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Hobby farm pursuits in WNY.
🌱 Vege & flower gardens🌻,
🍏🍒 Orchards and some goats too! 🐐
Learning as I go. 🎨Crafting when I can.

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1st Week of Garden! 
Almost a month behind in planting, so far this year's weather hasn't been impressive. :(
Knockout Rose 🌹
Walking through my blackberry rows.  These are wild blackberries.  There was an overgrown, untamed patch of them on our property about 80'ish ft long by about 30 ft wide. I couldn't get to the majority of the inner canes.  Last year I took my mower and ran right through the patch to make rows. Did a bit of damage to a bunch of canes last summer doing it but its coming back strong! Picture is only 1/4 of my rows, the rest was behind me when taking picture.

#blackberries #wildblackberries
My baby girls chilling on this beautiful day!

#nigeriandwarfgoat #babygoats #nigeriandwarfbabygoats
My clematis had a really slow start but doubled in thickness and blooms this year, now i need to get a trellis. 💕

#clematis #iamcountryside
Goslings at our pond.

#goslings #countrysideandfarmlife #iamcountryside
My girls enjoying the day!

Building a barn and large pasture soon!
Goodbye sheds!
Daffodil blooms!
Two of our boys.. Their hay is going to be cut back as they dont know when to stop eating! Little rolly pollies!
Sorry to my followers as i already posted picture of my girl,  just had to share my cute challenge to it. :) #feelingcutechallenge #baby goat #nigeriandwarfgoat #agoatslife #goatsofinstagram
Our last baby to bring home! 
This girl has fantastic bloodlines.. Mama, an FF, just milked out half gallon in one morning!! 💕

We are picking up one more adult doe in two weeks and then my herd is all set up to start having lots of babies and milk in the following years!

Rise and shine!  Picture of my baby goat this morning!