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Sister, sister! 👭 Love that Sloane was trying to make friends with everyone and Liv just kept going over with this smile on her face, taking her hand, and taking her out of awkward situations 😂 I think they’ll balance each other out nicely! Haha
She may be all about Princess dresses and Makeup these days but the second she heard her Daddy was outside, in his boots, getting up on the roof - you bet she stripped down, suited up and ran outside (in the rain!) to be with him. This girl loves being outside, especially with her Dad!
Entering 2019 with so much love, excitement and gratitude! This year we settled into being a family of four, I started my own business, we sold a house, we bought a house, I stopped working...this year we realigned EVERYTHING to give us time. Time with each other, time for each other. Time to devote to Church, dance classes, school pick ups, playing dress up, family many things we hadn’t been prioritizing before. We felt this longing, this call on our hearts, had no idea how or if it would work but decided to trust in His plan over our own plans and perceptions of what we felt like we “should do” and followed where He was calling us to go and it has been far better than anything that we could have dreamt up ourselves! So grateful for this year and so excited to see what God does in our lives in 2019!  If you’re in a season of uncertainty or discomfort, I’ll leave you with this from (my fav) @msrachelhollis - "There are hundreds of ways to lose yourself, but the easiest of them all is refusing to acknowledge who you truly are in the first place. You, the real you - is not an accident. Those dreams you have for yourself are not silly; they are the road map to your divine calling! Don’t sit this one out. Don’t let someone else’s opinion of you determine your worth. Don’t miss out on the chance to live the life of incredible possibility in front of you. You were not made to be small. You are a not a little girl. You are a grown woman, and it’s time you grew up. Become exactly who God calls you to be!” (This also just so happens to be the anthem of what I want these girls to know and live every day of their lives 🙌🏻). Cheers to 2019!
Merry Christmas Eve from the Fire Station! ❤️
B A B Y ✨ G I R L
You guys 😍 I always wanted a baby that looked like Zach, I just didn’t realize it would be a little girl! Ugh this girl has our hearts. So sweet and so fun! Sang her to sleep tonight and got extra cuddles, then told Livi the story of Sloane’s birthday (which she loved!). These are the days 💞, so grateful to be experiencing them fully and giving all of myself to these two sweet girls and their Dada. Hope this pic of Sloane (and that perfectly posed little foot) make your night! ✨
Our sweet, funny, happy little chica is one! She’s been the sweetest since the start but is starting to find her spice and sense of humor which we love!!! Happy birthday my baby girl!
Making memories ✨
This little one loved her first dance recital. Wasn’t scared or shy, just went out and did it (6 times!!!)! Big smiles the whole weekend and has been asking me if we can have a dance recital tomorrow too 😅. Loved watching her do something she loves!
I’ll let you guys caption this 😍
This girl is living the life!!! Dance class and then Disney with her Grandparents (Aunt, Uncle + Cousin too!). She came home so tired! When I put her down, she said “Deah Lawd, tink you I don’t have to go on that scaly (scary) ride again, amen.” Ugh I love her soooo! 💕
G R A T E F U L ✨💗🍂