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🏆 6 Bowl Championships
🏆 12 Conf. Championships
🏆 11 Bowl Appearances
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Look how quiet things are now. But in approximately 3 hours, that will definitely change. As your #CabrilloSeahawks welcome to the nest, the Panthers of @hartnellfootball. Kick off is scheduled for 6pm. 
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‪It is GAMEDAY!  Not only is it gameday, it’s both the conference and home opener game for your Seahawks. Today’s match up features the welcoming of some cats from @hartnellfootball into the #HawksNest. ‬ ‪Hartnell Panthers‬
‪Cabrillo Seahawks‬
‪LIVE | 6pm |‬
Here’s a video clip from today’s debut of the Darren Arbet Show. To watch the full episode, cruise to our Facebook page to watch. The link is in the bio.
Here’s a clip of the debut episode of the Darren Arbet Show via the audio podcast format on our host platform, @spreaker_ 
Link to the show will be available in our bio shortly. For now, just copy and paste the link below into your web browser. 
The countdown continues as we are less than 24 hours away from the debut of the new weekly Facebook show, Darren Arbet Show. Topics of discussion will include viewpoints on the Seahawks football team by Head Coach Darren Arbet himself. Plus we will be having the other coaches on along with possibly some special guests, whom of which had the privilege of being coached by Head Coach Arbet. 
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Debuting this Friday at 1pm PDT, the first episode of the Darren Arbet Show over on our Facebook page. Be sure to like our page to have the not only the latest episodes delivered to you, but new updates on Seahawks football. 
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It’s finally that time. It’s time to #protectthenest as your Seahawks debut in front of the #12thman this Saturday at 6pm PDT.  We want to see the stadium filled and rocking as we take on the Panthers from @hartnellfootball. 
If you can’t make it, the game will be Live on our YouTube channel. 
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‪Your Seahawks advance to 2-0 with a big victory of @lmc_mustangs tonight. ‬
The men are back in action this Saturday. Next up on the radar is a battle against the @lmc_mustangs in Pittsburg at 6pm PDT. 
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The new football web site is up and running. The link is in the bio. Please do bare with us as we are still fine tuning it and will be adding content throughout the season. 
#WeAreCabrillo | #SeahawkAttitude | #12thMan | #FootballByTheBeach | #ProtectTheNest
Our Seahawks defeated the Comets of @ccc_cometfb handily with a 38-6 victory to open up the 2018 season. 
The Seahawks have a bye week next week. They return to action in week 3 by traveling to Pittsburg and face off against the Mustangs of @lmc_mustangs. 
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The 2018 football season kicks things off this Saturday in San Pablo as your Seahawks travel north to face off against the Comets of @ccc_cometfb.

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