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I know this is a difficult and divisive issue for many. But in the country I grew up in, for far too long there has been a disregard for the wishes, health and safety of women and their reproductive rights. From the sending of pregnant unwed women to Catholic laundries where their babies were taken from them against their wishes and they were forced to work in slave like conditions because of their so called “shame” , to the horrific, and again, Church/state run children homes, where mass graves of unnamed children were buried. Now, at long last, there is a knowledge that while life is indeed precious, there are circumstances where a mother may want to end a pregnancy. No one in Ireland is anti life ... no one is pro abortion. But what we are about is compassion. Knowing that if you take the difficult decision to end your pregnancy, that you are not an outcast. That your country and your people say - Give us your hands, we will take care of you. #tabhairdóláhmaduinn Tabhair dó lámha duinn x
#Repealthe8 On the eve of this historic Repeal vote I urge anyone still undecided in Ireland to know that being pro choice does not mean you have to be pro abortion. If the 8th amendment stays a part of our constitution there will be NO path to finding a more humane way to ease the pain of crisis pregnancies ..There are many tragic and painful reasons why a woman or family would choose to end a pregnancy. This isn’t a vote for abortions on demand. This is about a more just and humane Ireland #VoteYES #RepealThe8th @repealglobal @repealproject #voteyes
#Parklife #Glasgowinthesun🌞
Our voices are so powerful when we use them as one. I’m SO proud to stand with inspiring
 women and men from around the globe to call for equality, everywhere. None of us are equal until all of us are equal. Join me at #PovertyIsSexist
Well la di da ... they let us out of the woods, scrubbed us up clean and sent us off to a fancy party!!! Thank you @bafta for having us. Sorry @samheughan didn’t bother with his bow-tie ... it’s just he is THAT cool, he doesn’t need one. And thank you @audiuk for the chariots !!! 😘
Wonderful night last night @bafta tv awards. Congratulations to all the winners and nominees.. Thank you @delpozo for the gorgeous dress and @christinaheuwagen for hair, @charlottehayward make up , styling by Me 😘 #timesup
And we’re supposed to work when this is going on #finallyspring #outlanderseason4
So thrilled to announce that we have been picked up for not one but two more seasons. This series has been such a dream come true and to know that we will get to continue to tell the story of these characters that we love so much makes me so bloody happy. I want to congratulate everyone who works so hard on the show day in, day out..... and now year in, year out!!!! 😘😘😘😘😘❤️ @outlander_starz @sonypicturestvuk @samheughan @sophie.skelton @laurenlyle7 @cesardomboy @johnhunterbell @RichardRankinofficial . @lionsgatetv #tallshipproductions #leftbankproductions #Outlander5&6
If you live in Ireland please ... Vote Yes for a more compassionate Ireland. @together4yes @repeal8thglobal @repealproject
The 8th amendment in Ireland is harmful to women and I t violates women’s right to bodily integrity and self determination. It is a draconian law that puts women’s lives in danger. I respect your right to not want an abortion if it is against your religion or just not a personal choice you would make, but to hold every woman in Ireland to the same religious belief is unjust and inhumane. Women should be trusted to make the right decision for THEMSELVES. A personal, private decision, that no one, especially not the state should be weighing in on. That is why I FULLY support the @repealproject @repeal8thglobal @together4yes
If you live in Ireland 🇮🇪 You have one week left to register and VOTE @together4yes @repealproject @repeal8thglobal #ourbodiesourchoice #trustthemná