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@deborahblancoo @naomi.kbd and me went to the fair and threw coins (more like: killed the whole darn game and slammed the coin throwing industry, damaged the economy and possibly hurt some feelings too, but let's stay civil) in an epic three-on-one stand-off that took time and patience, and a small financial toll on us. In the end it got us a pancake maker, some bootleg Pokémon cards and a bear that taught us life lessons on car safety. Me and him are now safety buddies for life 🍃😚
Damn Abdij van Park, you looking pret-ty darn gooood
Here are some more pictures from my hikes in Wai-O-Tapu and Waimangu. This was a beautiful and soul soothing experience, and in spite of the rainfall and winter temperatures it was truly wonderful. Nice, interesting, unique etc etc. I'm clearly running out of words. I'm glad that I got to see and do all this with a friend like @kappakadi 💖
I saw this with my own eyes and it was amazing. Don't know what else to say, really
I turned 25 today and as you can see on these Exciting Snapshots of my life, I spend the day in a very adult way - drinking coffee in a laundromat - that is, after we'd spent all Saturday night finding out how long a bottle cap is able to stick to your forehead without any adhesive, dancing like an actual toddler, spilling beer all over my trousers, being chummy with my favourite people on this planet, answering all kinds of microwave function related questions etc etc. Yesterday my parents and I watched conspiracy videos on YouTube all day and today me, mum and my sister had brunch and... later today, after Panama-Belgium in the world cup, I'm having some espresso martinis with la Niña. I'm like an 8 year old with AGENCY now! And once my brain has finished developing you aren't even going to be able to take me! 🍃💃
You can see the whole city right from my shades
I love my crew 💖🦎
Our little Food Club's first gathering was at Sashimi in Genk where we truly ate all we could and laughed our faces off (clean off, we straight up have no faces anymore now). Special thanks to Lina for organising this thing and starting this club and being this generous etc etc. Also special thanks to the restaurant for having an extremely funny menu with good loempi's, karbsticks and hanfrolls. It was as priceless as a "mollige, soepele en vlot wegdrinkende wijn". Biefblokjes, stay eating xoxo
What is this picture? Who took this picture? What am I holding?
Let the record reflect that there was in fact a day in 2018 where I looked good and felt like a human version of the most carefree worm you've EVER seen in your life.
@naomi.kbd s 💕25TH BIRTHDAY💕 
ft. our album cover art-style picture, with @hevessgotaplanforyou & @deborahblancoo 
We were all so, so, so VERY tired and had no clue what we were planning and/or doing, so we wanted to get cocktails and then all of a sudden we wanted to go bowling and eventually ended up hiding under tables, playing pool and doing a much better version of Carpool Karaoke at the McDrive car park until 1 am. I love my life!
Tell me I'm your national anthem @hevessgotaplanforyou