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As the wildfires continue to rage we ask ourselves, “What is the best way to help?” It’s a good question. Whether it be treasure, time or talent we all have something to offer. In my estimation is the most effective (tax deductible 501c3) I’ve found to directly impact victims of the fires and their families. Click the link in my bio and choose where you want your donation to go. If you don’t have extra money, there are opportunities to volunteer and if you don’t have time perhaps just 30 seconds to pray for the families, loved ones of the victims, the safety of our amazing first responders. If you please take the time to pass this information along. 🙏♥️ Been told the above picture was taken by @kellansworld
My heart goes out to all those affected by the fires. Sending my sincerest thanks to all the men and women working so hard to contain it. Be safe out there.
To the people who give so much THANK YOU!
Army - “This We’ll Defend”
Air Force - “Aim High, Fly-Fight-Win”
Navy - “Forged by the Sea” 
Marine Corps - “Semper Fidelis” (Always Faithful)
Coast Guard - “Semper Paratus” (Always Ready)
Calling all Dads! We are looking for inspirational (and hilarious) Dads from all over the globe to be featured in our documentary called, yep - you guessed it, DADS! Applicants must have and be willing to share video footage of those crazy and touching moments that capture the essence of being a father. If you or someone you know is that kind of dad, please hollar at us!  And SHARE! 
Link in bio
Anyone who knows me knows that I have a major book addiction. And I can’t leave home without at least three books on me at all times. This is not an exaggeration! So as you can imagine the new @amazonkindle #kindlepaperwhite makes it super easy. Plus with @audible I can go from reading to listening on the same device. Heaven, especially when I’m stuck in a chair during hair and makeup. Thanks @amazon! #proudpartner
Cooking with Daddio :)
The world is watching… get out the #vote today and bring a #plus1! :)
Wanted to share a peek into a class I’m teaching at NYU this semester about being a multi-hyphenate in the entertainment industry. These students are blowing my mind! Creative, thoughtful, thought-provoking, and all around solid human beings. Our future looks bright!
This Jurassic World employee sporting a mullet just so happens to be my hubby 😘
Happy Halloween everyone, stay safe!
Throwback pic from that time I got to be a vampire. Happy Halloween! #Twilight ;)
🙀 I almost missed #nationalcatday 😽!!! Lucy would not have been down. 😿
Collaborating with this rad dude for a new @imagineentertainment documentary I’m directing called “DADS,” My father @realronhoward is my hero and always has been, so it’s an honor and a privilege to get to share the stories of these remarkable dads from all walks of life, all heroes in their own right.  So far it's been an emotional, enlightening, provocative, and insanely funny ride!