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It's been a wonderful school year here at Camp Green Meadows! We are so thankful for all of good times and adventures we've had. 💕🌲☀️ Luna, Alpine, East Wind, Yarrow, and Sequoia will be moving on to other things next year. We will miss them so much, but we cannot wait to hear about all of their new exciting experiences! Wish them luck! #HappySummer #SeeYaLaterNotGoodbye #CampGreenMeadows #GreenMeadowsOutdoorSchool
"To me, summer camp has meant finding myself a home in nature and a family in my cabin." — Cabin Leader #StudentQuotes #CampGreenMeadows #GreenMeadowsOutdoorSchool
Take a look at this awesome #WoodcookieOfTheWeek by Cabin Leader Jaylina. So cool! • We want to say a huge thank you to all the amazing high schoolers and recent grads who came back to volunteer for one more amazing week at Camp Green Meadows Summer Camp! • Here are a few wonderful things that the cabin leaders had to say about their week of camp:
"Summer camp is an experience unlike any other. It's a week where you get a chance to get away from your ordinary life and have a really special opportunity to make a difference in someone else's life. I have loved exploring nature, making new friends, and connecting with the campers."
"Summer camp has been a huge part of my life the last two years. I am thankful that everyone can have fun and feel loved and accepted here!" "Summer camp means so much to me. I would absolutely come back again! I have already been a cabin leader twice and I would love to become a naturalist someday!"
#CampGreenMeadows #GreenMeadowsOutdoorSchool
Yesterday we went on a field trip to Yosemite Valley! Campers got to enjoy the sights from Tunnelview and hiked around the valley floor. As one camper said, "One of my favorite times of this wee was getting to go to Yosemite and see Mother Nature at her finest!" #YosemiteNationalPark #CampGreenMeadows #GreenMeadowsOutdoorSchool
Wow! Look at those fully grown snow plants! It's incredible that these plants do not photosynthesize at all. Instead, they derive nutrients from nearby trees by partnering with fungus in a process called mycoheterotrophy. Amazing! #CampGreenMeadows #GreenMeadowsOutdoorSchool
We had a ton of fun jamming out at campfire this week! It was a blast having so many instruments on stage and playing along to all the summer camp classics! Have you ever gotten to sit around the campfire and sing songs with your friends? #SummerCamp #CampGreenMeadows #GreenMeadowsOutdoorSchool
Excellent woodcookie! 🐰 #WoodcookieOfTheWeek #CampGreenMeadows #GreenMeadowsOutdoorSchool
Luna captured this awesome pic of a bumblebee on some wallflowers up on the Meadows Trail. 🐝 Beeutiful! #CampGreenMeadows #GreenMeadowsOutdoorSchool
It's been a beautiful week at Camp Green Meadows! We've been enjoying some wonderful weather and having a ton of fun exploring! Have you ever been to Green Meadows in the summer? #SummerCamp #CampGreenMeadows #GreenMeadowsOutdoorSchool
Yesterday we found these photos from 1995! While some things have changed over the years, many have stayed the same. We still do fishing in Big Creek for recess and still use our own school bus to go on field trips. Did you or anyone you know come to Camp Green Meadows back in the day? #ThrowbackThursday #TBT #CampGreenMeadows #GreenMeadowsOutdoorSchool
Masa masa masa! Do you remember singing this song at Green Meadows? #Campfire #CampGreenMeadows #GreenMeadowsOutdoorSchool
"Nature is not a place to visit. It is home." — Gary Snyder #LiveInNature #EarthLove #ExploreOutdoors #CampGreenMeadows #GreenMeadowsOutdoorSchool