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Witnessing the sunrise 🤩
Discovering South Shore Park 🙌🏼 #intuitiveliving
Dear Friends, 
I am happy to announce that the wind has brought me back to the US! I am in Milwaukee, Wisconsin for as long as the skies will allow it :) ——————————————————-
I have learned over the years that even though on a human level, this life seems to be a combination of good and bad events, the reality of it is far more simple than what we make it be. Ultimately, there are no bad or good events. There are just events passing by and us interpreting them through the filter of our perspective. What seems to be good for certain people can be bad for others. What seems to be bad today can be good tomorrow. The only true perspective is the most detached one. The perspective that is not directed by a mind movie or a memory. You cannot focus on the human you and see truth in life. Only by bringing more awareness and depth from your essence can you see through what is really happening.
How do we get to our depth or essence?

The good news is that it is already occurring! Because that is exactly what our ultimate purpose here is. We are all here to get back to our essence. So in fact, every person's experience is giving them the exact custom recipe to get to that depth of who they are. When you open up truly and genuinely to what life has to give you at every moment, life will pleasantly take you deeper and deeper in your being. You don't need anything else but trusting the process and movement of this beautiful experience. No failure, no mistake, no loss goes by without bringing you an opportunity to grow into who you really are.
So in a way, life is a blessing and that's all it is. Whether something good or bad happens, it is all a blessing. A happy event is an obvious blessing while a sad or painful event is a blessing in disguise. When the bad event happens you might find yourself suffering. But even suffering is not a bad thing. It is actually what forces you into reducing the distance between you and the light. The light that is actually who you really are. That is why suffering is also a blessing. Without it we wouldn't know how or when to get back to our essence. 
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It’s all pink in my heart 💕 #gouache #pink #art #colorful #painting #pinkinmyheart #paint #inspiration #symbol
I wanted a new case for my phone because mine was falling apart. I felt bad buying another plastic case so I researched another alternative, and that’s when I came across Péla Case. A biodegradable/Non plastic case! At first I had a hard time believing it and then I read about it and how it’s made out of Flaxstic: comprised of a compostable bioplastic elastomer and flax straw materials. I found the idea very original and creative plus each sale helps supporting environmental initiatives! So I went ahead and purchased it. And I am loving it! Thank you @pelacase for this amazing compostable iPhone case! And for those who are wanting a nice phone case that is harmless to the environment I highly recommend to go checkout #biodegradable #nonplastic #compostable #plasticfree #cleanoceans
Milwaukee river time💧shiny waters 🤩 #rivertime #milwaukee #milwaukeeriver #trees
Sometimes I just feel like chilling on the grass #happysummer close your eyes and breathe! #intuitiveliving #feelthewind #relax #feelthebreeze #happyjune #selflove
When I landed in Wisconsin for the first time, I wasn’t expecting to be staying a few minutes away from the cutest beach ever 🤩  #atwaterlake I feel so grateful for this 😊 and so grateful for you @krystarosexo
Meditating by the lake 💦 #lakemichigan #wisconsin #milwaukee #shorewood #meditation
Free Flying Gull of Montréal 🔆 #montreal #canada #seagull #gull #bird #flying #free #oldport #oldportmtl #spreadyourwings #soar
Enjoying the streets of Québec ⚜️ #frenchculture #quebec #canada #vieuxquebec #quebecregion #travelawesome #quebeccity #fleurdelys #frencharchitecture
Enjoying my first time in gorgeous Canada 🇨🇦😊 #quebec #montmorency #montmorencyfalls #canada #mapleleafs