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Brighton's only indoor skatepark, exclusively for skateboarding. Open to the public & lessons for all ages. Opening times on our website

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Calling All PARENTS - We want to get these funky flyers promoting our kids lessons into every primary school in the area. If you can help by grabbing some here and taking them in to your little one’s school we would really appreciate it! Apparently there’s 54 schools to hit, if you can help cross one off the list please speak to one of the coaches while you’re here. Thanks 😘
Personal post time - Last week I was lucky enough to see some of the growing skate scene in Ghana, Africa, while over on a family visit. We got tipped off about a supposed DIY park under a motorway bridge and after some searching came across this space, with some homemade boxes stashed away and a battered aluminium ramp leftover from the first skate jam held there a week earlier. 
I got to meet Samuel, Aaron and Rene who had travelled from miles away to come and escape the rain and skate there. They told me a bit about the scene, and we talked about the potential of the huge space to become a proper facility for the country’s capital. Aaron also showed me his boardsliding skills. 
Me and my dad have got hopes of one day being able to make something happen out there if the opportunity comes along. It’s the perfect place to house an amazing project. It serves as a good reminder to make the most of what you’ve got around you, we’re definitely lucky to have so many facilities in such close distance here in Brighton. 
Check out @skatenationghana for a look at what’s going on in the scene out there. - Liam
As you may know, we’ve been helping conduct a survey to assess the demand to redevelop above Lagoon skatepark into an amazing modern facility. Next week we’ll be presenting the results at the Friends of Hove Lagoon committee meeting. If you haven’t already, please please take 2 minutes to visit our website and put your opinion forward, before this Wednesday the 5th, and share it around so others can too. Thanks!
Before any sort of park was built here, the top floor used to be a football court. Here’s Luke McKirdy @lukenblue and Bram Weeks making use of the only obstacles available to them. From John Cattle’s UK scene video Viewfinder 2, circa 1998. 20 years later all three of these guys are still ripping as well.
If you want some UK skate history I urge you to visit @wighttrashskateboards and grab a copy of their Viewfinder boxset for an amazing screenshot of skating in this country in the late 90s & early 00s
@diggs_english gets a lot of love on here but did you know that he has a little ripper of a brother as well? 6 year old Gus started following in his bro’s footsteps a few months ago and it looks like there’s going to be two of these guys hitting the big time in skating in the near future
After 16 short months, we’re sad to say goodbye to BYC coach Marc Holland, who’s heading back to his native Melbourne to continue his great work as a skate coach and youth worker in a hotter and sunnier environment. 
Marc made an instant impact on the team with his experience and attitude, helping bring everyone here closer together. He no doubt made an impact on hundreds of skaters coming through the doors here as well. Best of luck to you @snapper_1 and Meriel on your next chapter from everyone here. Press F to pay respects 👏
Recently we were lucky to take 11 young skaters to visit two of the best skateparks in the country, @adrenalinealley and @ramp1skatepark on a two day residential. We had an absolute blast and want to say thanks to everyone that came along and made it an amazing time. 
The trip was funded by a bid made by three young people here to get them the money to do this. Keep an eye out for future opportunities as we’d reeeeeeally like to do it again soon!
@albieedmonds flew in from Lewes and tore the place apart. He also did this backtail way too easily and about five times for the camera. You tell me 🤷‍♂️
Happy November ☁️ Looks like the bad weather is officially here, but we’re here for you. Come skate today 12-2 / 2-4, as well as @brightonsheshredders on as always 6:30-9. In the mean time check out @jean_hackman13 using his spidey senses to get up on the roof
Ok late notice but who wants the last seat in the bus. Leaving early Thursday getting back late Friday. This is literally the best thing that will ever happen to you, and it’s only 25 bloody quid. Young people aged 13-19, just give us a PM asking about it and we’ll send you all the details. Gotta fill it up today!
Come escape the cold with us today until 6pm. Here’s @patchous stomping it down to get you hyped. Filmed by @lauriekellyy, check their joint part on our YouTube channel.
Oh b*llocks. We forgot to tell anyone but today to celebrate the @bfestbton launch day, today’s sessions will be FREE to any skaters age 13-19. We’re opening in 20 minutes so hopefully you see this right now! Open 4-6, 6-8 and 8-10:30 ( last session age is 20+). Also all this other stuff going on right now. #bfestbton