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Completely candid. I couldn’t have posed it better myself. Cheers to these two Captains of our ship and the chaos and love they handle so gracefully everyday. We love you!
Today we ditched whatever I felt like we needed to do and made it a Disney day. I pushed off work (there’s always tomorrow, right?), cards that needed to be mailed (sorry to my MIL), laundry that I’m sure could have been done, and ignored the fact that both girls would be exhausted for swim lessons later in the day and just went and had fun!

I feel like this is where the sweet spot of motherhood is. When you just let go of all expectations, responsibility, and realize the only responsibility you have in that moment (maybe all moments 🤔) is to fully connect with your kiddos.

I hope I can always remember their untethered smiles and obnoxious giggles. Their tired whines and fits. Their peaceful little sleeping faces and perfectly pursed lips. Confidently wearing socks outside of their jeans, and silly poses. ...and most of all how completely tired but fully grateful I am to be the one who gets to witness it all.

It doesn’t get much better than this!
Happy Easter from the Reynolds Girls! (...and our hardworking Daddy👨🏻‍🚒) He is Risen! ☀️
Pure sunshine ☀️
...and to think you all almost didn’t get to witness Wacky Wednesday! Happy Instagram Blackout Day everybody! Haha 😂
Speak your truth.
Be brave, be bold, be beautiful.
Embrace your flaws, celebrate your wins.
Hold your ground and protect your energy.
Don’t play the victim, become the warrior.
Know your worth, take no shit.
Share your magic, just be you.
You are stronger than you know!
Watch out world, the Reynolds girls are a force!
The sweetest, silliest and loudest(!) little babe you ever did meet! She doesn’t get as many Insta Stories as her big sister (cause usually we only have time for those during her nap time!) but she’s definitely owning her spot in the fam as little sis and killing it in the delicious baby rolls department. We love you Sloane Montgomery! 💕
Love my NASA nerds today and everyday! 💗💗🖤
It wasn’t that long ago that I would be getting pictures and updates from their adventures while I was on the road or in meetings. I loved my job but didn’t like the lifestyle we were living. We worked hard, over the course of years, to set ourselves up for this. These days. Together. I am so happy that we took leaps of faith, that we followed our guts and took some really scary steps, and went through some really stressful times to lead us to now. When we can adventure together! Sharing my heart and a little (very little!) bit of our journey on Stories on @the___essentials tonight ✨ Moral of the story, if you’re unhappy with the path you’re on, start making changes! Listen to your gut, that still small voice, and take one small step in faith. And then another, and another, and another. Don’t over complicate it. Just take little actions and have’ll thank yourself a year from now ✨
Sister, sister! 👭 Love that Sloane was trying to make friends with everyone and Liv just kept going over with this smile on her face, taking her hand, and taking her out of awkward situations 😂 I think they’ll balance each other out nicely! Haha