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Via @thisisinsiderdesign: This is how the sound effects in "@aquietplacemovie" were made. #businessinsider
Via @thisisinsiderdesign: This is how Italian Parma ham is made. #businessinsider @parmaham_usa
Via @insiderart: This is how Hollywood shoots car chase scenes. #businessinsider
Via @insiderdessert: @bolneyestate produces 5 million bottles of wine each year. #businessinsider
This concept car comes complete with passenger cocoons and a coffee machine. #businessinsider
@rollsroycecars has taken tailgates to the next level. #businessinsider
Via @tech_insider: This machine perfectly places street cones. #businessinsider
Long layovers are totally worth it if it means you get to spend time in Singapore's @changiairport. #businessinsider
Via @tech_insider: This tourniquet works like a zip tie. #businessinsider
This is a look inside the Freemasons' oldest Grand Lodge. #businessinsider
Via @insiderart: This is how "@jurassicworld: Fallen Kingdom" brought the Indoraptor to life. #businessinsider
Via @thisisinsiderinventions: This 'floating' backpack reduces the weight on your shoulders. #businessinsider