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Did you know that we are drying fish in those houses? :D this one is standing in #Seltjarnarnes really close to Reykjavík. You can take a really nice walk to the lighthouse and enjoy the sunset over there <3

picture by @chiara.fabienne.photography

#bustraveliceland #iceland #reykjavik
you can find those really cool rocks in #snæfellsnes :) they are called Lóndrangar and they are 75 and 61 meters tall! Since there is just flat land and ocean around them they look really amazing! 
picture by @chiara.fabienne.photography

#bustraveliceland #iceland #lóndrangar
Whats your favorite place in #Reykjavík ? We love that we have a view on this beautiful mountain range from our city <3 here you can see the most beautiful sunsets in the world :D Who agrees? 
picture by @chiara.fabienne.photography

#bustraveliceland #iceland #sunset
when we have snow in Iceland our island looks even more like a land from a fairytail :) picture by @chiara.fabienne.photography

#bustraveliceland #iceland #snow
Iceland - the photographers paradise!!! Whats your favorite photo location here in Iceland?

picture by @chiara.fabienne.photography

#bustraveliceland #iceland #photographer
The glacier lagoon #Jökulsárlón is a must see when in Iceland! this place is just stunninig - not describable in words! 
picture by @chiara.fabienne.photography

#bustraveliceland #iceland #glacierlagoon
Who else would love to spend some time in this lovely cabin on a cold rainy day? ;) picture by @chiara.fabienne.photography

#bustraveliceland #iceland #cabin
Have you heard of this cool photo location in Iceland? This DC3 plane crashed in 1973 and since then it is lying untouched on one of our black sand beaches :D you can visit it, Justin Bieber used this location for one of his videos ;) picture by @chiara.fabienne.photography

#bustraveliceland #iceland #dc3wreck
Tell us: which season do you like most? ;) This is the beautiful forst at #elliðaárdalur in Reykjavík captured by 
picture by @chiara.fabienne.photography

#bustraveliceland #iceland #autumn
This place is just breathtaking! from the largest glacier in europe, #Vatnajökull are those beautiful blue iceblocks first swiming through the glacier lagoon #jökulsárlón and then they find their way out into the ocean. But the ocean will get them back to the shore where they will land on the beautiful black sand beach. And there it is: blue ice on black sand - an art work by nature!

picture by @chiara.fabienne.photography

#bustraveliceland #iceland #diamondbeach
aren't they just cute??? <3 
But did you know that if an icelandic horse leaves Iceland it is never allowed to come back to Iceland? 
picture by @chiara.fabienne.photography

#bustraveliceland #iceland #horses
Did you hear about this pseudocraters? they are actually just outside of #Reykjavík !!! They are called Rauðhólar what literally means "red hills" ...no wonder why :D 
But they are about 5200 years old and now belong to the nature reseve of Heiðmörk :) picture by @chiara.fabienne.photography

#bustraveliceland #iceland #rauðhólar