foods can make you happy. free foods can make you super happy. 😂🍝🍜
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the face of "omg, this hooman found my secret hideout and now she is taking some picture as evidence, what should i do?" . 
ao the cat~
everytime i wear this kind of shirt, it do remind me one time when i wear a flannel-like checkered shirt with open button showing my graphic shirt inside, i went to the toilet and suddenly i overheard auntie which yg jaga toilet mumbling to herself or talking with her friends in iban languages saying that my fashion that time macam orang nak pergi berkebun. hahahahhaha. i'm shookkkk 😂😂 ok auntie. maybe i'm too plain or ugly to wear that kind of style. hahahhahaha but still 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
muka makin bulat. mak padah muka bantal sebab banyak tidooooo 😴 muka makin kembang n penyek 😑 hahahhahaha sampey hati 😂
bersama panda family di hongkong sibu 😂
you seem to replace your brain with your heart, you take things so hard and then you fall apart, you try to explain but before you can start, those cry baby tears come out of the dark _melaniemartinez_
lately, i've become someone who give up easily. i'm always give up halfway through the things that i been working on or planning to do. a slump maybe? having a breakdown moment isn't that bad right, it do make me thinks a lot of things. so many "what if" questions pop up in my mind. but i'm glad that i'm strong as always. not to brag but i know i'm strong enough because i have faith. . 📷 after rain
testing multiple of photo editors and filters are fun if the outcome could satisfied my complicated taste.
i care for original look but i like vivid and vibrant colors.
i dont know how to write good caption on insta but im trying ⭐
wishlist 💪
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give up in waiting for season 2 and read the manga instead.
swiss roll 🍰
. . 
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she (Kawai) been a two-faced whore. but bcs of that lines, okay i forgive her, but i never forget what she did to Shoyo.
. . 
KOE NO KATACHI (shape of voice / silent voice) . . 
I first read the manga, then watched the anime movie, i love both of them even some scenes from manga doesnt show in anime 😄