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Look for Christ & you will find Him. And with Him, everything else.
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White, green, repeat 😍😍😍 #alysbeach
Took a walk around Alys Beach and I was speechless. I know I shared some pics on stories but I’m STILL shook by the beauty of the place. It was a dream. ✨
Traveling with kids always has its ups and downs. There will most likely be at least one breakdown, one “dramatic” experience and lots of moodiness. Even us grown ups have mood swings and things that come up while traveling so you can imagine that kids experience it too but are just not as good dealing with it as you are 😉😅 I’d like to think they’ll look back on our Nashville trip and reminisce of the good times we had, and the experiences, but that might not be the case since they are still young. The memories are ultimately more for us- We will remember having them with us. 💜💛💚 #nashville #wallsofnashville #travelingwithkids #kidsofinstagram #kidsinnashville
So inspired by this coffee shop! One of our favorites from #Nashville, for sure!! Thank you @mkzotov for the recommendation. It’s so roomy, unique, friendly and so so good! Would take another cup right now 😭
Nashville had a Miami-like vibe with all the cool walls 😍 #nashvillewalls 👈 check out that tag!! #nashville #travelingwithkids #kidsofinstagram
Stopping to smell the flowers 🥰 #ameliasflowertruck #nashville #flowertruck #stopandsmelltheroses
Not just a pretty cup of coffee but also sooo good #neverenoughcoffee #crema #nashvillecoffee #nashville
Loved our southern breakfast and the feel of this place!! Lord willing, we will be back! ☺️
Always wear shorts under my dresses in case of windy days like yesterday. 😄 #flowydress #hm
Dragging our kids all around #Nashville 😜 looks like quite literally lol!
Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer. 
ROMANS 12:12