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Maker, crafter, sewer...crafting new decor, neighborhood parties, and kid friendly projects...
oh, and a mother runner! 😉 🏃🏽‍♀️


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Smiling because I just spent four hours touching and ogling and stretching so many beautiful fabrics with @mrs.gnats and @erinalwayssews and let me tell you .... there are going to be some beauties headed toward the @imaginegnats shop!! Sadly I had to leave them to enjoy the city for themselves and head home to be a mom...
But what a fun day out! 😊
#makingbackpack in the wild! 😉
First ice experience!
Bringing Friday night skate night back! 😃⛸
And a little post concert selfie to show off my new #adrienneblouse from @fridaypatterncompany ... I even got a compliment the moment I walked in (and double takes and compliments from the fam too 😉)
Fabric is ponte from @imaginegnats 
#isew #handmadewardrobe #imaginegnatsshop
5th grade concert tonight! So much fun! ☺️🎶🎻
On the tenth day of christmas I gave my true love... a #makingbackpack 🎶🎵🎶...
I knew I wouldn’t have time to make this for Christmas... but I had been planning on making it for months... so post craft show I ordered more lovely waxed canvas from @stonemountainfabric with the aim to finish it soon after Christmas... and voila two days post winter break i started and finished it! 
Hope he likes it! 🤞🏻😊
#isew #handmadegifts
“Oh, Sunlight! The most precious gold to be found on earth.”🌞☀️
We headed out for our New Year’s Day hike this morning without this guy, but by the end of our street felt guilty so we went back to get him...
I think he appreciated it! 😉☺️
Happy new year! 
Hike through the mud, down the hills to the river and then a quick hello to the sea... a beautiful New Year’s Day hike!
Lunch of fried oysters to end it and the “cherry on top” a surprise and unexpected run in with friends we haven’t seen in years! 💗
A pretty great way to start the year! ☺️
#getoutside #firstdayhike
I’ve got my sparkles, my bubbles and my crown...I’m ready to ring it in ☺️🥂✨
Might as well add the cocktails too! 🥂🥂