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A community of academic support at Cañada students and a transfer partnership to SFSU.
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Here's a facts about San Francisco State University. The motto reflects the multiple opportunities that the four years-university creates for individual pathways that can be applied in the real-world exposure.
Peer Mentor Characteristics Part 1 - Approachable & Respectful
Six weeks of hardworking between classes, study sessions, work, late-night reviewing and finishing up for the next day. Six weeks of dedication archiving your goals, when most of other students are on vacation. Completing the summer session, you will finally take a breath from classes and books for a while.  NAIL YOUR FINALS
Many students have a struggle with studying when they go to college because they do not manage well their time. Developing good study habits can make all the differences, and the best way is to think of study as a job.
Summer semester tip of the day. 😬 Stay up to date with upcoming assignments when logged onto Canvas! Check your Dashboard for the to-do list or clicking your Calendar. #CañadaCollege #ESOAdelanteCañada #Canvas
Ever felt there is not enough time during the day to finish chores and homework? 👀
Plan how much time should be dedicated to a task or assignment. This allows you more “me-time” for hobbies and a well earned break. 
#timemanagement #Toggl #DoneASimpleHabitTracker #googlecalendar #Reminder #TimeTracker #esoadelantecañada #Develop #WorkFlowMode
It’s more fun when you study with other classmates! Make sure that you find your study buddy 🤓📚
There are times where you feel that you can’t do it anymore, but just do not give up because maybe you are more close than ever from your objectives.
Eso Adelante Program is looking for you. Come and participate to sign in to our program.
Plan your days and don’t wait until the last minute to complete your assignments! 📝📚
ESO! Adelante Program wants to remind you that we are here for you. Please join us and be part of our community.