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The other day, I got out of my apartment and was heading to my car. I was in the middle of a busy day. And suddenly I came across this ❤️ on concrete ground.

It had snowed a couple days earlier and the melting snow has left its loving mark on the ground. It was as if nature was trying to communicate its wisdom through an artificial platform.
I felt a sense of reconnection and some thoughts and questions were guiding me back into listening and feeling.
I felt as though it was a reminder to ask:
How is your heart feeling? Did you check on it? Are you allowing love to flow through it?
I paused for a second. Took a deep breath in and out. And allowed that short break to be an opportunity for me to acknowledge my feelings and to let my heart breathe. I had some gentle tears of release and then couldn’t help smiling while looking up to the sky and breathing the fresh air 😀
It felt great! And the rest of my day was more productive than what I expected 😊
So I am asking you the same questions today :) Meditate on them and listen to what your heart is saying. Even if it’s just for a few seconds.

Align with your heart before you take action.
Leave your comments below 👇🏼 about your own experiences, or whatever answers you got from the short meditation ;)
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The usual response to fear is avoidance. While that can help us survive, it can also prevent us from thriving.

If you ever feel afraid of doing something whatever that may be. Try this: .
•Write down your fear.
•Acknowledge the feeling you have.
•Give yourself a moment to face that fear in your head.
•Watch how you feel while doing that.
•Observe your body’s reaction to that fear.
• Breathe and focus on the part in you that supports you. The part that is strong and powerful and will never let you down: your inner guidance.
•Take daily action toward overcoming that fear while trusting your inner guidance.

I like to make a list of my fears and challenges every now and then. And I like focusing on facing each one of them one at a time while respecting my needs as a human being.

When you start practicing this, you will soon realize that fear becomes your fuel instead of an obstacle. You will notice that as soon you acknowledge your fear, you start feeling freer and more powerful. Because now you know that fear is only there to challenge your ego and your beliefs but it has no power over who you really are.

Fear is like a dark room in a house. Nobody wants to go there. But as soon as you decide to go see what is in that dark area and shed light on it with your awareness just like a flash light, your attention will help you see the room the way it is and that will help you realize that there is nothing to fear. 
In fact fear only comes from ignorance.

The true you is greatly intelligent. The ego is ignorant.

Use your fear as a compass for those areas in your life that need more attention.

I couldn’t overcome my fear of heights “acrophobia” until I lived by the mountains in Colorado for 3 years and I learned about how to hike and find balance in my body 🙂 and now that phobia is gone!

What challenging fear or phobia do you want to overcome? Would love to read your comments :)👇🏼#emotion #transmutation #transformation
Sunday vegan chocolate cups!!! 🌈
Would love to give you a taste of what it’s like but instead I can give you this super easy recipe if you would like to make some good healthy chocolate for yourself ;)
Mix in bowl:
Coconut Oil (Melted if not already liquid)

1 cup sifted Cacao Powder

1/4 cup sifted Carob Powder

1/4 cup Almond Butter

1/2 cup Flaxseed Meal

2 Tablespoons Maple Syrup

1 Pinch Himalayan Salt

Coconut Shreds

Watch my story☝🏼for the detailed instructions ;) Enjoy! #sundayvibes #vegan #veganrecipes #rawvegan #sugarfree #dairyfree #vegandessert #glutenfree #homemade #veganchocolate #plantbased #coconut #cacao #carob #himalayansalt #almondbutter #maplesyrup #intuitiveeating #healthylifestyle #healthyfood #healthyrecipes #freezingisthenewbaking #eatwell #eatlight #eathealthy #loveyourbody #rosepetals #moneytree #healthysnacks #healthydessert
Waking up to the snow this morning was exciting 😊
It’s winter in Milwaukee already. Everyone here has been warning me about how cold it will get and how people get seasonal depression haha.
I don’t know wether I should believe this or not ;)
I will wait till the end of winter to have my own idea about it :)
But in any case I like thinking that the true warmth we need is the one of the heart. We cannot truly fear winter when we carry summer in our hearts 🙌🏻
#happywinter #milwaukee #wisconsin
Throwback to when I was practicing twisted chair pose in Paris 😁

What is your favorite Yoga pose? I think mine is Balasana (Child Pose) ;) #whatsyourfavoriteyogapose #instatraveler #flexible #flexiblegirl #yogi #yogini #yoginilife #camelia #intuitivemovement
Sometimes all I need is to play with some clay :) .

Found this beautiful natural clay while exploring Seven Bridges Trail.

#stressrelief #watersounds #playwithclay #findpeace #trust #getyourhandsdirty #water #pottery
Let life has its purpose on you and for you. All you have to do is to align with life and let it guide you. And don’t be harsh on yourself when you forget that. Just remind yourself that if it gets too hard it means you forgot to accept what life is giving you :) Breathe, and let go of trying to figure out everything!

Trust that whatever you are going through is helping you learn about your purpose in this earth. #consciouscreation
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If you have questions, please comment below! 😊
Photo credit: @lilquimi
An artist friend of mine @philemeon that lives in France sent me this yesterday. Very cute and touching 😍 A great depiction of me and my relationship to Yoga!
Have you ever had someone make a caricature of you?  If yes, what was it that touched you or made you laugh 😂 the most about it?
 #birthdaygirl #artistfriend #birthdaycake #yogaforlife #caricature #bodymovement
Lisez ce texte en remplaçant 32 par votre âge. Et en changeant les phrases du féminin au masculin si vous êtes un homme :)

Rencontre Avec Soi
Il y a 32 ans déjà que je me vois. Je me vois à travers qui ? A travers quoi ?
Il me semble avoir passé tant d'années de quête, à apprendre, observer et à parfois me prendre la tête.
Mais ai-je vraiment cherché au bon endroit? Ai-je pu regardé au fond de moi ?
Je m'assois là, je ressens, je respire et je cherche ma voix. D'un timbre unique comme en chacun de nous, un cri pudique sort de mon cou.
Un son brut sans complexe s'exprime et me laisse perplexe: "Et si tu ignorais réellement qui tu es ? Aurais-tu peur de te rencontrer ?" Une larme coule, puis une deuxième suit. Une paire de gouttes d'eau salée me rappelle que je n'ai qu'une seule envie: Découvrir qui je suis.
Sans tenir compte d'hier ou d'aujourd'hui et en laissant demain perdre son appui. Je me mets à nu, je salue mes forces et souris à mes faiblesses comme à des inconnus.
Avec tant de curiosité et d'empathie, je savoure ma rencontre avec cette fille. Cette femme devrais-je dire ? Mais ne serait-il pas mieux que je me contente de sa compagnie ? Au lieu de lui chercher à tout prix un terme défini ?
Pendant notre rencontre, elle m'avoua de façon colorée toutes ses pertes, ses craintes, et ses douleurs du passé.
Je la regarde avec compassion, et l'écoute avec attention. Je la laisse se confier en douceur. Je lui offre un espace de bonheur.
Elle se libère de ses tensions tout en m'ouvrant la porte de son inconscient.
Je ressens sa fragilité qui se transforme en légèreté. Me voilà témoin de la naissance d'une force indescriptible.
Il m'est presque impossible de reconnaître la fille, la femme... ou bien est-ce
simplement une âme ?
Elle se dévoile devant moi en toute humilité. Elle ne me laisse aucun choix que celui de m'incliner. Je n'ai plus rien à chercher. Plus rien à trouver.
Qui suis-je si ce n'est que liberté ?
Why Spending Time With Trees Is Healing?
Beyond their beautiful appearance and charismatic shape hides a very calm presence. A stillness that we cannot possibly deny. It has the ability to take us far away from any mind restrictions.
No matter what country we live in, or what types of trees we are surrounded by, we all know that our planet wouldn’t be livable without these beautiful plant creatures. These mysterious living beings play the role of pillars in our lives.
Here are 5 reasons why I consider spending time with trees such a healing experience - Continue reading-> on my blog
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Check out my blog to read about how empathy can manifest itself, and to learn the tools to empower yourself as an empath!
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