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Sa bawat haplos ng hamog sa umaga, ika'y naaalala.
Magpapanggap hanggang kaya.
I need to be better at sketching. Rough sketch for a commission piece using Staedler 8B and Faber Castel 6B and Burnt Gold Acrylic paint ✨
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"What's bad for the heart, is good for the Art." Words that I've lived by since the beginning of 2017. But what if you're heart is starting to be better?
Nerdy analogy: Remember that time when Zuko lost his firebending the moment he lost all the hate in his heart? He had to find another inspiration to fuel his flames. That's where I am right now. I'm Zuko—the one who used to be known for his hate-driven inferno, and firebending is my art, my mind, the by-product of my emotions. #newjourney #creativeblock #overcoming #vsco
"I wish in my next life I would live as a boy from Tokyo." #kiminonawa #katawaredoki #かたわれ時
Sad girl no. 1 // more at @bryncsioart #sadgirl #watercolourart
Workstation for tah-dayyy ft. Smile Mag's story on the 11-day pilgrimage at the Nakasendo.
This article makes me crave for Japan even more. My little sad girl is peeking and would like to say "Ohayou".
#日本 #SMILE
That was a short hiatus//
We have the kind of love that overcomes our logic, our entire reasoning.
Only time will tell.
I don't trust myself with loving you.
Remember me once more.