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🔍x ✏️ #OprahWinfrey @oprah Drawing #bybwc on 18in x 24in paper
✏️ #OprahWinfrey @oprah Drawing #bybwc on 18in x 24in paper
✏️ #bybwc
New Mix Titled "A Mix To Walk To” more vibes for you.
Listen now on the site bybwc.com or soundcloud.com/bybwc #housemusic #bybwc
I am my grandma’s grandson 1,000% so happy to have the lady back home. Yesterday was her birthday got her flowers and a few treats she wouldn’t let me leave without taking her on some errands & grocery shopping. Of course she couldn’t go out wearing the same outfit from the morning and had to switch it up just to go to the store. My grandma always has my back & I always got hers I’m her favorite. If she doesn’t hear from me within a few days she calls asking where the hell am I & always wanting to make sure i am good. Shes a crazy lady but If i ever need a good laugh I can always count on my grandma. I wear the golds in my mouth because of her i enjoy health, herbs, cooking, clothes and lots of other things because of her. I give thanks for my grandma.
👁• Reminiscing On illusions •
Digital collage #bybwc
Spinning a hour set tonight in Silver Lake at @thefriendbar from 11pm-12 ill be playing all classic deep soulful house for the lovers. 🌹 bringing in the week on a deep soulful note. Flyer design #bybwc
Time won’t heal all wounds.