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the gang
what a ⭐️
these people shouldn’t work so late on a friday
2am near skogar
one of the best places
i blame the internet
new birds in the orange tree today
times square today. thank you @spotify for all of the love and support for @shalloumusic. this is a surreal moment for us as a team.
the earth is a big rock. that’s me on top of it.
payola is alive and well in the music industry. you can’t trust anyone these days. #whistleblower
the sea and the storm featuring joe
my brother’s debut novel is available today via @harpercollinsus. if you live in jackson, he will be doing a reading + book signing at @lemuriabooks on Nov 25th. if you don’t live in jackson, you can buy it online at the link in my bio or grab a copy at your local bookstore. this is so insane, so proud of you @kingfergus!!!