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Me this morning running to the potty on the other side of the campground 🙃 just looking at this makes me have pee again. 
Next time, I park closer.
Today’s going to be an easy day as I make my way to Mt cook. My eyeballs CANNOT WAIT! I’ve also come to the conclusion that kiwis are the nicest people ever.
Started today in Milford with a morning cruise of the fjord and finished things off back in queenstown with these two hotties and some epic Mountain View’s.
Apparently, it’s pretty easy to move and work in New Zealand. They grant 1 year working visas and I’m seriously contemplating what life could be like living in heaven for an entire year 🤪
Iceland is no longer my favorite country. Sorry but not sorry. I have never in my entire life been so dumb struck from the INSANE beauty of one country. And I’m only on day 2 of my South Island road trip. Having no service made it THAT much better because I got to do jack squat but watch and take in the views. I hopping on a boat this morning and cruised the fjord and man. I wish I could stay here forever.
Sometimes I question how THIS can be real life!
My first day on the South Island and I. Am. Obsessed.
I met up with Ali and her men in their town that they called home for the last two years and I can’t believe they got to wake up to views like that EVERY DAY.  They are two people who are doing life right and after spending a few years soaking in that kiwi life, they are heading back state side to set some roots in Colorado. Just trading one stunning location for another. The DREAM.
Let’s just say, I have a lot more of these guys coming y’alls way cause HOW ADORABLE ARE THEY?
Ohhhhhh man. Where does one begin when it comes to describing how insanely happy I was today. From the moment I woke up to right this very second sitting in my bunk in my hostel dorm.
The saying is true here too, west coast really is the best coast. On the east you have stunning white sand beaches with the prettiest turquoise waters and on the west.... ohh buddy. You have beaches that are surrounded by mountains and rock faces in any and every direction. Waves and currents so strong that the life guards are already in the water with you while you’re swimming. A misty fog that rolls off the ocean and onto the coast giving everything that eerie feeling that I love SO much.  I even took my girl Mavie up for a little fun above lion rock because this is one of my FAVORITE vantage points. HOW FREAKING INCREDIBLE IS THIS PLANET?
I’m not sure why people hate on the north island so much. I’ve been in AWE since the moment I arrived.
Tomorrow I’m taking a breather. Staying in the hostel, gonna get some laundry done, catch up on editing some of the goodness from this trip and just relax. I’ve been non-stop since I landed here so my body will appreciate the heck out of a little downtime. Next up, QUEENSTOWN!
Shout out to the real mvp, my insta boyfriend - aka my tripod - for always getting my best angle.  The only real downfall when traveling alone is getting any photos of yourself and putting sunscreen on your back. 😜
Anyhoo, I’ve just spent a whopping 13 hours out and about driving around the middle of no where. Almost ran out of gas because every dang gas station was closed 🤦🏻‍♀️ but I made it back to my hostel and am laying in bed about to watch more Harry Potter. Netflix is spoiling me over here 🙌🏼
That bokeh goodness! 
Much slower paced today. Driving 3 hours south to Rotorua before heading to the Shire. It’s a gloomy day today but I’m feeling it. The north is prepping me for the south 😜
Wandered around so many beaches on the north-east coast today. The north island strangely reminds me of a less dreary pnw and I’m alllll about it. Rocky beaches, sandy beaches - all of which are surrounded by cliffs and rocks and ALL THE DANG PRETTY.
Going go to full on nerd tomorrow because there is only one ring to rule them all and I’m going to channel my inner baggins all dang day. In fact I’m half tempted to watch lotr right now to get hyped.
- ps - here’s a whittle throwback to one of my faves from @letsgoworkshop because why the hell not 🤪 it’ll be back to your regularly scheduled New Zealand goodness tomorrow.
Sorry for the spam you guys are going to be receiving over the next 11 days. I have been in New Zealand for a total of 1 measly ole day and I am already in love. I’ve had one giant smile on my face the entire day and I just can’t shake it.
Every where I turn is pure freaking BEAUTY. Sweeping views of rolling hills, the windiest mountain roads that give way to views of bays and harbors below. I haven’t even scratched the surface and I still have 4 more days to try to see all the north can throw at me.
Gas is a bit.... expensive but I’ll worry about my bank account later. New Zealand is giving me LIFE! I only explored the coromandel peninsula today and this was the first little pit stop on the side of the road I made! Just casual ROAD SIDE views.
I’m SO freaking excited!
Today I make my way to New Zealand and I’m not sure I can contain my excitement. Australia has been incredible but I’ve been DREAMING of New Zealand for years. YEARS! I won’t land till late tonight but I’ll pick up my rental car and head to my hostel to catch some sleep so I can wake early and get to exploring! I wanna spend every waking minute taking it all in.
I have no real set plans for the north island so I’m just gonna drive and stop along the way which is honestly my favorite thing to kind of get lost in my surroundings. But for now I just have to kill 6 hours in my hostel until I can actually head to the airport 🙃
Today was RIGHTEOUS!
I dived and snorkeled the Great Barrier Reef and walked away with sunburn only on my hand...of all places 😜
It was un-be-lieveable! I saw so many different fluorescent fishies, cauliflower jelly fish, the biggest barracuda ever, white tip shark, sting rays, the bluest star fish I’ve ever seen, all kinds of coral and of course the best for last, a sea turtle!
I saw this guy a couple of times. I waited for all the other snorkelers to snorkel away and swam against the current for 20 minutes waiting for him to back out so I could enjoy this little dudes beauty all by myself. I was in HEAVEN!
We made eye contact, swam together, took selfies and home videos. I dang near cried. Sometimes waiting and being patient is 100% worth it. Another major bucket list item is checked off. Now if I could dive with a great white my animal bucket list would be complete 🙌🏼
This will be me the moment I get to the gbr cause it’s hot as satans you know what out here and because I totally still have pretty bad sunburn on my back/shoulders. Gonna need that high quality h20 to protect a girl 
Also, still so thankful for Francisco + Alexus. I’ll be reliving this magical day forever.