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Philadelphia warehouse open to the public 12-6pm, Mon + Sat. Shop our website for vintage deals, by bundle or weight. Private appointments available.


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We are expanding and hiring more warehouse staff!
Please note; these are warehouse jobs, not fashion gigs. You will get dusty, sweaty, have a sore back, sneeze a lot, break a nail, lose your hat, possibly bleed, eat occasional donuts, handle literally tons of clothing, wear a lot of flannel, get all your steps in before lunch, play with the cat, meet awesome new people, and learn oodles about vintage clothing!

A strong background in vintage clothing grading and sales is required. (You will be tested.) Past management experience (or the equivalent thereof) in the same or similar field is preferred. Job duties include (but are not limited to): running a wholesale vintage clothing warehouse.
If you don’t understand what *running a vintage clothing warehouse* would entail, then you might not be ready for this job.
BUT we are also looking for two warehouse assistants, and there is absolutely room for job growth.
These positions can be part or full time, but the hours will always be 10am-6pm.
Job duties include (but are not limited to): grading & sorting clothing, packing shipping boxes, packing freight, unpacking freight, cleaning, organizing, and customer service. 
Just a helpful note since we get lots of applications... It doesn’t help to tell me how much you love vintage and how you’ve been thrifting all your life. (Of course you do, otherwise you wouldn’t be applying.)
Tell me what *you* bring to this company and why you’re better than all those other folks!

Please email your application (descriptive cover letter + resume) to: amanda@bulkvintage.com
If you have an online store/etsy/depop/IG, please include that information.

We are an equal opportunity employer (not very much is gonna freak us out).
Open today 12-6.
*King Lando*
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We are looking for a new warehouse manager, to begin training asap!

Previous management experience is preferred; a very strong background in vintage (all eras) is mandatory. 
This is a full-time position; salaried or hourly depending on the person we hire.

This is a warehouse job, not a fashion gig. It can be dusty and physical. If you have serious allergies to dust or other “warehousey” stuffs, please do not apply. 
If you don’t know much about us, please visit our website and read our info pages. Impress me with your research skills.

Email resume and descriptive cover letter to: amanda@bulkvintage.com.
No phone calls please.
Open today, 12-6.
CLOSED on July 4.
Back open Thursday at 12pm!
who dis? Terrific Healthknit tag: 100% cotton. USA made.
Come say hey to Nick till 6pm tonight🌻
Anything is possible when you shop Bulk Vintage ! A place where dreams come true🌟 ! Bahahhaa open to the public til 6 folks ! Come through 🌊
We are closed tomorrow 6/26 but are here today till 6!!! Come say hi, have a chuckle and find some treasures!
Open today!
fyi, we will be closed on Tuesday, June 26.
its kinda hot, but still cooler in here than out there.
open till 6pm.