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psychedelic rock and roll✨🎉

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@finkelicious layin down some sick synthy synth jamz🎹  We'll be recording demos all month while we patiently wait for our super-human guitar player @webbsadventures to return from friggin New Zealand😮 can't wait to share the new tunes with you lovelies 🎉
@basshole_santa making our sold out #timeowesyounothing tshirt look good 🐦pigeons love #calliopemusicals, so you can make lots of friends without spending the tuppins 👌
Missing the road today but loving all the love in Austin ❤️✊
happy birthies to this little beeb 🌈💗🎂
yeah! super pumped to play an early bird show at @theabgb on tuesday 1/31 🌈⚡️ 📸: @jcbwbr  #calliopemusicals
Oh Flagstaff, you can try and snow us in but we still love you ❤️
We're comin' fer ya Flagstaff AZ. Green Room @ 9pm. Oh & Happy Inauguration Day 😐
ok so we are going to be partying in @mystichotsprings at at around 8 tonight, and we're so excited!!! this place has been on our wishlist for a while. SEE YALL SOON!!! 🔥photo: @seansnowphoto at the magical @evolvefestival #calliopemusicals #mystichotsprings
BOISE!! 🌈✨coming in for a party tonight (tuesday) at @neurolux with @radioboise! we play at 10! 📸: @andrewbennettphoto #calliopemusicals #radioboisetuesday
Playing @kamikazesogden in 30min!!! Come rage!! @iamvizzone will be keepin an eye out for ya 🔦🌃🚀⛺️
now that was really fun! we had a blast being snow bunnies and TONIGHT we'll be back to playing rock and roll! 8pm 8pm 8pm MONDAY NIGHT :: @kamikazesogden :: #calliopemusicals
Snow bunnies!