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Nailed the 10 year glow up 💅🏼 #actressvsdirector
Let the happy dancing commence because the cat's out of the bag -- I'm teaming up with @octaviaspencer + @macfarlaneseth to make hilarious movie magic in Fairy Tale Land! More details to come, but I’m thrilled to finally share this news... Link to article in bio!
A Dog’s Way Home comes out in theaters today!!!
Join Bella's epic adventure filled with love, heart and friendship:) This photo was taken the day I met Shelby for the first time and I instantly fell in love. Shelby plays Bella, our insanely adorable lead, and trust me, you will all fall in love with her in this story!!! I’m so proud to be a part of #ADogsWayHome and can’t wait to share it with you. Come see it this weekend! (Tix Link in Bio!)
Online family! Here we go, the first project of 2019 and I am so excited about this one. Every time I talk about this movie I get all misty-eyed! This film was made for animal lovers. I’m crazy about my pets, and this story will tug at your heartstrings, that's for sure:) Plus this is a terrific film for the whole family. It's full of uplifting adventure, humor, and heroism, which as a parent is a big one for me. The character of Bella is an inspiration, as is the real-life dog who played her, Shelby. So on behalf of Shelby and the whole cast of the #ADogsWayHomeMovie get ready cause we are finding our way home into theaters in one week!
Tix link in my bio!
Resolutions.  I’ve been making a habit lately of linking a lot of my curiosities to deep-history.  Like, what resolutions existed millennia ago!? For instance - a google search turned up some info on the Babylonians 4 thousand years ago!  The ancient Egyptians, the Romans, even Medieval knights would take a “peacock vow” to re-affirm their chivalry! (Thanks Wikipedia!) For me what resonates most regarding resolutions are two elements. 
1.  That resolution comes from the root word “RESOLUTE.” I love this lesson in the Etymology of Resolution:) (clickable link in bio) 
2.  I like any opportunity to start a new journal!! I've specifically used a @bulletjournal for a few years now and gave one to each of my family members for Christmas.  Having an index and using dots has been game-changing for me, although of course, it's personal for everyone.  When I was a teen I was devoted to the @FranklinCovey planners, so what I do now is sorta a hybrid of the two (with @MarieForleo and @DanielleLaPorte - isms everywhere;) How do you all track your goals + dreams, etc.? Any favorite journalling methods?  And please share what you know/learn regarding the history of ‘resolutions’ in the comments below!  I'm so curious!

Today I’m going to be musing on my goals + dreams for the year while building out my brand-spanking new journal! Side question: would you be interested in my doing another post to share some specific personal/professional goals? And some of the ways that I like to think about goal-setting!? Let me know if that would be interesting or TMI !!!! :) Thanks for the feedback and here’s to a year for the history books!
Love bdh
Hello Online family! 
I’m currently in New Zealand.  Seth, the kids and I made the trek from New York.  We’re staying outside of Hawks Bay, and it is magnificent!  I’ll have more photos and details to share, but mostly I’ve been hiking, reading and journalling - meanwhile Seth and our very adventurous friend/babysitter have taken the kids' mountain biking, white-water rafting and went to Splash Planet!  I cannot say how healing it has been to have this little respite of summertime in the middle of winter.  The length of the day is especially magical. Sunset is around 8:30ish.  And the food is unreal.  So fresh!  Summertime food!  On our way here, as we were boarding our third consecutive plane my 11 yr old was like, “this is a far way to go for a vacation Mom!” But here we are only a handful of days into the holiday, and he is in HEAVEN and already planning new places to visit in New Zealand for next winter break!

Being in this hemisphere over the new year I imagine that I exist in a little extra pocket/dimension of time. It’s Jan 1st, and yet back home it’s Dec 31st.  So today I am living in a… let’s call it a liminal state of possibility!  I am between the two years:) So I’m going to spend today chilling and dreaming between 2018 and 2019. 
Happy New Year/ New Years Eve depending on your home hemisphere!!!!! #nzmustdo
Top 9!!!! :) Plus, the top pic being precisely 222,222 is WILD!  What does that mean?! Any of you numerology enthusiasts care to predict?!
As a #ProudAmazonPartner I’m here to announce that today is @Amazon’s Digital Day! And guess what? Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom is on sale to Prime members for only $7.99!!!! It’s a pretty swell deal if you ask me, considering there’s more animatronic-dinosaur-screen-time than in any other Jurassic film — plus BLUE!  I can never get enough of Blue ;) So if you would like to watch Blue be a hero, but this time digitally, for a pretty killer price, be sure to check out the link in my bio:) Hope you’re gearing up for a magnificent 2019! Xoxo bdh
#outdoorworkout #smilingthroughthepain
From our family to yours:) Merry Merry Merry Christmas and the happiest of holidays to one and all 😘🙏 And while we are at it, let’s carry some of that holiday cheer into the new year!!!! Xoxo bdh
We're throwing it way-way back with this one! Christmas circa 1995...
To the woman who has always been my guiding light. Happy Birthday Mom. I love you to the-way-outer-space and back!