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It seems I’ve gotten less cool with age but I’m COOL with that. ✨2009/2019 & oh also 1999 #guidinglight
Watches Goodfellas once
#MilkshakeMovie trailer. 
Get ready for something (bitter) sweet. 🥛🍦🍬
New Year same (inability to feel comfortable when a photo is taken of) me.
White Christmas with John Snow and the family ⛱#WinterIsAlwaysComing #kinda #nofilterjustfilm
see ya 2018. You never did explain to me how I can do this with my hand. #35mm 📸 @tylerstanaland
2018. You’ve been a real blur🤓 (I know)
Family Christmas photo from @andybovine @rebelwilson and me. We love you ❤️
Why walk to get a margarita when you can #POWERWALK. 🎥 🏃‍♀️@tylerstanaland (we really let this get out of hand)
In other related news: the film camera is with us for the holidays. Yes, I’m wearing clothes. #35mm 📸 @tylerstanaland
#tbt 📸this road trip at a glance #35mm
Honestly, this @furbodogcamera is my new favorite thing. When we can’t take Billie with us, I get to use the app to talk to her, toss her treats, and check out what she’s up to. I’ve always wondered if she partied without me. To snag one for yourself and save $110 during the biggest sale of the year, swipe up in my story or go to the link in my bio. #caughtonfurbo #dogcamera #furbotreattime #furbo #ad