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wishlist 'satisfied' ❤  #periperainkvelvet #deepcelebrose #vsco
again and again. ugh. craving. #bivieat #takoyaki
being an adult is really tough. no wonder some adult act like a child.  oh.
sky 💙 
#vsco #vscomy
back to 90's #hujified 😎
a selfie with hot stuff - green tea and rose! 10 secs wash off mask🍵purifying 🌹 refining 💕

packaging game strong! ⚡

thanks a lot for this welcome gift ❤ so much love in the air 😇 #AltheaKorea #AltheaAngels
coconut milk durian? 😳
short reviews (bcs im too lazy to publish this on blog) .
1. himalaya neems face wash.
new fav face wash. it doesn't irritate my skin at all, unlike the aloe vera face wash which make my skin quite dry. .

2. himalaya moisturising face wash.
doesn't feels moisturising, but love it because the cooling sensation. lol

3. freeman revitalizing pomegranate peel of mask. 
currently my fav mask because i really like how it smells so nice and it is a translucent mask. dont really see the difference after using this. after all, it is quite satisfying to peel 😂

4. nexcare acne patch (night).
this is good. patch that extract your pimple puss. it will turns white in certain area where dirty-thingy in your pimples are being absorbed. usually good for 'white-looking' pimple or red with puss in it. don't usually work for 'bumps'. .

5. organic aid vit e moisturising cream. 
i have love hate relationship with this cream. it leave whitecast if im using too much and takes time to absorb. but it is quite effective to moisturize and lighten some of dark spots.

6. biore pore pack. 
say no more. always been loyal to pull something out.

so, thats all for now. before i get any skincare, i usually googled to read reviews and such to makesure they are suitable for my current skin condition. tbh, i don't do patch test because im so lazy and depend a lot to my 'hunch' lol. it seems that works for me.

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whoa so cold. ❄
free me from greed and sloth 🔁 #vsco