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My blog is back, and I created a brand-new website called PROJECT HAPPINESS! There will be posts focusing on self-improvement, wealth, books and a ton of tools that you can use for free. The blog is a place to help you and me share ideas to create our happiness.  Go check out today's post, which is on setting goals for the year 2018. And to start off 2018, I will be giving two free books of my favorite book Who Will Cry When You Die, to two random email subscribers. Plus, I will be giving a free book each month for a year to an email subscriber as my way of saying thank you! The link is in the bio! Ps, let’s hear some of your goals for 2018, comment them below!
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There is no secret.
Are you actually living by the values you set and talk about? You want to give back to the world? Well are you? Or are you the typical person who says I will donate money when I become successful. Well that's bullshit. One of the best things I heard from Tony Robbins is "People say, 'When I'm rich, I'll give.' They're lying. If you won't give a dime out of a dollar, there's no way you're going to give a 100 million out of a billion." Don't have the money to give right now? Why not donate an hour of your week and volunteer. This is with every value you talk about. You say you're a loyal person but are cheating on your gf/bf. You say you're a dependable person, but are you always late to everything? Instead of talking about your values. Be them. Live them.