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To all the Dads in my life! Thank you for the infinite love, laughter, joy and inspiration❤️Happy Father’s Day! I love you! @stealthgabel @realronhoward @reedchoward @joshgad
Last night was a ladies night as we kicked off the first of the Striike “Now You Know” travel series and I had a blast sharing my deep passion for New Zealand! For those of you who may not know, I am the US tourism ambassador for New Zealand (lol I know, I can’t believe I have this gig either). We talked last night about the transformative power of travel and the ways in which travel can bring purpose, passion, and perspective into our lives. Another big topic of last night (something I actually don’t know much about) was wine and all the artisan wineries you can visit in NZ — it was especially cool hearing it from a pro sommelier. Hands down, the biggest takeaway was how the @streichersisters made me want to take a girls trip with my little sisters to New Zealand asap!
Also keeping my consignment fashion streak going — I am never re-selling this vintage @YSL dress. You may notice everyone dressing appropriately for the weather in summer cocktail dresses, while I on the other hand chose (as I typically do) to dress for winter weather, when in summer.  It just occurred to me, perhaps dressing for the southern hemisphere? 🤔

#NZMustDo #TNZAmbassador #TNZpartner
@armani (belt)
@gianvitorossi (shoes)
Hey all! Some of my NYU students recommended that I share their favorite book from our class this past year! We all loved Radical Candor by @kimmalonescott which is basically all about how to be a great leader without losing your humanity — and of course these principles apply to all professional and interpersonal relationships. Anyone here ever heard of Radical Candor? Leave your thoughts about the book below and check out the podcast: Radical Candor! #BDHBookshelf #RadicalCandor
Let’s do it, Rachel. You’ve been a constant inspiration to me since we were teenagers and continue to be an inspiration to us all. Congratulations @rachel.chavkin!
44 years strong and getting stronger each day! Happy belated Anniversary to my mama and pops (and the best godfather Henry;)! ❤️ P.S. my mom said their wedding only cost $800 total😳
Date night with this foxy fella❤️❤️❤️
Still blissed out on the fact that #tidepurclean is a plant-based laundry detergent that actually works in COLD water and is safe on sensitive skin. It truly is a game-changer for the planet! @tidelaundry #purcleanpartner
This week was beyond memorable ✨ We premiered @rocketmanmovie in NYC and partied at Tavern on the Green, followed by an extraordinary last night in the city of angels, doing our final round of press. @taron.egerton , you’re absolutely brilliant and have one of the biggest hearts I’ve ever encountered ❤️ Elton’s journey is breathtaking and you have honored him by pouring your heart and soul into every single note! Thank you to everyone in the cast and crew for your friendship and wildly impressive talents - and to our AWESOME director @dexfletch, what an absolute blast it was to work with all of you. @bernietaupinofficial, you are a gem and an icon. @davidfurnish, your perseverance and passion for this project is the only reason we are here! And of course, @eltonjohn, the inspiration and heart of this extraordinary film. Thank you so much for sharing your story with us, unvarnished, raw and beautiful. Rocketman is officially in theaters -- hop on board and take flight with us 😊🚀 (Fan Art: @happyendingmachine - 16 years old and a legit Elton John fan, the future is bright!’)
Human beings are extraordinary and our love is limitless! Let’s celebrate that love, our freedom to love, and the courageous, bold, and daring people who walked the path of their heart and soul no matter what. In true Pride spirit, @EltonJohn responded the decision to censor @rocketmanmovie for the Russian market with, “We believe in building bridges and open dialogue, and will continue to push for the breaking down of barriers until all people are heard equally across the world.” Elton, I respect you so much and stand with you. Happy #Pride 💕
Big Apple premiere folks!  Hanging backstage before we kick this puppy off ☺️ Thank you to all the amazing fans who waited in the rain for this one! In terms of the fashion this look is head to toe @therealreal with dress @thevampireswife shoes  @jimmychoo and earrings  @oscardelarenta ⭐️
I wanted to know the story of Memorial Day beyond the barbecues and store deals. Admittedly, I had to look on google, but it led me to #WarriorWriters, a group of veterans who use art as a way to heal. Chantelle Bateman, a member of Warrior Writers said, “With art you can play with your memories, you can make them different … you can create a future you want to live in." On this Memorial Day, I ask myself and us all to see how we can use art to honor those we’ve lost and create a better future. Though it may be difficult for us who didn’t serve to imagine all the experiences lived in the shoes of those who’ve served, what we can do is tell their stories. Through their stories, we remind people of the bravery and courage of each veteran. Through their stories, we can find our own bravery and courage.
As I write this, I am back at home, already missing my European @rocketmanmovie adventure! I’m so eager to share about this get-up. A few years back I was at the @tiff_net festival and I was given these sun-glasses as a gift from @fendi, but not only that - they made a substantial donation to @haloempowersyouth as well! And it’s not like I really did anything for Fendi that warranted this! So Fendi, thank you not only for the glasses, but for your phenomenal generosity. Every time I’ve worn these sunnies in my personal life I think of the lives you touched with your donation and my thanks to you is long overdue. 🙏😘 Also wearing my @gianvitorossi stacked heel staples and an @azzedinealaiaofficial dress from @therealreal that may or may not be an optical illusion. 😊 Happy Rocketman opening in the UK! Hope you all have a blast at the theatre!