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So this weekend was the first round of the of @motocrosssa @mxnationals_sa in Port Elizabeth. My day started off pretty good, qualifying first in the 125 high school class by over a second. In the first moto I got first gate choice due to my qualifying position. I got a terrible jump out of the gate and went into the first corner in near last place. I had to work my way up the pack in the first half a lap. I got into the top 5 and the rider ahead of me (@grant_hutton46) stalled and I hit him, I was stuck behind him for 30 seconds and I was trying everything to try get passed when eventually he managed to start his bike. I had to make my way up from near last to 4th position and sadly @dalton_.151 crashed in the lead and broke his arm putting me in third where I finished the race. The second my I got a great start and was second behind @justinsangster51 and managed to get past him on lap 2 but then they red flagged the race and restarted it. On the restart It was the same  going into the first turn with Justin in first and me in second. I was behind him for 3 Laps looking for a way past when i finally got the drive in the back section and scrubbed past him on the stopper jump. Once I was ahead I stretched my lead to 15 seconds and won the moto. I went 3rd - 1st for a 2nd overall. A big thanks to all my sponsors @thormxofficial , @trp_distributors , Venture Sport, Reef Tankers, Sj Logistics, @ktmsouthafrica , @alfiecoxracing , TruRay's, Joey's Spray Painters, @fuchslubessa , @wkdigitalgraphics , @100percent_moto and Veerdonk Keukens for getting me where I am and to my coach @wyattavis and my Dad and @hmwengineering for working on my bikes.
Happy Six Month anniversary Babe. It has been an amazing 6 months and we have grown so much together❤️ and we are going to keep growing ❤️I miss you so so much and see you soon 💋
It’s the will.
Not the skill. 🔥
Don’t stop when you are Tired. STOP when you are DONE. ☝🏻
You are my favourite distraction ❤️💋
I'm sorry that I'm both your umbrella and the rain ☔️❤️
Was a good weekend racing. Learnt a few important things that I'll be working on to improve. ✊🏻🔥✨
This weekend had some highs and lows. In qualifying I got second fastest with regan going fastest. The first moto didn't go the best for me, I was in mid pack going into the first corner, and half way through the first lap I went off the track. As soon as I got back on the track I hit Brett's back wheel and went don't and someone rode into me and his bike got caught on mine so I couldn't lift my bike. I had to come back from last and eventually got into 6th. The second Moto was a lot better. I was 3rd off the start and passed Slade on the first lap and was in 2nd for half the race. I started to get arm pump and Ricky passed me. My speed started to decrease the whole race and in the second last corner Slade came at me but I didn't have anything left so I let him go and just finished the race, which got my the championship. It was my first season in the 125 highschool class but it was an amazing season, but it wasn't easy and I couldn't have done it with out all my supporters and sponsors who have backed my through it all Thor, TRP Distributors, Venture Sport, Reef Tankers, Sj Logistics, KTM South Africa, Alfie Cox Racing, TruRay's, Joey's Spray Painters, Fuchs Lubricants South Africa, HMW and Veerdonk Keukens @gpmx1 #gpmx1
I didn't have the best weekend at North vs South going 5th - 5th for a 5th overall, but it opened my eyes a bit. In the first moto the gate dropped at one second and it caught me completely off guard, I was almost last going into the first corner and couldn't see anything and went down. I got up in second last and pushed as hard as possible the whole Moto and managed to get back up into 5th with 2 laps to go. Ricky Raaff was right ahead of me and we came together in the last corner but he manager to keep his position. In the second Moto I hit the gate and managed to get back on the bike and track in a few seconds but as I went for my back breaks in the first corner, there wasn't any because the bolts fell out of the reservoir. I tried my best and got back up into 5th. So all in all it was a good learning experience and I'd just like to thank everyone for staying behind me @thormxofficial , @trp_distributors , Venture Sport, Reef Tankers, Sj Logistics, @ktmsouthafrica , @alfiecoxracing , TruRay's, Joey's Spray Painters, @fuchslubessa @fuchs_titan_silkolene and @hmwengineering
Had a pretty good, fun weekend racing at Cato-Ridge riding with the Mx 1 and 2 and managed to get 2nd overall and 1st in the 125 class 🔥
Round 6 of the Mx Nationals went perfect. I qualified first, so I had first gate choice in Moto 1. I was 4th into the first corner and @sladesmith737 went down infront of me and I managed to barely miss him. In the first lap I had to pass @keeganh.m14 and @brett_roberts202 and @dalton_.151 was in the lead and riding really well. I pushed the whole Moto and eventually managed to pass him with 2 laps to go giving me the first Moto win of the day. The second Moto I got the holeshot and got a lead and I just rode smooth laps the whole race and took the second Moto win. So 1-1 for the weekend and well done to @regan.wasmuth for getting his first podium of the year. A big thanks to my Dad, my coach @wyattavis , my trainer @biancawpfitness @vukafitness and my sponsors Thor, @trp_distributors , Venture Sport, Reef Tankers, Sj Logistics, @ktmsouthafrica , @alfiecoxracing , TruRay's, Joey's Spray Painters, @fuchslubessa , HMW and Veerdonk Keukens
It was such an amazing weekend in Botswana for the MXoAN. I went there as an individual rider (or you could call it a privateer) which automatically gave me last gate choice but still managed to get 2 holeshots and a second into the first corner. The first moto I got the holeshot and started to pull a lead, then made a few mistakes and Regan Wasmuth nearly passed me on the last lap but I kept it in front for a 1st. Second Moto was on Sunday and I got the holeshot and regan and I were pulling away and he got me on an inside but I out-braked him into the next corner, after that I pulled after that for the moto 2 win. The third moto I was second going into the the first corner and put the charge on, I went a second faster than the mx 2 times to catch regan and I passed him a pulled away for the 3rd moto win. So a 1st-1st-1st for the weekend making me African Champion and I couldn't have done it without my Dad my coach Wyatt Avis my trainer Bianca and my sponsors Thor, TRP Distributors, Venture Sport, Reef Tankers, Sj Logistics, KTM South Africa, Alfie Cox Racing, TruRay's, Joey's Spray Painters, Fuchs Lubricants South Africa and Veerdonk Keukens