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Making the decision to upgrade yourself academically? Maybe one of the most important decisions you ever have to make in your life. You want to be sure you make the right choice from the onset, to set you on the right path. Start by asking yourself the following questions: #Blog 
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Attain an online distance learning degree with Botho University with the option of on-site classes in Botswana. Study at your own pace, whenever, and however, you want to. #UpgradeWithBU #Innovation #BU
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Botho University has not lagged behind in supporting events aimed at improving the world we live in through the latest technologies. The university is committed to being at the forefront of inspiring the use of the latest equipment in transforming learning experiences. Copy the link and read more:
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Avoid JAMB 'Palava'. Advance your career swiftly. Get an upgrade with Botho University with the option of on-site classes in Botswana. #UpgradewithBU  Copy and paste the link to learn more:
Botho University keeps getting media attention. After the vast growth of the university's distance learning campaign, which includes Nigeria. #Bizcommunity #Article 
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Choose a distance learning university that will not only impart leadership skills on to you but offer you: fully online learning with the option of an internship. With #BU we go beyond education. #Namibia #Leadership
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The aspect of exposure plays an important role in transforming an individual’s perspective in life. But while exposure of any kind is always valuable, it is overseas or international exposure that receives much respect! Copy and paste the link to read more:
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Many of us are aware that education is one of modern life’s foremost demands and that usually entails spending lots of cash. Everyone needs to save as much as possible, especially in the early stages of life, at the time when we are still young and energetic. Copy and paste the link to read more:  #Blog #BeWiseAndSave #BU
Seeking a managerial position? Botho University's prestigious online MBA is flexible, affordable and internationally recognized. Get an edge with a #BU online degree. 
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What’s your budget? Making a choice based on a budget is not only realistic, but it will save you from a mountain of unwanted student debt in the future. Online degrees are relatively more affordable than full-time options. Distance Learning Universities, such as Botho University, allow you to schedule your fees to monthly payments.
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Every professional gets to that point where they realize the need to evolve and upgrade his/her skill set to get to that next level in their career.  When you get to this point you need to have the vision and tools to help you chart the trajectory of your life so that you guarantee that you end up where you want to be. This is where an approach like skills mapping comes in handy. Copy the link to read more: #PersonalSkills #Blog #BU
The outstanding part about our distance learning is you study at your own pace, plus you select monthly installment fees you can afford. Less stress and less financial strain. Study with Botho University and go beyond education. Visit the link and learn more:  #WeGoBeyondEducation  #Affordablefees #BU