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HBIC at BURST: Superior sonic oral care brought to you by your most trusted dental pros. ๐Ÿ’œ

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Thatโ€™s right! Hit for our #blackfriday holiday special @burstoralcare and find one of your most trusted Dental pros to get an even deeper discount!!!
A gals gotta have her boundaries- making time to cook up my apple cobbler.
think he needs some BURST whitening strips #streetfighter #plaqueblaster
When the team is all in one place. #BURSTlove ๐Ÿ“ท @melissa_burst
No matter where Iโ€™m at in the world the start to my get fierce regimen is the same. A fresh and fancy mouth. #brushBURST
745am call time for @thetreadseries, @ctyewalker put the hurt on me this morning. This season Iโ€™m going to call the butt blaster. Thx @lululemon for the gear!
Such good fortune to be surrounded by such a great team @burstoralcare #ada2017
@smilebyshaun and I at ADA in Atlanta!
So excited this came in the mail @ahoffmanwriter is one of my favorites of all time and writes women so beautifully. What are you all reading now? Feel free to dm me if you want to virtual book club it with me! #therulesofmagic
A little reminder on the streets of Dublin.
#treatyoself #brushBURST
We want to see YOU at #burstcon. Double tap if you're in. #fbf @burstoralcare @hamish_burst