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we came from space; we’re all gonna die✌️👽🌈💦#calliopemusicals 🛸👇new merch below!!👇🛸

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CAN YOU BELieVE THIS?!🛸 #detectthepets #butttalking #rhino
YOUR FAVORITE PET DETECTIVES🦏🐧🐬 #calliopemusicals and @weirddestiny are throwing a birthday party for our lerd and savior ACE VENTURA on JUNE 30 at @cheerupcharlies with @trouble_in_the_streets, @newfumes, @domedwellers, @michaelparallax, @redcomet3, and ouiness🌿 DO GO IN THERE!! we making so much fun together for this party!!! 📸: @kablaising
🛸BUT A DREAM. thank you so much 🌈💕hope you go into your week remembering your power. this life is temporary, but YOU ARE INFINITE💫 PHOTO BY @kablaising 🌈before soundcheck at @barracuda611east7th
THIS SUNDAY! JUNE 3! @polyspree 👅 #calliopemusicals 👅 @pocketsoundsmusic all at @barracuda611east7th 🌈🌟excite to reunite with these magical folks! 📸: @kablaising
🛸🌈#CALLIOPEMUSICALS X @DIEGOLOZANOFILMS 🌈🛸at  @cpcatx during @sxsw 🏆also don’t forget JUNE 3 we open for the mfn @polyspree at @barracuda611east7th ❕‼️❕⁉️❔
HIIII!🌟🙃💕TULSA we will see you tonight with @considerthesourcemusic and @combsymusic at @tulsashrine 📸 by @parkertphotography #calliopemusicals
YEAH!!! @mileofmusicfest we are coming back for you!!! we had so much fun last year and we are ready to do it all again!!!!
TULSA🔥hitting up @tulsashrine THIS SATURDAY⚡️MAY 5 with @considerthesourcemusic and @combsymusic 🌈🌟 get ready 🎼new songs + all the hits you know and lerve!!!! 🤣 photo by @blurred_culture #calliopemusicals
SAN ANTONIO WE ARE PARTYING TONIGHT!!! @502bar ⚡️ music at 9 ⚡️ DON’T MISS 📸: @asherleemarshallphoto at @backwoodsmusicfestival #calliopemusicals
SAN MARCOS! we’re bringing rainbows to @kiva_78666 for a FREE SHOW this Friday, 4/27🌈🌟photo: @savagerandy #calliopemusicals
TFW you hit the sticky with @calliopemusicals on 4/20 at @lolassaloonftw in fort worth 🤯🌈🍁🧞‍♂️🏆 jk that’s illegal who would do that?!? 📸 by @hrv_images #calliopemusicals