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we came from space; we’re all gonna die✌️👽🌈💦#calliopemusicals 🛸👇new merch below!!👇🛸

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TFW you hit the sticky with @calliopemusicals on 4/20 at @lolassaloonftw in fort worth 🤯🌈🍁🧞‍♂️🏆 jk that’s illegal who would do that?!? 📸 by @hrv_images #calliopemusicals
🍩✨BRAND NEW MERCH✨🍩 bad ass new art by @yourholybuddy on totes and t-shirts🧠 PLUS a light gray + neon reboot of our logo crop tank (it’s summmmmer 🏝☀️) ALL available on our online store (link in bio!!) OR at our upcoming shows (peep our story for dates!!) ALL GEAR PRINTED BY @rawpaw, our rising phoenix homies 💓 #calliopemusicals
ARE YOU READY?! #calliopemusicals is playing @backwoodsmusicfestival at 2:30am SATURDAY NIGHT right after @sts9 🏆🤑
FORT WORTH 🤑🐮☘️we’re coming to crash your 4/20 party at @lolassaloonftw  with @qcnh + @sallymajestic and more!!!!!! we play inside at 10pm 👽🌈 TAG A DFW BUDDY WHO NEEDS SOME FUN IN THEIR LIFE!!! #calliopemusicals
✨🔥SO CUTE! interview with @johnnygoudie up on his site!! link in our bio🔪🥧🧟‍♂️ #calliopemusicals #howdidigethere
🛳SEE YA SOON, SOMEWHERE! #calliopemusicals are playing @lolassaloonftw on 4/20, @backwoodsmusicfestival 🌈oh hell yes💦on 4/21, @kiva_78666 on 4/27, and @502bar on 4/28!!!! don’t miss!!! tag a buddy who wants to fee things and dance about it!! 📸: @kingmallard
👅☕️NEW MUSIC COMING SOON☕️👅 #calliopemusicals
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to @iamvizzone: resident space face mcbass face, expert cable wrapper, peacemaker, and musical mastermind. NEVER DIE!! 📸: @hrv_images at @cpcatx
💥💸FLASH SALE💸💥 $10 TSHIRTS✨super soft✨// link to purchase in bio! only 4 of each shirt left in XL 🌈 🐱GREEN CAT :: 4 XLs🐱 🐍🐻TEAL SNAKEBEAR :: 4 XLs🐻🐍 👉will update when sold out!! #calliopemusicals
DANG #sxsw YOU WERE INSANE THIS YEAR 📸: @jeskabot at #calliopemusicals @sxsw official showcase at @cpcatx 🙈💕🌼
UH OH! one more. link in bio for more info! we play at 8:30 and your fave band plays right after. #calliopemusicals
TODAY IS SATURDAY 👅we play at KEY BAR on west 6th at 6:00pm FREE NO BADGE NEEDED ALL FUN! 📸: @kingmallard 🎨: @oliverhibert  #calliopemusicals