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Congrats to @planwithcris - can never hurt to celebrate a great milestone (& giveaway) =)
Compromise?  I found a TN I picked up as a sample from... Somewhere?  I can't find it again on Etsy, but it might have been an oops by the creator.  Either way, after a restrap and mind decorations, it fits a Rhodia and field notes inserts! 
August is coming though, so who knows if this planner detente will last... #bulletjournal #rhodiawebnotebook #fieldnotes  #plannerjunkie
Planner peace is fleeting, folks.  I thought I had it down with A6 and monthly, weekly, bullet journal inserts, but then I just got overwhelmed by trying to refine it further.  So now, for August, I stand at a crossroads: stay in the A6, move down to just a Rhodia A6 and toss the idea of inserts or .... Give in and move to a pocket TN with this GORGEOUS leather from @mysticslittlegifts and refine my inserts further.

First world problems? Yes.  An accurate description of my mind and anxieties?  Oh good gracious yes.  Shout out to those in a similar position.

#planneraddict #bulletjournal #thestuggleisreal
Thanks for all of your inspiration, @thelittlestbujo !  #thelittlestbujogiveaway
Oh no!  The TNs I got from @sewwhatelseisnew are SO CUUUUUTE! I'm going to have to figure out a new journal system because there is no way I'm not carrying around a pink kitties in outer space book... #journaladdict #spacekitties #travelersnotebook
Ever find yourself going down a hill in a piece of cardboard super fast and telling yourself "I know what I'm doing, I know what I'm doing!"? Welcome to me and bullet journaling.
I thought I had it down a year ago and told myself "This is great!  I'll just get ONE more thing..." Now I'm covered in notebooks, TNs, pens, markers, highlighters and the stickers, Good God the stickers....
Still, it has given me some solace, whether that's from organising my thoughts and keeping track of a life that's busier than I thought it was or just giving me a project to obsess over.
So this is me, today: moving out of a half used Hobonichi Techo into a Hobonichi Weeks.  Maybe downsizing is the answer? 
I know what I'm doing... #journaladdict #bulletjournal #hobonichitecho #hobonichiweeks #thestickersconsumeme
Don't you hate it when something works so well you want to change EVERYTHING?  Currently, I'm super comfortable in this @thechicsparrow Time Traveler TN and @annie.plans printables, with a small @maydesigns book for general notes.  It's compact, stickerable and easy to plan in but there's that itchy feeling that I could change one more thing for planner peace... #chicsparrow #annieplansprintables #maydesigns #plannerUNpeacetalks
You know how we're all looking for planner peace?  I have been at planner war for the last couple months!  WAR!  Right now, I seem to have settled into a planner detente with an A6 traveler's notebook from Etsy seller Inspirationscrappy who sold a cute and quick starter kit that got me back on the bujo train. 
War!  Huhh! Good God, y'all.  What is it good for?  BUYING A LOT OF NOTEBOOKS!! (say it again)

#bulletjournal #travelersnotebook #plannerpeace #plannerwar #plannermilitaryaction #plannerUNpeacetalks
Congrats to @bujoginger and hitting a whopping 10,000 followers!  #bujoginger10k
Okay Foxy Fans, what am I doing wrong?  Are my inserts too small?  Elastics too loose?  Why is there so much room at the top of my Mocassin?

Also, the leather is so good, this is the cover I'm going to make work, guys.  It is SO GOOD.

#bulletjournaling #foxyfix #richpurpleLEATHAH
After writing on every size of paper under the sun, A6 seems to be my jam!  More layouts to fill in as needed as well as adorable details from my Kinbor planner.  It fits perfectly in my purse and, no matter what, should handle my appointments to keep me on track while I go through planner paralysis and keep changing my mind ... #bulletjournal #kinbor #plannerparalysis