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A rare photo of the homo chocolatus (the chocolate man) enjoying his natural habitat. Circa 1524
Get ready for a lot of woofs, meows and tweets for the upcoming summer release of @smaccessories! 
Photo by @pabeevelasco 
Styled by @bryncsio 
#smaccessories #smstore #animals #productphotography #productstyling
"Of all the improbable things that had happened in my life, falling for you was the most unexpected and the most excruciatingly difficult to get over with."
-says who
Glossy face, glossy fingers. That was an amazing hangover 沚 @8cutsburgers
What better way is there to strip off all that weekday stress than to head out to the beach with your local possテゥ! Soulful vibes at @thecirclehostel #Liwliwa
Celebrating the lunar new year with my 917 loves! #xinianquaile
Limutin na ang mundo 
nang magkasama tayo,
sunod sa bawat galaw
hindi na maliligaw.
sunny sunny sunny fine china
"Higa na tayo."
"Oo, dito."
Sa lahat ng mga bagay
sa mundo na pwedeng bumulag
sa aking mga mata,
sinag lang ng puso mo
ang gusto kong ma-inda.
Enough with the gloomy filters.
Life should be blooming with color!
Lazy monday? Swim, swim, swim.
Gloomy metro skies on a february saturday morning 沛