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I was born. And then one thing led to another ... Next thing you know, here I am. <shrug>

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There’s something very peaceful about being dry and watching a rainstorm.
The spirit of William Carlos Williams visited my house last night.
Must be true. I mean, it’s not like you can just buy these at any old gift shop and drug store in America.
There’s no place like home...
Trying on suits the easy way..
Caption this...
Let me be clear about this... I don’t like birds. So, when I popped into the office to fill up my water bottle and was strafed by this flying a-hole monster, I was not amused. Took 15 minutes to shoo him out the door. Co-workers, if you have any bird poop on your desk on Tuesday, now you know why. And, you can thank me for not having a lot more....
Syracuse Graduation 2018
Derp Faces I Have Paused - Episode 12
Dinner is ready.
Modern Market Glendale