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we came from space; you're all gonna die✌️👽🌈💦 👇NEW DAYTROTTER SESSION🎧👇

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thanks to @ponytailmafia for the actual shirt of my dreams. came up with this idea after the millionth time someone tried to direct me to the back of the room instead of the stage, or asked “which one is your boyfriend?” *now technically i’m also the merch girl so please buy something from me so we can pay for our record lol*🔮🥂photo by @kablaising  #calliopemusicals
photo by @cpaulcphotography at @headyhillsv ✨🦖🏕 #calliopemusicals
tbt to @pearlfest 💗🐚✨
IF YOU KNOW @finkelicious, you know his birthday p much lasts the whole month, so technically this bday post isn’t belated!! love you craig!!!!!!!! epic shot by @manewitz #calliopemusicals
DAMN YALL free week was absolutely insane 🛸🧠🙈thank you so much for dancing and singin with us and somehow making the first week of january a damn sweat party. we are so grateful for your support and love and you make us never want to give up. love your friends!!! love yourself!!! never die!!! 📹: @thisissloane (and she also made my dress💐!!!) #calliopemusicals
@dhallphoto took this pic of me screaming “COME TO OUR LAST FREE WEEK SHOW AT @mohawkaustin TONIGHT!!!” or something like that🙃 seriously! tonight (saturday) at the mohawk with @rubyjane_music, @darkbirdband, @megafaunamusic, @asinclairmusic, @thechillrussell, and @meanswellband 🛸🙏✨ #calliopemusicals #freeweek
one of our favorite #freeweek traditions happening tonight with @peachfuzzmag!!! get there early and stay up late bc everything at this party rulez!! love youuuuu!!!
SETTING OFF A BIG JERRY BOMB AT 1AM AT TONIGHT! 📸: @sleighbel  #calliopemusicals
@pearlfest dreaming 📸: @kablaising #calliopemusicals
tbt to partying at @empireatx with 99 red balloons 📸: @joshguerra13 for @atxconcert #idontspeakgermanbuticanifyoulike #calliopemusicals
❄️PRETTY DANG COOL❄️ here’s to a rager of a 2018!! #calliopemusicals
🎄🛸✨merry christmas filthy animulz✨🎅🎸 photo by @sleighbel at @hotelhotburrito #calliopemusicals