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Thank you Dr. King.
On the #fringe today for @them_vibes and @iammaggierose.
📸: @tanamatz
Happy birthday @dollyparton!
From Jack Greene, 17 year old me, and my terrible eyebrows/helmet hair. I love you and I’m thankful for you every day. 💖 #DollyParton
#TB to long purple hair, and shooting the #TimesUp music video with my @songsuffragettes fam a year ago today. @kalieshorr and @lacycgreen wrote one hell of a song, and if you’d like to hear more about how it came to life, check out the new behind the scenes video on the #SongSuffragettes @YouTube page! #LetTheGirlsPlay
How can a heart be both full, and broken at the same time? I learned so much over the last several days. Most of you probably know that my best friend Kalie tragically lost her sister Ashley on January 5th, after a long battle with addiction. Kalie has been very brave, and open in talking about this, hoping that sharing Ashley’s story will help other people with similar struggles. Ashley left behind two beautiful children; Chloe (age 9) and Cameron (age 4). I’m so thankful that these babies have an Aunt like Kalie, and that they’ve allowed me to become their adopted Auntie. (If I haven’t been responding to calls or texts, this is why. Thanks for understanding! 💖)
I don’t typically like using my Instagram account for fundraising, but these children need our help. I’ve posted the link to their GoFund me page in my bio. While Kalie and I were in Maine preparing for Ashley’s funeral, we were also painting and redecorating their new bedrooms at their Papa’s house, picking out new warm clothes, and loving on them as much as we could. These kids just need to feel safe.
If you aren’t in a position to contribute financially, please consider sharing their GoFund me page with your friends. Hold your loved ones tightly. “What the world needs is love” might sound cliche, but there are no truer words.
#addictionrecovery #addictionawareness
My life is about to change. I just heard the first rough mix of my EP. Every struggle, disappointed, heartbreak, roadblock, and false start has been worth it. Thank you @ronfairmusic and @ctkmgmt. I have finally arrived. #CandiCarpenter #2019
I rang in the new year, singing the song that changed my life, holding hands with my niece. @ronfairmusic and @stefanie.fair, I love you and I can’t wait for everyone to hear the new EP THIS YEAR!  Ahhhhhhh!!!!!!! #Affirmation
🎥💄: @jennygarner_makeupartist
Chopped. ✂️
Look with love, and your vision will always be clear. 💖
I’m totally wrung out, but this happy girl just sang the very last note of her nearly finished EP. @RonFairMusic, you’re the best coach/producer a gal could ask for! LOOK OUT 2019!
Just out here trying to be @mercury_motg at @tarrynfeldman’s birthday party, confusing myself and others. 🤷🏻‍♀️
(Check out @lilkimthequeenbee/@kalieshorr on page two. Get you friends like this and @jennygarner_makeupartist. 🤣)
No. We didn’t plan this. I swear! I know you don’t believe me, but I’m serious! Ask @jennygarner_makeupartist. She’ll back me up. I didn’t plan to take a photo in my sweats today... I was just running over to the office for a second. Jenny comes walking across the @ctkmgmt parking lot like this. We spend too much time together. 📸: @pennyann_ash