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✈️ 8/1-10/3 US Nat Park Road trip | 11/1-10 Hawaii
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Have tripod, will take photos of myself.💁🏻‍♀️ also will use a rock, a tree, my bag or a passerby. 
Not sure if I should be ashamed or proud of my tripod insta boyfriend game... I’m gonna go with proud haha. I just wanted to grace you guys with my face so you don’t forget me. I’m almost done with week three of my eight week road trip and I’m still going strong! Not tired of the car, still have my sanity for the most part and I haven’t blown through all of my money just yet 🤪

The next few weeks are going to be insane! I’m about to spend 4 days in ALASKA which I may faint from because Alaska... then I make my way to Oregon for a quickie before heading to San Fran and then to Yosemite!
Today is a rainy day in Seattle so I changed up my plans and am going to find me a coffee shop to get some work done at. Tomorrow, we explore! Things are only just beginning you guys! Let’s do this! 💪🏼
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Greetings from the west coast my friends!
I disconnected for just a day or two while I escaped to the forest for a little overnight camping trip with my girl Stephanie! She’s always down for a little last minute camping outting and I appreciate her for that cause it was relaxing af camping next to the river and being surrounded by the prettiest moss covered evergreens I ever did see 🌲
Today is going to be all about getting things done - or at least I shall attempt to get things done. Im dropping my camera off in the city to be serviced because it needs some love and tenderness - so much dust and funk in the sensor 🙈 and while that’s getting a little slap and tickle, Ill be spending some quality time in a local Starbucks trying to tackle some gallery uploads and emails I haven’t gotten to. Ill have to fit in laundry somewhere in there too but who’s keeping track? Only downfall of this trip has been my lack of decent Wifi or service to upload mass amounts of high resolution images. Did not think that far in advance but thankfully I’m almost finished and then I’m completely caught up and can focus on other things I wanted to accomplish while out exploring parts of the states! But for now, I’m thankful for free WiFi service attempting to get me through today because tomorrow I’m off to Rainier and I can’t wait!
Throwback to grand Tetons because I’m still fairly obsessed.
I spent my evening with these two beauts on the side of a beaut of a lake so I’d say it was an all around beautiful day! Not a shabby way to say goodbye to glacier national park and to Montana! We just had a good time chatting it up and celebrated them being awesome sisters 👯‍♀️
Id also like to note that I can now accurately say that there was not one part of Montana that I didn’t love. Everything and every town I drove through was beautiful. This state surprised me and I can 100% see myself coming back here ASAP!
My legs are gonna feel it tomorrow after all the steps I conquered today! Ventured all around Logan’s pass and I even half ass attempted about 1.5 miles of the beginning of the highline trail before I made my way to lake Mcdonald to scout for my shoot tomorrow. 🙈
The views from up here were insane! On the way to hidden lake was likely my favorite. I sat on a rock and enjoyed those views for almost an hour they were so dang good! Plus my legs needed the break after walking up to the view point. Glacier has completely spoiled me and I’ll be sad to leave tomorrow night. Big horned sheep and mountain goats and moose and grizzly bears oh my!
Ps- here’s another fun before + after in honor of the before + afters I slapped on my stories for your viewing pleasure. I’d say my job is 30% behind a camera and 70% behind a computer between editing and managing things. No complaints though, sometimes editing annoys me but I love the end result.
Just so we don’t forget what I actually do for a living 🤪
Today marks EXACTLY 2 weeks on the road! CRAZY! 
Didn’t I JUST leave somd? I’ve got two more days here in glacier national park and I’m kind of sad but also pumped because so much awesome-sauce still awaits! This journey has been one for the books already though. I’ve met some awesome people at the end of my hikes and bear watching, I’ve had the most glorious chilly weather of all time, I’ve seen some of the most unreal places in the states and I still have 6 more weeks to go! Next up is my favorite nook of the states - the pnw! I’ve been saving mt rainier specifically for this trip 🙈
Here’s to hoping I become one with nature today while out and about in GNP. Don’t worry momma, bear spray is comin’ with me 🤪
Living my best life out here even though I’m totally camping in my car at a mixture of camp grounds and Walmart’s 🤪
Taking it super easy today and finding a lake to hang around while trying to focus on getting some work done before I venture into glacier national park tomorrow! 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 ive been dreaming of GNP for what feels like forever so I already know it’s going to be good!
Old faithful at sunset for the win!

I showed up exactly 4 minutes before the last eruption before night fall and it was a stunner! The sun was just above the horizon line off in the distance and everyone cheered and yelled with excitement watching her erupt.  She teases you a time or two before she actually goes off. So crazy to finally see her in person when you learn about her as a child in school.
I also decided to head to glacier sooner because although Yellowstone was beautiful, I need more Mountain View’s in my life 🤪
Just a dose of happiness for your Sunday viewing pleasure. 🤗
I’m heading to Yellowstone today and every campground I called is sold out so it’s about to be an adventure the next 2.5 days my friends! Maybe I’ll head to glacier sooner? 🤪
Day one of the Grand Tetons in the bag and I spent the entire day looking like this 😱
I’m spending the night in Jackson hole trying to catch up on some work while I have service. I’m taking gallery uploads until I’m tired af..
My mind is blown how quickly my fall minis sold out in under 5 minutes. I have the best people in my corner and I can’t wait to see everyone in October! Never fear, I see a few more spots - maybe even a hole new day - opening up  for those that didn’t make it in time 🤗
Made it to Grand Teton National Park today and I AM PUMPED! No idea how service is going to be over the next week or so as I work my from the grand Tetons to Yellowstone and then to Glacier National Park but ya girl is ready and I’m already regretting not bringing my 70-200mm with me. What the hell was I thinking?
Anyhoo, here’s a little throwback to a little West Virginia mountain love because I’m about to have a wild and wonderful time out here in the wild west!
Channeled my inner Nicholas cage today. Sadly, no treasure or hole to stick my hand into was found.
The human race has definitely done some extraordinary things and Mount Rushmore was one of them.