can feel insurmountable. Don窶冲 give up. Go slow, if you need. Just don窶冲 stop. When you feel like you窶况e tried everything and it窶冱 just not working, we窶决e here to help.
泗愚沛シ窶坂凰ク蹴aise your hand if things are hard but you窶决e determined to keep moving.
You know how you feel like you think about your health a LOT but no one really wants to hear about it? I totally do! There's nothing I love more than a good health mystery.
We have recently streamlined our coaching application process, so that you can set up a convo with me quickly. Please note that you don't have to know you are going to become a coaching client to chat with me! I would love the chance to just get to know you on this quick, FREE call. .
My goal is to develop lots of different coaching and DIY options to best meet you where you are right now. And talking to you helps me find a way to do that.
So don't be shy, just schedule your call and share your current health challenges with me! Link in bio.