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First ink.
The most hardest goodbye yet. I’m still shocked. My dad.... my papa.... the one who called me pagulu. :(
No one crazy like you and I. Miss u pagulu 😘😞
Rest In Peace Dad.  Love you.🌹 We will miss you. I will try and sing as good as you at Karaoke. 😞
Don’t let others dictate your life.✌🏻🦋
Hope she’s treating you well. 🌹 but all you need to know is, he’s treating me like a queen. 🔥🌹💋
Part 2 : Frida Kahlo Inspired Shoot

@fridakahlo inspired shoot 
Art director : @bunnie.jpg 
Waredrobe Stylist : @saloni_sethi 
Prop stylist: @luizaferro 
Background stylist: @marimosoooo 
Hairstylist: @jibana 
Makeup artist: @frcbeauty
You showed me nothing but hatred. 
No love, no loyalty.
Now I show myself love, loyalty and trust myself that the one I love will surely be loyal to me.
Meri cute si dost kum soul sister. 😘